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Eddie Cibrian's Wife

He's Finally Screwing Me!

11/13/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian's soon-to-be ex-wife claims the actor is cheating on her again -- this time with his wallet.

Eddie Cibrian's Wife
Brandi Cibrian claims the "CSI: Miami" star has left her essentially high and dry since he took off back in August after 8 years of marriage -- refusing to give her a dime for food and gas.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Brandi claims Eddie is raking in $60,000 a week on his show, but he's currently only paying for Brandi's "household bills."

Now, Brandi wants some serious jack so she can take care of the couple's two young children -- as well as herself. She's asking for $39,963 a month in spousal support so she can pay for things like the kids' schooling, the car, medical bills and of course -- pilates.

UPDATE: Eddie's lawyer, Neal Hersh, tells TMZ, "Nothing could be further from the truth. Eddie's responsibility as a father is his highest priority. He has been and will continue to be responsible to the children as well as Brandi. The parties are very working together to resolve the issues of custody and money."


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Hey Stace....RE..4. I am a firm believer that guys are only as successful as the women behind them. This douche was obviously supported emotionally, sexually, etc. for 8 years by his wife
How in the F@#k do you know that? Perhaps she was a self absorbed whining bitch that made his every hour a living hell! All you have to go on is the crap we read in these "hard hitting" news stories.

Anyone who claims on line that they are hot....are usually the fat and ugly people of the world!!!

1782 days ago


Hey Ulic
RE "Anyone who claims online that they are hot.. are usually the fat and ugly people of the world"

Your online dating experiences have no relevance here

1782 days ago


You can't keep a man if he wants to leave, and if he does leave have some pride. I'm a single mom, I only ever asked for half the cost of raising my child, When he made more money I didn't go after that, I only wanted him to pay half. We both made the child and he should pay half. These women going for all this money makes me sick. Why should he pay for you to live the high life on your ex's back, when it comes to these celebrities paying thousands in child support that money is going straight into the mothers pocket, I don't agree. I know lots of people will disagree with me but I was a single mom, I went back to school, got my own job and just wanted him to pay have for his kid and not support me. We are still friends and our child is now grown with a GREAT career and GREAT self esteem and he knows that his parents did the best for him and not for themselves.

1782 days ago


Brandi is asking too little for the fact that she carried 2 children for him and kept house and then subjected to lies and deceit (him living a double life) and public humiliation. The wedding pictures they had on one website was beautiful and at that time you can tell there was love when both had nothing much. She deserves more than $40,000/month. If he wants to live rich, his 2 children has to live in comfort before him. He can afford to pay more than what she is asking for. And no, she does not have to work. He left her to bring up two kids and that is more than a job. It is a fulltime job you cannot just switch off from 8 AM to five pm because you have to work away from two young kids to supposrt them. Why does she have to work while he is having fun as a gigolo? The Pilates statement that was tossed in by TMZ is mean spirited and did not come out right; but in a sense she does have to keep fit to keep up with two young kids. He goes to the gym too.It is not easy bringing up one or two kids as a single parent. She desrves what she is asking for and more.

1782 days ago


Brandi deserves every penny and more!!! Eddie chose and continues to choose to throw his public adultery with that tramp in Brandi's face. Not so much with his side tramp Scheana but his publicity singing tramp. Stay strong Brandi!!! Don't give an inch. Eddie spent Brandi's half of the money on his mistresses while Brandi was pregnant and taking care of Eddie's kids. Now he cancelled the credit cards, cleaned out the bank accounts, and requires Brandi to borrow money from her parents to feed his children. Eddie Cibrian is a low low life.

1782 days ago


The court will decide what Eddie has to pay but $40,000 a month is cheap compared to the toll Karama will take. In the end, Eddie and LeAnn will be abondoned to a dinggy apartment in East LA where they will share a can of beer and a bag of cheese puffs while they watch a Jenna Jameson movie. It is then his true colors will be revealed as little dripping Eddie turns from an envious green to a cowardly yellow while LeAnn pets the golden fleece.

1782 days ago


I never thought a bag of dirt could look so good on the outside. LeAnn must be just as bad to have lost millions of dollars as well as her pride, dignity, and self respect pursueing this sleeze bag. Nice catch LeAnn. Is Eddie scheduled to be with you tonight or Scheana Jancan or one of this other tarts?

1782 days ago



Under california law you are correct. He is making 260k a month and she is asking 40k that is only 16%. She can be a ass and go 34% more and get 130k a month.

Maybe this cheating d-bag needs to pay up before the judge spanks him hard.

1782 days ago


I see LeAnn and Eddie's PR team are out in full force today as they attempt to make Eddie appear the victum here. It doesn't matter. People know LeAnn as the skank she is and Eddie as the maggot he is. Brandi is entitled to half the assets (including the ones Eddie is hiding) and to support for giving up her professional career to support Eddie. She is also entitled to no less than 16 years of child support. She will raise those two beautiful boys while Eddie and his numerous mistresses romp around in luxury. Brandi should not allow Eddie to be with the children without adult supervision and none of Eddie's mistress count as adult supervision.

1782 days ago


For those who say Brandi wasn't giving Eddie what he needed at home, I have to say the same about LeAnn Rimes. Eddie is now actively seeing Scheana Jancan so obviously Rimes with all her money and celebrity can't keep Eddie's affection or even attention. When a gold-digging publicity-hound and sexual preditor like Eddie Cibrian looses interest in LeAnn Rimes then there is something seriously wrong with her crotch.

1782 days ago


I agree that she deserves support since he broke their marriage contract. However, I have to agree with "B"...who in the world NEEDS 40k a month to survive. Give me a break.

1782 days ago


Eddie better pay up and keep his mouth shut. It will happen sooner or later. He's trying to delay the divorce so he doesn't have to commit to Rimes. God, she must be a control freak. Eddie should make sure his vasectomy is still good because if Rimes or Jancan get knocked up, those witches will have him paying big child support for the next 20 years.

1782 days ago


ok. Beig a single mom of 2, all I have to say is get a damn job and pay for your own gas. I have raised two kids alone and never once have needed a man to pay for my things.

1782 days ago


If marriage is supposed to be 50/50 then where the hell is her 39,000/m chip in? You can be sure she made squat/month

I'm sick of fat ass bitches getting mens hard earned money.
It's always the man with empty pockets living in a one bedroom apt while the ex has the house and a man your kids will start calling dad! ... Why should a woman not have to work and still be able to live off the mans support payments if it's 50/50!

Ladies we don't have a fear of commitment, we're just tired of being nothing more than wallets with legs!

1782 days ago

Shelley LA    

She was a model, (still beautiful) but at 35 what is she supposed to do with no education, and having been in a relationship with a man that took care of her for the past 13yrs. Maybe she should be a lawyer or a doctor.... right. I guess Eddie is lucky he makes so much money and has a millionaire mistress. Check out brandiglanville twitter- looks like she says these stories are not true.

1782 days ago
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