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'Real O.C.' Douche Owes $80,000 to Sick Son

11/4/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than owing nearly $80,000 in child support? When the kid you're allegedly failing to support is fighting an inoperable brain tumor ... but that's just how the Real O.C.'s Slade Smiley happens to roll.

Slade smiley

TMZ has obtained a letter sent to Slade's baby mama from the Department of Child Support Services last month, which states Slade owes her $77,356.75 in late child support payments ... plus 10 percent interest whenever he doesn't cut her a check on time.

Slade filed a request in L.A. County Superior Court two weeks after the DCSS sent the letter, asking a judge to lower the enormous child support bill because he says he's unemployed and makes zero dollars. Slade's rep tells us Slade has "jumped through burning hoops to take care of [his child's] well-being and health."

Slade's baby mama begs to differ, telling us Slade has only seen his sick 9-year-old son Grayson twice in the last year and a half -- and hasn't even sent the kid a birthday card.


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Fan of Grayson's    

I think the real victim here is the Brave little man Grayson. Slade's "Baby Mama" does have a full time job it is taking care of Grayson who is literally fighting for his life. Without his Dad's physical or financial support. Can you imagine being a single parent and taking care of a terminally ill child how many appointments would one have to take him to, how many errands would one need to run I guess we could call her other full time job chauffeur. So to those of you to say tell her to get off her ass and get a job it sounds to me as if she all ready has three. Grayson is a strong courageous boy and he should never be forgotten in the tale of his nitwit skirt chasing father.

1781 days ago


He's a douche regardless. can't stand his ass!

1781 days ago


This needs to be on every front page in America! Everyone needs to know what a DOUCHE NOZZLE this idiot is. What a P.O.S.

1781 days ago

Another Fan of Grayson's    

Alright Fan of Grayson’s… You could not have said it any better!!!! Grayson is such a wonderful and courageous little guy! He has undergone so much and on top of it all there is this. With all that boy is up against, luckily he has his “baby mama”. All day, all night she is caring for Grayson, his extensive pain, and all that goes along with it. She too is quite amazing. All of this Slade/Housewife garbage is absolutely sickening.

1781 days ago


Sick and disgusting, Slade. You better not be on the Real OC Housewives this season or else everyone should boycott until they remove you from the scenes! You should be making your son's life the best it can be, especially since he has an inoperable brain tumor! Wow, he should be your priority, not all those women.

1781 days ago


From what we see on RHOC, it appears that he takes good care of his girlfriends, though.

1781 days ago


I have never watched the show called OC, not paying child support it obviously a bad thing, it's the child that loses and there is no reason for that. Yet I would like a clarification on something. I have had cancer 3 times, I'm currently in remission on my last cancer (SRCC), this article states that Grayson has a inoperable brain tumor, what it does not say is if it's a benign tumor or malignant. People live normal lives with benign tumors, since their usually non cancerous, malignant tumors are cancerous. Is there a way to get clarification if this child has cancer or not? A lot are assuming he does, which is natural to assume when people see nonoperable tumor, yet I am wondering if he has cancer or not?

1781 days ago


Go See Grayson's page the tumor is malignant.

1781 days ago






1781 days ago


thank you for all who bashed #10- if you dont know the whole story, dont comment on baby mama getting off her ass and getting a job.

she spends all her time and resources caring for her child. this can be a draining experience- financially, emotionally, mentally.

ive never met Grayson, but have heard many stories of the intense medical treatments and procedures he's had to endure. i have known his aunt for 2 years now and she has shared with me the things he's been through. slade provides no support whatsoever and has consistently disappointed Grayson; not just financial lack of support but other textbook examples of a deadbeat dad - not return calls, no time to talk when actually answers the phone, extremely rare visits (and when an actual visit happened it's on the set to showcase how wonderful a dad he is) - all coming from someone who wants to come across as the worlds best dad on tv.

it's baffling to me how he can be on tv, and attempt to portray how awesome a guy he is, when behind the scenes it's absolutely disgusting how he has treated his terminally ill child. I'm glad it's been made public so all can see.

1781 days ago


WHAT an ASSH*LE. I knew that TV show was nothing but idiots, but he's the biggest loser of them all.

1781 days ago


Slade is a douche- he and Richard Heene should jump from a plane with no parachutes.

1781 days ago

Another Friend of Amazing Gray    

Funny how people can bash the Baby Mama when she is the one working and taking care of their son. FYI, she was smart enough not to marry him, smart enough to kick him out when he started his affair with Jo, but unfortunately she and Gray got stuck with a Deadbeat, Ass****, Douche of a dad.
My favorite was that Slade was a speaker at a Make A Wish Foundation event a while back just purely to increase his exposure and gain "something" for himself, never really thinking of his son. When Gray was first admitted into the hospital after the tumor was found, Slade would be in the halls on the phone trying to spin new ideas and ways to increase his camera time and money because his son had cancer! Really???!!! Yes, it's true, I was there!
When he wanted to get Gray on TV and doing voiceovers for some new cartoon, Slade didn't care that his son needed was the Baby Mama that had to get the lawyers involved with Bravo to cut out Gray from the remaining seasons so her son could get the help he needed...BTW, she was never informed or asked to have her son on the show, a no no in the legal/entertainment world since she was his legal guardian and never gave consent in the first place!!
So happy Slade is out of Coto!!!
You can check out Gray at

1781 days ago

Laurie N    

About time the media exposes Slade for the despicable person he is! Thanks TMZ!! His son is an amazing young boy who in spite of his father's genes is a bright, courageous kid fighting for his life. As someone who has seen him survive regardless of the incredible pain of his brain tumor and against the odds, I give his mom credit for her amazing love and support and taking care of her son in the fight of his life.

1781 days ago

Another fan    

Yes, clearly Slade's priorities are a little messed up. I think it is very sad that he has not taken the time to 1) spend time with his son or 2) help his son's mom, if not financially then at the very least physically. Taking care of Gray is a full-time job. Everyday can bring a different challenge and you never know what to expect. It sounds like Gray is facing this tumor everyday without the love and support of his father. And, he appears to be doing it with dignity and courage. If only Slade had half of the courage and integrity that Gray has.

1781 days ago
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