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Tyson Photog Speaks: Blood Everywhere

11/12/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photographer who ended up on the wrong end of Mike Tyson's fist says Mike got in 4 good punches and blood was gushing "like a water fountain."

Tony Echevarria: Click to watchTony Echevarria: Click to watch
Pap Tony Echevarria claims:

- He wasn't disrespectful or aggressive
- Mike was initially in a good mood but turned sour when the pap asked about his wife
- Tyson became more agitated when he couldn't find a bathroom and saw the photog shooting him

As we previously reported, Tyson and the photographer were both busted for battery.

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You take your life in your hands when you arrive at LAX if someone "famous" is arriving at the same time. Have experienced it first hand, and it's frightening. They shouldn't allow those creeps anywhere near the place...they're uber aggressive and don't care who they over run. Good for Mike for putting the jerk down!

1772 days ago


When you become a pap, you should know and expect to get your a$$ kicked when you get up in someone's face with a camera when they need to go to the bathroom or get to their car. Celebrities have to consider their own safety.

1772 days ago


When you approach a boxer with a flashing camera, be prepared to go down....lol

1772 days ago


If your going to follow a pit bull into a cage don't cry when you get bit. I don't know what this guy hoped to accomplish. Tyson doesn't care about jail and he's broke too. So that's pretty much a lose lose situation for the photog.

1772 days ago


Hey Tony,
Time to go back to the Venice Beach boardwalk, eh?


1772 days ago

majority opinion    

Harvey do you read these things..your profession is not respected sure people watch the show as a filler until something comes on but all in all we know when stuff like this happens it's because paps are dirtbags, SH.. disturbing, and don't respect peoples personal space and privacy.(This is where you say celebs have to deal with this and bring it upon themselves b/c of their profession) there is a difference between an attention whore and an actor doing a role and then being hassled just traveling back and forth...harvey you blow

1772 days ago


No sympathy. If LAX is going to allow paps, they should provide celebs police protection. Again, no sympathy. People are tired after flying. Mike Tyson has just been through a devastating loss. NO SYMPATHY PAPS. Drop the charges against Mike Tyson!

1772 days ago


Blood Everywhere????? There's not a drop on his shirt ANYWHERE!!

1772 days ago


Let all the photographers ignore Tyson and others like him and you will hear some crying and wailing.

1772 days ago


Hey photog .. What if you and your family were having family time and some morons insisted on shoving camera's in your face.
Tyson is a humane being, and maybe he wanted some private time with his family..
I have seen what you guys do just to get a picture and if it was me i would beat the crap out of you too.
Show these people some respect.

If someone asks you to back off, it means BACK OFF.. Not ask in another minute or continue to shove a camera in someone;s face.

Do you want your privacy? SO DO OTHERS..Your lucky Tyson did not knock you into next year.
I am sorry but i think you photogs ask for what the result was last night..

Your photogs buddies were part of the cause Princess Diania passed away in my opipion..
You were so close Brittney Spears ran over a foot. And the countless other times you guys do not know when TO BACK THE F OFF.

NO PITY FROM ME..If you did not learn your lesson he should of knocked you out again.

1772 days ago


Good for Tyson. Any 'pap' who would approach this guy after all that he's been through lately is just plain crazy AND asking for it!

1772 days ago


I agree with everyone. He got what he deserved. Yes you can take pictures but there's a time and place for that. The man had his child with him please...

1772 days ago


Didnt California pass a law recently that said the paps had to stay so many feet away? Paps are bottom feeders and if this guy was dumb enought to step up on Mike with a camera, follow him into a bathroom then he should have known there was gonna be consequences. Mike gave him a warning shot to the head, if he wanted to hurt him he would have..LOL.. It is time for the paps to be hounded and arrested for harrassment. Time for all these high powered hollywood people to ban together and force the state to pass laws to protect them from paps before someone gets killed.

1772 days ago

Mike M    

This piece of crap should of stayed out the way. Mike has had it difficult this year and does not need some moron with a camera following him around as he is looking for a bathroom.. These piece of crap should not be allowed at airports restaurant areas. I WISH MIKE WOULD OF GOTTEN ONE IN FOR ME

1772 days ago


Man, your lucky he didn't kill you. Hope you learn your frigin lesson, stay away from stars and famous people. Get a real job.

1772 days ago
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