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Ominous Illness Sidelines UFC Champ Lesnar

11/15/2009 11:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar -- the UFC Heavyweight Champ -- is in "bad shape" according to UFC president Dana White and won't be fighting anytime soon.

White made the announcement after UFC 105 last night, saying "He's in a hospital up in North Dakota somewhere right now. He went to Canada and some bad stuff happened to him, so we've got to figure it out ... He doesn't want to talk about it publicly, but he's in bad shape. He's not well and he's not going to be getting well anytime soon."

Lesnar originally pulled out of a November 18 fight and reports suggested he had swine flu. The fight was rescheduled for January 2, but then it was announced Lesnar had mononucleosis.

But White made it clear, Lesnar's problems go beyond mono: "He is not good. He is very, very sick and he's going to be out for a while."

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marc anon    


dude, I dated a f**king junky stripper, so I'm well verse on HIV literature.

About 2-4 weeks after you first become infected with HIV, most people develop a "flu-like" illness. The symptoms can mimick the flu or other simple viral illnesses. As a result, it can easily be dismissed by patients and doctors alike. "


1802 days ago


Get well, Brock!!!!

ED. Shut up.

1802 days ago


I read another article where it says that it's not AIDS. I wouldn't be surprised though if it were. He's had that Cyst named Sable for years now. Anyway, I hope Brock gets better because he is not the kind of man who will just give up his belt.

1802 days ago


His little winky fell off!

1802 days ago

who dat    

Pro wrestling fans are sub-moronic. That means you are really F'n STUPID.

1802 days ago


Whoa, this is crazy. It just goes to show you how fragile life is.

You could be the biggest, most powerful, healthy guy one day, and be really ill and in the hospital shortly after.

Brock was an unstoppable monster in the UFC.

1802 days ago


Bizarre.Even if he had mono NOW, why would it effect whatever was rescheduled for January? Someone didn't think THAT announcement out before saying it. Granted, when I had it in high school years and years ago I was out for a month cuz it had gone unnoticed/untreated for so long, but in his case it seems like they announced it without getting test results or they were just grabbing for anything to explain away what was wrong.
And to the person talking about strippers and him getting AIDS...you don't have sex with someone who is positive one night and collapse from it in a matter of days. Yes, you MAY get flu like or mono symptoms shortly after being exposed but not that soon and not that severe. BTW, please use the words HIV and AIDS correctly...full blown AIDS is when your CD4 count falls below 200, HIV is when it is still above 200 and has NOT fall below 200 ever. May not be a big deal to YOU, but as someone who works with HIV/AIDS patients, it's kinda bothersome to see the first explanation for someone like this guy being sick is that he has AIDS.

1802 days ago



- He went to Canada;
- Some bad stuff happened to him;
- He does not want to talk about it publicly;
- He's not well;
- He's not going to be getting well anytime soon !!

WHOA - WHAT the F@CK ??


1802 days ago



You CANNOT make a statement like that & then, LEAVE US HANGING !!


1802 days ago


MMAWeekly.com spoke to a source in Lesnar’s camp on Saturday night that denied such characterizations, but indicated that there are some new issues to deal with.

“Nothing life threatening like the reports, just some complications with his illness and he had to be hospitalized for antibiotics.”

Some are saying it could be lyme disease since he is an avid hunter.

1802 days ago


Also mono will severely drain you. Considering the amount of training he does and water weight he loses, its completely understandable why he is in a bad condition just from the mono itself.

1802 days ago


Brock last fought in July, It was in Nevada and to fight in that state you must pass an HIV test as well as a drug test for various substances, There is no chance in hell that the athletic commission or UFC would let an HIV positive man fight and bleed all over another man. Plus Dana White debunked that theory last night.

As a former steroid user I can attest to the liver problems that one gets while using, and if he is abusing HGH, which would not show up in a drug test, it can lead to tremendous health problems, including the enlargement of your internal organs and various cancers and cysts developing. The liver cyst story makes sense as I know someone who suffered that from HGH use and had similar symptoms as his body was unable to process toxins, he was always ill and then began to pass out due to the level of poison in his body. Brock's build and strength are freakish and he could not be that way drug free.

For all we know, it's a nervous breakdown and he is mentally ill. physical illness and passing out are results of anxiety

1802 days ago



UFC President Dana White:

- He's very, very sick;
- Needs a serious medical evaluation to determine the cause of his lingering illness;
- We're going to have to do some stuff to take care of this guy;
- I am worried about it;
- He's in rough shape;
- He's in really bad shape;
- He is not well;
- He's not getting any better;
- He's got a lot of problems;


1802 days ago



UFC President Dana White:

- I know what's wrong with him;
- He's got Mono and he's got something else wrong with him;
- He just doesn't want me talking about it;
- He doesn't have cancer or AIDS or anything like this;
- But, he's got some problems.


1802 days ago



source: TheStar.com


1802 days ago
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