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Tiger's Alleged Mistress: I Never Saw His Putter

11/28/2009 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accused of having an affair with Tiger Woods says she has never slept with him and calls the entire story "bulls**t."

Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel

TMZ spoke with Rachel Uchitel, the woman the National Enquirer named as Woods' mistress. She said she has met Tiger before, but never had sex with him. She claims the "sources" that spoke to the Enquirer were each paid $25,000 for their story.

Sources tell TMZ Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, were arguing over the alleged affair right before Tiger's accident yesterday.

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doc murry    

good going tiger you finally got a brunette and not some dumb bimbo blonde damn she is hot but is she worth 50 million dollors ure your dead father is real proud of you you lowlife..remember dumbass if your going after strange ..dont get caught you ...ha ha maybe someday youll be a golf pro at s0ome geezers golf course in tampa....i hope your sponsers drop you like a hot potatoe numbnuts


1792 days ago


Of COURSE he has been cheating! He is ugly as sin but RICH as sin also...did his wife REALLY think that in exchange from going from being a LIVE IN NANNY to the wife of a rich guy, where she gets to shop all day, live in mansions and papmer herself while looking down on all of us "little people" that IN RETURN she woudl actually get to have a FAITHFUL husband?? GET A GRIP! You don't get EVERYTHING ion life. She chose money and a famous husband..if she wanted a REGULR, faithful guy she should have picked one. Wealthy men, even if not famous, are cosky and conceited and need attention. These men feel entitled TO DO AS THEY PLEASE..AND they will do as they please....end of story. You can't get it all.....my husband isn't rich..but he IS faithful..Watch who you marry girls....make sure money is gonna buy you happiness because it usually won't.

1792 days ago


How much money will the National Enquirer lose in a lawsuit or readership after this huge lie?

1792 days ago


NO way Tiger Woods would have sex with that skank Rachel. Look at her. Piece of busted mess.

1792 days ago

doc murry    

good post miranda,,you hit it on the head..he is a dork and has money so he gets any bimbo he wants,,he needs a good religious black woman who isnt looking for fame and fortune..hmm maybe he actually was with a man,,trying both sides of the street,,it happens more than you can imagine..all i can do is pray for him and hope he finds the path to goodness

1792 days ago


Easy to see Rachel is a low-life whore. Get a life sister and stop messing with other women's men. Chance of you ever marrying any guy with money or class are ZERO.

Stay in your white trash trailer park and STFU. Useless POS.

1792 days ago

doc murry    

listen up people..us rich guys cannot be expected to stay with just 1 woman..we need variaty and new blood because of all the pressure we are under,,its gets boring being with the same woman year after year so after awhile we need something new..she just doesnt understand and niether do most of you losers..most of your husbands can only wish they could get hotties like we can who like to do about anything in bed and we dont want to hear im tired honey ,,i have been busy shopping all day and busy with the kids,,good grief,,we need lots of sex and exciting sex..

1792 days ago


It's a complicated situation...

1792 days ago

arte help    

Sweet kid, I helped his father getting him a good trainer and getting him some good trainers. He owes his career to me, but I never remind them. Hope he can get his life back on track for the kids sake..

1792 days ago

think about it    

If the story wasn't true his wife wouldn't have flipped out on him. If the story wasn't true Tiger would have been screaming mad at the press the last few days. He threatens people all the time who talk smack about him. If it wasn't true his wife would have seen his anger at the press but I have a feeling she didn't. What reaction did he give when she questioned him on it?
Even in his admission to the fight in the other post the friend says they were fighting over her confronting him on it. I highly doubt if it wasn't true the fight would have gone that bad. They are famous people, they know things get written so she wouldn't fly off the handle without finding out what happened.

Bad move Tiger. Bet you thought you were above it all and wouldn't get caught. I'm sure a lot of people are laughing thier butts off today since Tiger is known for being such a arrogant smug sob.
Wonder what Phil Michelson is thinking now?
No doubts Tiger's caddie and PR Team will be posting away on these blogs trying to spin public opinion.

1792 days ago

doc murry    

look at the lips on that girl ..how could any man say no to that,, i mean we all know what tiger likes,,hmmmm too bad most of you fatties out there dont have a clue and so when your husband strays dont blame him..GOOD GOING TIGER ..HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT,,IT SURE LOOKS LIKE IT WAS ..SHE IS HOT

1792 days ago


I looked her up to see if there were any stories of her affair w/Tiger and I found stories of her affair w/the Buffy guy, David Boreanaz. She's a stupid whore and if she had an affair w/another married man, her character isn't upstanding enough to call this story BS. Women like her should really understand that their are boundaries and married men are off limits. Her, Angelina Jolie, etc. There are enough single men around where they don't need to target the married ones. At least wait until the divorce papers are signed.

1792 days ago


The hoewrecking skank is lying. The NE is usually on point with their stories. Remember John Edwards? They were the first the break that one. A woman has her instincts and trust, she will do her own investigation to be sure. There are too many diseases out there these days to be doing this kind of shizz.

1792 days ago


Rachel looks like a low life skank and how did she know that the people who told the National Enquirer about her and Tiger got paid $25,000 each?!! But if Tiger did cheat on his wife, what do you or his wife really expect he's a World figure with woman constantly running after him and it was only a matter of time after all it's not the 1940's, today woman are putting their T and A out there and for famous guys it's all in!

1792 days ago

doc murry    

Sweet kid, I helped his father getting him a good trainer and getting him some good trainers. He owes his career to me, but I never remind them. Hope he can get his life back on track for the kids sake..

Posted at 10:54AM on Nov 28th 2009 by arte help


1792 days ago
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