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'Real O.C.' Douche Owes $80,000 to Sick Son

11/4/2009 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing worse than owing nearly $80,000 in child support? When the kid you're allegedly failing to support is fighting an inoperable brain tumor ... but that's just how the Real O.C.'s Slade Smiley happens to roll.

Slade smiley

TMZ has obtained a letter sent to Slade's baby mama from the Department of Child Support Services last month, which states Slade owes her $77,356.75 in late child support payments ... plus 10 percent interest whenever he doesn't cut her a check on time.

Slade filed a request in L.A. County Superior Court two weeks after the DCSS sent the letter, asking a judge to lower the enormous child support bill because he says he's unemployed and makes zero dollars. Slade's rep tells us Slade has "jumped through burning hoops to take care of [his child's] well-being and health."

Slade's baby mama begs to differ, telling us Slade has only seen his sick 9-year-old son Grayson twice in the last year and a half -- and hasn't even sent the kid a birthday card.


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What a loser! Bravo to a young boy fighting for his life and a mother who obviously has been there for him every step of the way.
Slade should hang out with Jon Gosselin, two reality-show losers who aren't man enough to support their children.

1723 days ago


yeah, maybe babymama should have him rounded up and sent to the pokey for non-payment. Just check his tax records for 2008 to see what he's made, I am sure he has some $$$ or Gretchen would't be with him.

1723 days ago

Fairly Clear    

Anyone who ever watched this miserable show could tell within seconds this guy invented the $3.00 bill con he's a total whimp ask for the check Smiley your big 15 minutes are up d-bag. For him not to support his child comes as totally no surprise in the least. Not just this OC show but almost all the casts of these shows reflect what's wrong in this country today the hero worshiping of egocentric nitwits who's total bid to fame is self indulgence and the color of their credit card giving back zip but always there for the taking. They all deserve one another no sense in messing some total stranger up with their scerwed up views of how life is they already have their respective kids sadly.

1723 days ago


OMG You should be ashamed of yourself...spending money on women and partying rather than on your sick child... WHAT A DIRT BAG! Gretchen, you got yourself a WINNER! Dont ever get pregnant!

1723 days ago

Tony from South Oz    

Everything aside that is the money and what crap show this guy was or is on he has a son that could use some support give him some love tell him he is wonderful boy and that he still loves him... Give him something and then you arsebag put your hand in your pocket and take it off your small weiner and some money so that your, yes your son is somehow able to get along just that little bit better... I would like to know if others feel as strong as me and see we can't start some sort of fund to help out Grayson. If the wanker lived in Australia we would take him out the back of a pub and bash the crap out of him all he deserves......
Again if there could be a fund I would like to contribute!

1723 days ago

Laura Bruno    

What an A...H... Using the excuse that he makes no money to pay anything for his son is pretty lame. If you have a child to support, you do WHATEVER you can to earn money. If Slade had enough smarts to have a good job, he can get a job doing SOMETHING. Sell some of his prize possesions. His child should come first. I think the courts should make a public example of "DEADBEAT DAD"!!

1722 days ago



Can you imagine how long it takes to rack up $80,000 in backed child support? How do you not know you are in the rears??? I don't ever comment on TMZ, but I would be doing an injustice to Grayson, Michelle and the many others you are DEFRAUDING if I didn't.

I couldn't believe your fake story when you were arrested in February and you said you had no idea there was a warrant out for your arrest?? I knew you had a warrant out for your arrest! You are out in a different outfit at a different party all week long. You are modeling, on tv and have a that all charity work?? Oh and your publicist Phil must work for free?? And you claim to be making no money?? UNEMPLOYED?? You are capable of being in the mortgage industry, you used to do pretty well with that, OR get ANY FULL TIME job and take care of your CHILDREN... instead of partying, traveling, spending money on girlfriends & buying gifts for them....this is why you are out of money!!!! And what's up with "trying" to be an actor instead of focusing on a REAL job so you can take responsibilty for Grayson and Gavin....You should be ashamed of yourself, you are unbelievably selfish! Make a Wish should be EMBARRASED to be associated with you. Shame on them for not doing due diligence and researching the facts! Biggest Shame of all goes to the LA Court system and the Los Angeles DA...for not throwing a deadbeat dad like you behind bars....that day can't come soon enough for there to be some type of justice.

Grayson, Michelle, You and G*D know the whole truth, and you will be held accountable. You can only FRAUD people so long....the TRUTH and doing the right thing is all that will set you free. On another note....Grayson is an incredible young man with so much courage and so much LOVE to should try getting to know your own son , rather than be so selfish and only think about yourself...this is so tragic and upsetting.

1721 days ago


To the comment that said "if he owed that much he would be in jail" not true. My ex owed $40,000 and it took me 14 years to collect. I have a handicapped son and the law in Arizona never threw him in jail even though I begged them to. They had all of his information and finally I got him. But they would not jail him to get him to pay. He even had a secret bank account and they didn't seize it. It had more than what he owed in it. There are laws for the Family courts and child support depts to aid them, they just don't utilize them most of the time. Pres. Clinton enacted them. It's criminal really! I even gave the authorities his home address, work address...all they had to do was to pick him up and jail him, he would have had to paid the back support in a heart beat years ago and saved my children and me a LOT of suffering, but for some reason, they wouldn't. It's crazy!

1720 days ago



1194 days ago


All this drama (even his ill son) is for the show's ratings...and it's beyond sickening. I used to watch this stupid show but now I won't have a thing to do with any of these so called "reality" shows. They should be called "illusion" shows, as everyone is made of plastic It's getting out of hand and it should stop.

1136 days ago

London England    

I feel so sorry for the child. He does not need all this negativity from his parents. Think about the untold negative impact all this publicity is having on his emotional well being. I hope Children Services are involved.

844 days ago


Slade is a disgusting POS! He is NO comedian. He IS a lazy scrub who lives off of all the women he woo's into his world. He makes me want to vomit. He is in no shape form or fashion a MAN. And any woman who would WANT to be with an idiot that has no concerns for his dying son and can't even send him a birthday present, needs to take a good hard look in the mirror at herself. It makes me see Gretchen in a whole new light now. My heart breaks for this child who has a Dad that doesn't even care about him or the fact that he is dying. I hope Slade rots in hell, real soon, where he belongs! He also looked like THE stupidest fool during that comedy routine trying to make fun of the other women on the show! He was NOT funny in the slightest!

838 days ago
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