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Still Gonna Bet the Cowboys This Weekend...?

11/20/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-3, leading their division, and are favored to beat the Washington Redskins by 11 points this weekend ... but after seeing this pic, do the odds even matter???

This photo of Jessica Simpson rocking a 'Boys sweatshirt was taken yesterday in Beverly Hills.

The last time Jess publicly professed her support for the team, they lost to the Giants.

Before that ... she took all sorts of heat for going on a trip to Cabo with several Dallas players just days before they lost a big playoff game in 2008.


And before that, T.O. blamed a Cowboy loss on the fact that Jessica went to the game.

Then again, they are playing the Redskins this weekend...

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29. It absolutely makes me sick that all you people can sit on the computer day after day and say such horrible disrespectable things about someone.. I would love to see what you all look like.. When you can post a pic, and show how gorgeous u are then u can talk.. She is a natural beautiful woman.. Why do people love to hurt others, make you feel like a bigger human? And people wonder why these young women have break downs.. Such a ignorant world we live in... It is all just jealousy, pure and simple jealousy...

Posted at 4:02AM on Nov 20th 2009 by WTF

Jealous of what? Her inability to act or sing? Her inability to keep a man? Her pea brain personality? Her IQ of a twice baked potato? Her short fat legs and puffy body? Her chin that has a dimple big enough to serve soup out of?

You're right, you caught us. We are insanely jealous that we are not Jessica Simpson and being laughed at daily.

1736 days ago


"T.O. blamed a Cowboy loss on the fact that Jessica went to the game" The Cowboys did suck last year, they don't this year. T.O. is not on the team anymore but he is on the Bills and while they have always sucked he seems to have helped them go to greater heights of suck-a-tude. George W. went to a Cowboy game this year and it didn't effect them and he would cause waaaaaay more damage then Miss Simpson could. T.O. seems to be the issue. Ask the Eagles.

1736 days ago


She looks just like any young girl without makeup. Appears those of you who are hating so vehemently must be jealous, otherwise why spend all that energy to write hateful posts.

1736 days ago


I dont think she looks fat at all. It's a baggy sweatshirt. Her face does not look bloated at all. I think for 29, she looks pretty good. No makeup either, looks pretty good.

1736 days ago


Hire a dietician, you fat pig, and stop stuffing your baggy face.
Halloween is over, now get back in your cage!

1736 days ago


she would look great served on a platter with an apple in her mouth

1736 days ago


why do you have to put crap like this on tmz, this girl could buy and sell that team if she wanted too.
Just drop it, if anything your the ones that print this crap and put a hex on the team.

1736 days ago


Why are people so rough on this broad? She really seems to get hammered by the press and by all accounts while not the brightest bulb in the socket certainly doesn't seem to come across as a bitch or anything. What gives?

1736 days ago


Oh please. Her "age" is no excuse. She looks awful for a 29 year old.

The math is fairly simple:

decreased food intake + increased activity = weight loss

1736 days ago


Because she is an annoying dumbass, that's why.

1736 days ago


Of course she is a bitch who voiced her contempt for everyone.
And she slutted it up in her heydays when she was thinner.
Now she is facing lowered expectations. It's called REALITY.

1736 days ago


Maybe she should stop getting hammered.

1736 days ago

Old Enough    


Hopefully Jessica is the Skins good luck charm!

1736 days ago



1736 days ago


She looks great, natural, without all of the makeup, sometimes you have to go a day without all of the goop on your face, plus it is store lighting.. either way still a beautiful young woman.

1736 days ago
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