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Tiger Woods Cornered -- Turns Cops Away

11/28/2009 11:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsIt looks like Tiger Woods has been boxed into a corner and his best friend, now, is time -- because he's again refused to meet with the Florida Highway Patrol about the incident with his wife early yesterday. Tiger may well be waiting for the telltale wounds to heal.

Woods' agent told the Florida Highway Patrol Tiger and wife Elin Nordegren would not make themselves available to speak with authorities today about the incident that left Tiger with lacerations and one less fire hydrant on his block.

We know the Highway Patrol is suspicious of the wife's account ... that Tiger just drove off and hit a fire hydrant. She told the first officer on the scene from the Windemere PD that she went inside the house after the crash to get a golf club and then hit the car in an attempt to free her husband. But we know she told a very different story subsequently to the Highway Patrol.

As we first reported, Tiger told a friend that his wife went ballistic at around 2:00 AM yesterday and scratched his face up -- all because of reports he allegedly had cheated on her. He left the house, started driving away and she attacked the SUV with a golf club, Tiger told the friend. He got "distracted" and hit the hydrant.

If Tiger and his wife acknowledge she scratched him up, she could be arrested for domestic abuse. And, as we first reported, Tiger told his friend he had been taking prescription painkillers and that was why he seemed out of it after the crash. Although we're told there was no alcohol involved (and that seems to be the case), driving under the influence of painkillers could be a problem, if it's provable.

By the way ... one of the things the Highway Patrol wants to see is the marks on Tiger's face, and whether they are consistent with scratch marks or impact on a car. As we reported, there was no blood on the steering wheel, making the accident scenario suspicious. But if the marks indicate a human touch and they last for a few days, we're guessing Tiger will not show up at his golf tourney on Thursday.

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1755 days ago


Tiger seemed like such a role model. I still can't believe he'd cheat on Elin, have you seen this so called mistress's picture? She's nasty. I'm sure this will continue to enfold.

1755 days ago


The cops should throw there asses in jail. If it was your average working class family this happened to they wouldn't have the right to refuse to talk to the cops.

1755 days ago


Mistakes were made...

1755 days ago


I bet they staged the accident...after she scratched him @ home, to cover what she did to him.

1755 days ago


As always, the cover-up can sometimes be worse than the crime..........

1755 days ago


I have totally lost respect for Tiger Woods. He is supposedly such a good role model but the message he is sending out now is "avoid the police and don't cooperate with them"....he's covering up for his wife who probably smacked him thinking he was having an affair-

1755 days ago

Amazed in FL    

How rich/famous/important do you have to be to have the police come and investigate potential felonies on your schedule, not theirs? There must by major story coordinating/CYA going on...

1755 days ago


1755 days ago


The wife should be arrested for domestic violence, but he doesn't have to face penalties for driving with painkillers, since he was trying to flee a violent situation. Where did the glass fall when the back window was smashed? It's in the driveway for sure, not by the tree that he hit.

1755 days ago


Is it normal for a person to be able to refuse to speak to law enforcement? I would think that they would be forced to speak.

1755 days ago


Leave this lyin' cheatin' golfer alone. It's his business who he wants to have sex with, obviously, not his nanny wife.

1755 days ago


Wow, it must be nice to options like this, you know, the whole turning the police away at the door telling them to come back when you feel like talking. The Florida Highway Patrol should be ashamed of obvious special treatment. Are Tiger and his wife coordinating their stories?

1755 days ago


Elin took the tig out of tiger. Oh yes she did.

1755 days ago


The ratting friend thing seems suspicious to me. Why would a friend to whom Tiger would confide such intimate information feed it to the press so easily? Either the source is a blowhard or Tiger needs to get some new friends.

1755 days ago
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