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Jon Gosselin Countersues TLC Over 'Reputation'

11/13/2009 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired off a countersuit against TLC -- claiming the network caused him "to suffer harm to his reputation." (insert joke here).

Jon Gosselin

According to court docs, Kate's ex says he didn't breach his contract with the network -- and now he wants $175,000 he claims they owe him from the show.

Best line ever ... Jon says in legal docs, "because of the enormous Media interest ... and public interest it makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that has impeded my life." Pleeeeeze!!!!

Gosselin claims TLC has been bad mouthing him all over town -- he wants $5 million in damages.


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Here's ANOTHER nut case on the loose. They should round them ALL up in Hollywood and put them all in ONE cell where they can flip out on each other!

1773 days ago


Harm his reputation? Is he implying that TLC isn't allowing him to act as douchey as he wants to be?

1773 days ago


TLC should hired a hitman to kill the hussy that caused this mess.

1773 days ago


JOHN.... WE DO NO CARE. U are making a laughing stock of yourself. U are the one who adores yourself the public thnks you are just an immature idiot. The only reason the media hangs around is for a buck; at your expense. How embarrassing for your kids.

1773 days ago


I agree with whomever said GO AWAY JOHN and take CARRIE PREJEAN WITH YOU... when trying to speak on Larry king she couldn't even defend her fellow ignorant bitches properly when speaking of sarah Palin and others she stated, " They are good hard working women they are intelligence, and don't deserve to be treated this way" If they are intelligence shoot me! But what do you expect from a fake boobed 'beauty queen' bleached blonde and veneered save me! Oh and Carrie since I pray you will hear or read this someway people are 'intelligent' not intelligence.

1773 days ago


Puhlease, TLC damaged his rep? HAhahahahahaha. He did that all on his own. HE'S the one who broke his contract with TLC, then got pissed and slammed the brakes on filming, thereby cutting off the income his ex was making. He stole money out of their account, he denied it and then put it back under order of the court. HE has been the one flaunting himself and his bs ways, and NOW he has the nerve to sue? Good grief, someone wake this dude up. B1tch slap him back to reality. HE has screwed up his life, no one else.

1773 days ago


Jon blames everyone but himself. He will try anything to make some easy money and avoid getting a job. What a waste of oxygen. Next thing he will be writing a book.

1773 days ago


Jon you are such a joke! The only person responsible for making you look bad is YOU! Typical Jon....NEVER OWNS UP to anything.Never takes responsibility for anything. Jon you signed a contact with TLC and you agreed to the terms and you failed to live up to those terms.People on the outside of this whole situation thought you would be smart to straighten up your act when there were rumblings of TLC letting you go because of your behavior.Thankfully you were too stupid and selfish to get it.I hope TLC screws you six ways to Sunday on this issue because you deserve nothing less than that. You are a nobody Jon! Oh and by the way Jon companies don't like to hire people who back out of legal agreements nor do they like to hire people who misuse funds and time (like you did while Kate was pregnant with the sextuplets).You had a sweet deal with TLC and because you thought the grass was greener on the otherside you got what you wanted....those pastures are not so green anymore are they Jon? You shot yourself in the foot and now that you aren't pulling in the money that you seem to think you deserve you are whining like a baby. You did this to yourself and the fact you are not admitting you did this to yourself and instead are blaming everyone/everything shows you have not changed at all!

1773 days ago

Valery Satterwhite    

Jon is too busy blaming everyone else and the media for his professed unwanted experience to realize that he alone created the train wreck that is the life of Jon Gosselin. Through his victim mentality he brilliantly set himself up and got exactly what he wanted - fame and celebrity. The choices made with what to do with his spotlight were entirely his. So, if he doesn't like what's happening "to" him he might want to examine his actions. Instead of leveraging his celebrity for the greater good of himself, his family and his career he chose to take the easy road to getting attention with his bad and immature behavior and temper tantrums. The question is will Jon become yet another celebrity fatality or will he turn himself around and use his energy to create something positive in his life and in the lives of those around him. What stuns me is Kate's choice to continue to be his passenger on this bizarre ride.

1773 days ago


Earth to Jon: You must first HAVE a good reputation in order to LOSE it.

1773 days ago


JON u can get a job..Table for 12 dad got a job..Big World Little People dad got a job...PLEASE,JON get in rehab & start over with finding a JOB....

1773 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Ladies and this time the poll count on those that:

Think Jon is a Lazy Village Idiot that ruined his own Street Cred_____36

Think Jon was WAAAAAronged and should be considered for Sainthood______3

1773 days ago


Jon..What drugs are you on? TLC ruined your reputation? I can not stop laughing..

1. Have you cheat on your wife?
2. Did TLC force you to be out in public with another women beside your wife?
3. Did TLC make you make a jackaZZss out of yourself.

Did you did it all to yourself. You ruined your repuation. If you were not out there cheating on your wife, and being a loser for a husband and a father the "MEDIA" or "TLC" would of had nothing to want to take pictures off.

You are really pysco. Your coming across as really demented.

1773 days ago


This guys is a bigger fu%^ing moron than I first thought. He says TLC ruined his reputation. No it wasn't TLC you ass clown is was you whoring around town with those tramps. Stop being so stupid and get a job and get out of the media. Everytime I turn around your stupid face is on some show..... Go hide under a rock and never come out. PLEASE

1773 days ago


Jon is right. TLC takes advantage of families. I wonder if the current large family is making enough money.

1773 days ago
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