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Tiger Woods

Used Childhood Friend as Cover

12/3/2009 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of Tiger Woods' employees helped the golfer secretly rendezvous with at least one woman with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship.

Childhood Friend
Sources say Bryon Bell, a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design, bought a plane ticket for Rachel Uchitel to go to Australia in mid-November to secretly spend time with Tiger.

The ticket was purchased by Bell using a credit card. He also booked a room for Uchitel at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne.

The trip coincided with the Australian Masters -- which Tiger won.

We've learned Bell actually flew with Uchitel to Melbourne and both had rooms at the hotel.

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69. ok..my husband has a novel idea on what the heck happened with this whole Tiger Woods car wreck thing. Wife discovers affair, they have a fight (that much is confirmed)... so my husband thinks Tiger starts to leave the wife during the fight & she chases him down the driveway with his own golf club smashing out the windows & he hits a tree looking back yelling at her... that's a pretty good conspiracy theory, huh? =)

Posted at 7:47PM on Dec 3rd 2009 by Karen

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/03/tiger-woods-uses-childhood-friend-as-cover/5#c23668768#ixzz0Yg2UmXMG

LOL! His theory sounds pretty good to me! Here's mine:)

Tiger has always looked kinda 'wound too tight' & basically looks as if something is 'missing' despite his overwhelming success & wealth. There is 'sadness' in his eyes, and a look on his face like he doesn't really get much 'joy' out of life. He gets married because that's what he THINKS he is supposed to do & that will make him feel 'fulfilled'. A few years go by & the marriage just isn't giving him the happiness he thought it would.(This part is kinda 'ify' but is plausible). He has attained all his 'goals' & there just isn't anything left to 'conquer'. He begins to look around for something to give him that 'adrenaline rush' again. He was always kind of a 'geeky-gawky' kind of kid, never got into trouble; now he is a 'sports God' & all these beautiful women he could never get attention from in high school start fawning all over him. He finds this 'intoxicating' & it makes him feel good. He cheats the first time & loves the feeling it gives him. He feels 'desirable, s3xy, manly', maybe for the first time in his life? He likes that feelin but he is only 'dabbling' in it & realizes that he shouldn't be doing this & it would be very BAD if the media got hold of this!

He hurts his knee & begins to have trouble playing. He's not winning like he used to. He wonders if even after his surgery, will he be able to play like he used to. He doesn't 'bounce back' like he thought he would & he's in pain when he plays & it's not 'fun' anymore. He starts feeling bad about himself, insecure, & like his best years have come & gone. He starts getting depressed but the pain pills make him 'feel better' though. Months go by since his surgery. He likes the pain pills & is STILL taking them although he may not REALLY need them anymore. Gold has become a 'pressure & stress' for him because he thinks maybe he's NEVER going to be the 'Tiger' he used to be. His wife is busy with the kids, her charity work & has a life of her own. I feel ignored. All these women seem to think I'm still pretty hot. I like the way they make me feel about myself. I could have ANY woman. Also it's exciting meeting up with them when I'm out on the road playing in a tournament. These women treat me like I'm a 'sports-God' even if I don't feel like one anymore. The women & the pills make me feel better & make me relax so I don't worry so much about getting caught anymore. These women are my 'friends' & they care so much about being with me that they would never do anything to hurt me because they want to keep me around.

I think he KNEW the Natl Enq article would be breaking the next morning & Elin would see it or hear about it. She's been a bit suspicious anyway, checking his phone, she has noticed things aren't quite 'the same' as they used to be but she believes deep down that he would NEVER really cheat on her or hurt her. Tiger knows his back is against the wall, these women are threatening to expose him, one of them may be PREGNANT. There is no way Elin won't find out so he realizes he has to tell her that night. He can't wait any longer. He sets her down that night & tries to 'explain' with as few details as possible. He is also corresponding with the Uchitel chick. She is threatening maybe to 'leave' Tiger & he has to tell his wife TONITE or SHE will. Elin goes NUTS when she gets a hold of his phone & demands to know WTH?? He's busted & tells her. She is NOT very understanding. She believed him when he said he'd always been faithful & always had excuses for what these women wanted when they were calling him. She finds out she has been seriously PLAYED & starts throwing things, punching, slapping him. Things get broken in the house. Tiger realizes she is NOT going to calm down & he might actally get hurt if he doesn't leave the situation. He can't TALK to her so he flees. He jumps in the SUV, she runs out of the house with the golf club & bashes his windows in wishing it was his M F'kn skull! LOL! He crashes. She freaks & he tries to cover for her with the paramedics, hospital, & police because after all, HE is the D!CK who caused all this anyway. How's that?? BTW? Elin also told

1786 days ago


Male or female, we all have attractions. So what if she was attracted to him for the very reasons we all love Tiger. He's an amazing guy for a lot of different reasons. That doesn't mean she's using him for the money, status, etc. She could have had most any guy in the world she wanted, just like Tiger could have. She was attracted to him, fell in love and COMMITTED! He didn't! Now they may have to be single parents. She may never get another chance to have a family that stays together. I say cheating on a spouse should be illegal! Do it before your married if you want, but not after.

1786 days ago


I will NEVER EVER buy any product endorsed by Tiger Woods again!
He is a liar and not to be trusted -- so why should we trust a company's products that keep him as their spokesperson? Will they continue to endorse a liar?!

1786 days ago


Silly fool.....he ought to be banging Kate Hudson.....that way he'll always win and the sex is free!

