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Tiger Woods -- The Scene of the Accident

11/27/2009 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the aftermath of the Tiger Woods accident that occurred early this morning.

Tiger Woods

You can see a small barricade where the fire hydrant Tiger hit used to be. Remnants of debris can be seen scattered across the driveway -- possibly from when Tiger's wife smashed out the back window to help him.

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On a more serious note:

Why couldn't charles barkleys' golf swing been between the suv and the tree. it might have straightened it out.

1797 days ago


The silence is really all you should consider. If nothing was wrong or fishy an immediate appearance would have been made by anybody trying to assure the public all is well. My guess is it is private, it is big between the two parties and they don't know how to present it to the public. It's none of my business and now I know Tiger is really Human.......

1797 days ago


I can picture it now... She's chasing him wearing that white bed sheet wielding a 4 iron.....

1797 days ago

L M Morris    

I had high hope fot Tiger. It truly saddens me at the thought that he may have cheated on his wife. I hope it is not true. If he did, he should get his ass whipped by a golf club at the hands of his wife! How stupid could you be? TMZ I am a huge fan of urs too but I hope ur source is air tight so that u arent drug thru the court system.Ur info is pretty incriminating. If u can not be faithful to ur partner til death....u shouldn't be married!

1796 days ago

Just Amazed    

So much hatred from the men. From the sound of it, marriage is not for you. You guys who trash it so might be happier in a gay relationship. That's what you sound like. Or is it that you just want a woman to have sex with and send her home when you get tired of her and move on to the next one. Sure do hope that none of you guys are married or will ever get married now or later. Haters is what you are. If you are in a relationship try to make it work. If you arent happy get help or get the hell out! You don't need to be married anyway if you see marriage in such a negative way!

1796 days ago


deceit,lies, and photos !! tiger's wife is a liar!! Look at the pics! the DAMAGE IS ON THE PASSENGER side(not the driver'S side) so tell me why she had to break THE BACK WINDOW of THE ESCALADE, (which has a 3rd row of seats) to "rescue" him when all she had to do was open the DRIVER'S door to pull him out??? Don't you smell
something? I do it's called bulls@$*!

1796 days ago

Robby G.    

Did she use the 6-iron or the 7-iron? Lol, I would have loved to see her chasing him around with the club. He got so nervous he took out a hydrant and then a tree! Swedish nanny's a banshee. She took some notes from da sistas for sure. You just can't make this stuff up! Awesome. Thanks Tiger for keeping it real, dude.

1796 days ago


Tiger should loose his Nike and other sponserships over this, he is a cheater!!!!

1796 days ago

robin cooke    

not quite the lovable lad projected by his careful public image ?

1793 days ago


I think it's time for Bill Cosby to have a long talk with Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is obviously a total jerk. Most of the people I know don't like him and cheer when he misses a putt of looses a tournament. This will only add to the dislike for him.

I think these athletes like Tiger are arogant, overpaid, spoiled, ungrateful, self-serving, etc., etc.

Since Rush can't buy a team full of thugs; maybe when Tiger hits bottom he can buy Tigger Woods golf.


1792 days ago

slick rick    

It's deffently domestic violance there is no way shy smahed the window out and got him out. Tiger's wife found out he was cheating
His mistress was sappoused to have a news conference the other day but right before she was to go on, she cancelled the tiger camp found out she was going to come on TV and speak.tiger woods made a huge payment to
her to kept quiet!!!

1789 days ago


His wife is a fricken loon! I know he was wrong but damn, shes crazy! She started beatin and scratching him thats grounds to beat her ass back, self defense..

1789 days ago


Yes Tiger's a cheat but no one is addressing the fact of spousal abuse .. if the shoe were on the other foot, or the golf club in a different hand, and Elin's face was injured by Tigers hand, he would be in major trouble .. So the obvious double standard - a woman can abuse a man and get away with it .. Tiger was "running away" when he had the argument so he obviously, and rightly so, did not fight back .. where's the justice? and Tiger shouldn't have to press charges, because if a male celebrity physically abuses his wife, the wife doesn't have to press charges, the public will do it for her ..

1787 days ago

haywood jablome    

shag on tiger...shag on.

1787 days ago

jerry mehigan    

most vehicles have an in built safety feature where if the vehicle is involved in an impact, the door locks automatically release to allow occupants escape.All Volvos have this.
does the Cadillac Escalade have this feature?
if so, then why were the doors locked after the impact?

1787 days ago
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