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JLo Sues Ex-Husband

Over Tell-All Movie

11/6/2009 10:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez has unleashed a legal nightmare on her ex-husband -- filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Ojani Noa over a tell-all movie and intimate home videos.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, JLo claims Ojani is planning to release a movie called "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story" -- which Lopez claims is a direct violation of a confidentiality agreement they signed a few years back. 

Lopez also claims Noa intends to market "11+ hours of previously unseen home video footage of Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa" -- which Lopez claims is also in violation of their agreement. Lopez was told the footage depicted her "in a revealing lack of clothing, and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel room from [her and Noa's] honeymoon."

In the documents, Lopez's attorney claims he got a letter from a producer working with Noa -- who stated that he had "entered into a contractual agreement" with TMZ for the "exclusive rights to the ... home movies." The producer's claims are patently false -- there was never any such agreement.

Lopez is suing Noa for breach of contract and invading her privacy -- and she wants no less than $10,000,000. Lopez also wants a judge to order Noa to stop any plans to move forward with the movie or release the footage.

FYI -- Lopez and Noa were married for less than a year between '97-'98.

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No Avatar


Not an ounce of empathy or sympathy among the lot of you here. Future serial killers in the making. I cannot believe what a bunch of bitter losers have posted. Calling her fat and ugly??? Are some of you people blind in addition to crazy? When did 120 lbs on a 5'5" woman become the new "fat"? This woman has never been fat a day in her life, not even when she was pregnant. We should all be so lucky to be this genetically blessed. She's a very talented dancer and not a half-bad actress. She's no Meryl Streep, but jeez... It's never a smart idea for a celebrity to tape their sexual acts, but are we really okay with their partners violating their privacy like that? What a terrible society we have become when we think that's acceptable.

1776 days ago

New Yorker at Heart    

It is a shame that people will do anything for a dollar these days. Regardless of what others may think J-Lo has to hide, the point is 1. they signed a confidentiality agreement, which her ex has conveniently disregarded to make a buck....No class

2. They were married at the time. It seems to me when you marry someone, regardless of if it lasts forever or not there really is not need to sell out to the highest bidder...again no class

If a husband and wife break up, it would not be right to sell any home movies or post them up on you tube, because now we are not together or if one leaves the other for someone else.

But this story is indicative of where we are as a society...classless, and thrill seeking, no substance at all.

I hope J-Lo wins this on the principles alone. What she and her then husband did sexually is not our business and her ex is showing what kind of person he is. Good luck J-Lo

1776 days ago


This is her chance to have a hit movie since all her movies tank except for Selena. She used men as stepping stones. Dumped Noa for Puff Daddy, dumped him after a gun incident I believe, married Chris to clean up her image, dumped him for Ben knowing that wld make them a Hollywood Hot couple. Ben dumped her & even when she crawled back didn't take her back. JLo embarrassed hooked up with Marc Anthony the dead fly. He saw his chance to hookup with someone who could help advance his career. Dead fly left his wife ex Miss Universe Dayanara & their two sons. And JLo is afraid there could be anything in a book or movie that could lower her image - I think not.

1776 days ago


It's annoying to see someone...

who doesn't deserve to be seen.

What has she done, lately, to deserve any media attention?

Are times that lousy?

She's like a meal that was never good...

but I'm forced to eat the leftovers when I don't want to.

1776 days ago


Oh, hell! When you think about it, releasing those home movies might give her a career boost! She's only famous now because she's married to Marc "Eskelito" Anthony. Oh, and they have two kids or something.

1776 days ago


Who cares!

1776 days ago


Is she trying to hide that she's not perfect?
We already know that. and how the heck did she end up now married to that greasy slimy guy? Guess she wants to be the "beautiful" one in her relationships....

1776 days ago

my two cents she should. Get a job Ojani. You obviously went to the Kevin Federline school of moochers.

1776 days ago

George William Gockel    

I am happy for Jennifer Lopez for suing her 1st ex-husband Ojani Noa.

1776 days ago

Farris Flagg    

J-LO Is Hiding Something!!!!!!!!! It's Not That She Has A "HIT" Album Or Movie Out. She Wants $10 Million Dollars!!!!!! SHE IS HIDING SOMETHING!!!!!!!

1776 days ago

Jack Nichols    

Ojani Noa is an opportunistic slime ball, oh wait that pretty much covers Hollywood.. :P

1775 days ago


Wow! This is our society today, Sad is'nt it? Somuch anger directed in the wrong direction! JLo should have had more sense than to do anything outside of a family video with anyone especially a man she was married to or justplain sleeping with. All these so called celeb's airing their dirty laundry by the way is what most people feed off of and now she's pissed over something she actually had control of. People don't recognize a contract anymore! Thats why they're waisting our courts time with these BS law-suits! 10,000,000.00??? Get real!Stop recording yourself and your part-time mate and you would'nt have to worry about crap like this! So, who's the real idiot??The one that let it happen.

1775 days ago

Jeronimo Dan    

Don't you know Old Ben is wiping his brow and thinking, boy am I lucky to be out of that!

1775 days ago

NYC_College_Working_Wife & Mom    

He and other parasites like him should man up and stop riding on celebs coattails and move on. Go out and get a job. i know its a knew concept and all, but to continuously have these lazy good-for-nothing fools get away with exploiting intimate details only reinforces the deterioration of marriages and corroding the need to be able to trust in relationships.

1775 days ago


Really Jay Low? She really feels that she is entitled to ten million dollars? She might be famous in the US and in some Latin American countries for her music but to me she is most famous for being a bitch :)

1775 days ago
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