1786 days ago



Tiger is a great golfer, but as a husband, father, and a human being, he is a dirtbag. A "mistake" is jumping some chick in a bar when you have had too much to drink, but banging a long line of club girls in public is a lifestyle. The PR hacks figure most people will forget about this stuff over time if he keeps his name out of the papers (refer to too many major sports figures).

Hey clowns who keep asking why would he cheat on Elin - she is so hot...this has nothing to do with Elin. The looks wear off in a short time and then you have to start dealing with each other as adults...evidently he doesn't do that well. He would rather hook up with weak women who are delusional and lack self respect...why work on dealing with an adult female when you have the slut of the month club?

Frankly...if you wont watch some celebrity do their thing due to morals, you might as well just take up reading for fun as too many of these fools have no impulse control.

Another "role model" bites the dust. On top of his game, wife and kids, good public image, and still can't get his act together. Maybe some day you idiots who push your kids to be sports stars will realize that the life isn't all its cracked up to be.


1786 days ago

OC Black Mama    

Tiger’s issue is not about money or being faithful. Tiger is suffering from the "raised in the OC as Black (ROCB)" syndrome. I know I raised Black children in the OC, CA--they have no worldly sense. Living in OC comprises of attending the best private or public schools as a child; Friday night eating out; Saturday at the movies or mall day; Sunday brunches; summer beach parties, cookouts, sailing or vacationing in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Mexico; and winter is skiing or Palm Springs. Doors are not locked, mamas attend spas, and plastic surgeons are members of their fav 5. Most homes have gardeners, housekeepers, and more than one nanny. As you enter preteens, you play organized sports; enroll in honor prep-courses and take fee-based SAT prep classes at UCI. High school years bring white girls chasing you day, noon, and night--they share with their friends size does matter, but move on because they have a life. Naturally, you are the star high school athletic. If you plan right, you become the high school's student body president. The last year of high school every top college/university rep in the world shows up on your campus to recruit, and offers access to outlandish academic or athletic scholars--my son was even given a Daughter of Revolution’s scholarship. Your first college/university of choice is USC, then Stanford, next UCLA. Your last semester of high school, you complete a minute of volunteer work (it looks good on your college application). After high school graduation ceremonies, you and friends are chauffeured off to depart for your high school trip--some place in Latin or South America. As the summer ends, you prepare for your freshman year by your parents shopping for designer items for your dorm room at USC, Stanford, or UCLA. Before or after graduation, a trip to Europe is in store. After completion of your academic career (in OC, children academics are known as a career progression), you take time out for yourself before mastering the universe. Then, you embark upon the world without street sense. The sharks smelled the fact that you did not grow up in the real world and pop up out of their septic tanks peddling their goods as though they got your back. Near dust on one gloomily morning, reality surfaced--Tiger discovered he was no longer living in the OC.

OC Black Mama

1786 days ago


Tiger needs to start chasing his own tail!

1786 days ago


I wonder how many diseases Elin has caught because of her 'beloved' husband!

1786 days ago


#71:"How do we know the friend wasn't the one sleeping with her?"

Because she looked at him!!!!

1786 days ago


If old Tiger wants to have sex with other women, HE SHOULD!


1786 days ago


His apology is so hollow now. If he was cheating as recently as last month, the only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught. He can win every tournament for the rest of his life and he is still a big loser in my book.

1786 days ago


People have the wrong image of Elin as a trophy wife or gold digger. She is from a high class family: Her mom is a high ranking politician in Sweden who used to be a government minister and who is now a governor. Her father is one of the top journalists in Swedish broadcast media. She grew up in one of the most affluent towns in the country. She worked as a nanny to get experience with children as she was an aspiring child psychiatrist. She is low-key and classy and far from a typical American white trash gold digger, ie very much unlike the skanks Tiger had on the side.

1786 days ago


This skank ho makes a career of f*&^ing married celebs!!! We live in a world where people will do ANYTHING for freaking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! How pathetic!!!

1786 days ago




1786 days ago


83. When will it stop? I just looked at the trends on http://www.twitgrids.com and their celebrity GossipGrid -- every minute there is yet another new story about this. Leave Tiger alone. The story is out, no need for more garbage.

Posted at 8:12PM on Dec 3rd 2009 by whytigerwhy

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/03/tiger-woods-uses-childhood-friend-as-cover/6#c23669665#ixzz0YgB7h6OB

Yeah, WRONG!! You hold yourself out there as Mr. 'Good Boy' & 'American sports hero' then you best act like one. If you don't then you better be willing to deal with all the grief that will surely come your way & should! If not our athletes in this country, then who should be held to the highest standards as role models for our children? THAT'S WHAT HE GETS ALL THAT ENDORSEMENT MONEY FOR! They have been CHOSEN to represent a product that companies wish to market to US the consumer. There should be 'standards' of behaviour for that. You don't just take the money, make the commercials(that btw MY CHILDREN ARE WATCHING), & THEN take the money & run. BS!

He had all the 'fun' involved in what he thought his life as a celebrity sports star should be? Well, then he gets all the DISADVANTAGES & CONSEQUENCES that goes along with the way he chose to lead that life as well. We don't just keep saying, "Oh Tiger, we LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU"!! NOT when you conducted yourself the way this silly a@@ man has & IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN WHO WERE WATCHING & ADMIRING HIM?? OH NO HE DON'T! HE GETS WHAT HE GETS & HE DESERVES EVERY BIT OF IT!

1786 days ago
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