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'Real O.C.' Douche Owes $80,000 to Sick Son

11/4/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than owing nearly $80,000 in child support? When the kid you're allegedly failing to support is fighting an inoperable brain tumor ... but that's just how the Real O.C.'s Slade Smiley happens to roll.

Slade smiley

TMZ has obtained a letter sent to Slade's baby mama from the Department of Child Support Services last month, which states Slade owes her $77,356.75 in late child support payments ... plus 10 percent interest whenever he doesn't cut her a check on time.

Slade filed a request in L.A. County Superior Court two weeks after the DCSS sent the letter, asking a judge to lower the enormous child support bill because he says he's unemployed and makes zero dollars. Slade's rep tells us Slade has "jumped through burning hoops to take care of [his child's] well-being and health."

Slade's baby mama begs to differ, telling us Slade has only seen his sick 9-year-old son Grayson twice in the last year and a half -- and hasn't even sent the kid a birthday card.


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1816 days ago


what a clown! serious clown!

1816 days ago



December 22-January 19

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1816 days ago


He had a really good job and was loaded. He gave it all up to follow Jo around. What a douche. Is Gretchen aware that he is broke? I thought she only dated rich guys. Can't wait til Thursday to see how this unemployed douche lives, I bet he is still living large.

1816 days ago


Right on TMZ for this one. The whores from OC have their new season opening next week on tv and Slade is supposedly dating one of the plasticized ones. My favorite show on tv. Can't wait to see how the season plays out. One of the boyfriends from the Atlanta season got himself killed, can we only hope?

1816 days ago


What a horrible selfish man. His son needs his Dad physically to be there for him. Instead he is off with a very phony woman having the time of his life. Financial help is equally important. This also shows how self centered Gretchen is...Maybe she was her fiances hired help.

1816 days ago


TMZ teaches me that marriage can be marring.

1816 days ago


Slade is a total jackhole. This is the same guy that was on Season One of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" touting a BLACK AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD! Maybe this idiot should sell some of the crap he's collected such as the original Batman costume worn by George Clooney (I think) in the actual movie! Slade had a lot of nice, expensive "things" that should mean nothing to him over the welfare of his child. He's not working and has zero dollars? Could that be because he's been shacked up with the Real OC's Gretchen Rossi-who's boyfriend drooled gifts and money on her until he died 14 months ago? He supposedly, according to her, left her a nice amount in his will, too.
I think both of these two are completely disgusting for their irresponsible and selfish behavior.

1816 days ago


Class f*'n act you are Smiley, way to be there for your kid. You and Gretchen deserve each other. Your child has a brain tumor, you can't pay child support let alone visit him. Get your priorities straight, you are both losers.

1816 days ago

A Person    


1816 days ago


WOW!!!! Who would think that a father could be so low??? He put on such a show when he was on the first season, saying that he wanted Jo to be a "stay at home stepmom" so Grayson could be well taken care of. Obviously, it was all an act. Perhaps Slade should look up what the word "integrity" means. integrity definition:

in·teg·rity (in teg′rə tē)
the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS AROUND TO SEE.

1816 days ago


You can't tell me that he isn't getting some money for appearing on the tv show!! Where is he living now? Over the summer wasn't he and grethen seen on vacations and yachts????? He's hiding his money some where. The baby mama needs to check out every thing! Talk to the other son that lived with douche!

1816 days ago

London not England    

Handsome, and HOT....!!!

In the O.C....

But on the REAL tip:
Get serious people, do you really expect anything less from someone from Orange County California? Who's on a reality program ABOUT Orange County California????


1816 days ago


He is a piece of sh!t! I hope the court sticks it to him!

1816 days ago


Maybe the Baby Momma should get off her fat ass and get a JOB instead of sitting at home waiting for the money to come in!!!

1816 days ago
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