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Alleged Mistress: Tiger Said Marriage a Sham

12/7/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods told one of his alleged mistresses his marriage was a sham -- "It's only for publicity" -- this, according to her lawyer.

We've also learned she has lurid details of the alleged 2-year affair and Tiger's lawyer has already contacted her attorney.

Michael O'Quinn tells TMZ his client -- O'Quinn asked us not to ID her by name but it's not Jamie Junger -- met Tiger Woods at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Tiger was engaged at the time. The woman -- then a 20-year-old cocktail waitress at the club -- claims she went back to Tiger's and had sex the night they met, and then carried on an affair for the next two years.

At a point she says she wanted out of the relationship because Tiger had already married Elin Nordegren. She claims Tiger told her his marriage was for image -- "It's only for publicity," she claims he said.

We've learned famed attorney Jay Lavely from Lavely and Singer reached out to O'Quinn this weekend. We've also learned Lavely has had "multiple contacts" with attorneys who represent other women as well.

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I think we can all see what is going on here. His marriage was a sham and they had an agreement he could get with other women. I dont see why it's such a big deal.

1749 days ago


Disgusting individual, absolutely. Manwhore for sure. Sex addict, probably. All of the women were stupid - until now. Everybody can cash in and grab their 15 minutes of "fame". The entire group is disgusting - Tiger AND his hook-ups. No jewelery can match this - he's going to pay for the most expensive PIECES ever!!!! Hope they were worth it. Kinda doubt it. LOL at the entire bunch. Elin should grab the kids and as much cash as she can before he can pay even ONE more slut from talking. His value to her has expired. What a sham(e).

1749 days ago


Tyrone, I believe you mean what you just said. Tha'ts because you are a loser with a loser life.

1749 days ago

john charlton    

I want to know why no one is talking or writing about:

1. The fact that this was entirely predictable. No I mean, it WAS predicted. Read 1997 Pierce article in Esquire and pay special attention to the line, "I believe that Tiger will break the gospel before the gospel breaks him."

2. We are a product of where we are from. His moral compass and emotional makeup were initially formed within the context of his family. Search online for "Earl had a first marriage so bad he would refer to the three children he brought up as his ‘practice’ family" among others. What does this say about who is father was? Search online for "Crucially, when Woods and Uchitel are said to have met behind his wife's back in Melbourne last month, his mother was part of his entourage" among others. What does this say about who is mother is?

3. He was offloaded seamlessly from the cocoon-like stewardship of his deeply flawed parents to the deeply flawed IMG infrastructure. The former was singularly focused on developing him into a supreme golfer at the expense of all other development. And the latter has been singularly focused on exploiting the fruits of this labour, to the point of creating and selling a strawman that was so utterly inconsistent with reality that it could have never withstood the test of time.

4. Technically, he is a work of art. But he is a sortof physical autistic savant. Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually he was doomed from a very long time ago. This dynamic is not going to be rectified in a few weeks. It is certainly not going to be rectified by dragging his poor wife onto Oprah. At best, it would require years of introspective contemplation and realisation. Given who he is and what he does, hard to imagine how he would ever be in a position to have the time and space to do this effectively, without completely dropping out for an extended period of time.

5. His poor children.

1749 days ago

doc murry    

one of the girls tiger supposidly had an affair with kept 4 used condoms after their lovemaking and is going to auction them off for 100,000,000 a piece,,have a piece of tiger litrally,,put them in a petri dish and grow your own lil tigers..

1749 days ago


This has interesting parallels with the Charles and Diana story. Both men might just have been looking for attractive women to bear 'appropriate' children while their real love (one in Charles' case, dozens in Tiger's case?) was elsewhere.

It will be interesting to see if Tiger can continue his super-human concentration on the golf course; I'm sure there will be lots of women muttering 'cheater' or 'liar' just loud enough for him to hear before he lines up a shot from the rough, or eyes a putt. (I doubt they'll care much if they're thrown off the course, either) That would be a shame. Yeah, a shame.

1749 days ago

doc murry    

its going to come out that tigers father was really a slimeball and basically sold his son into golfing..his mother wasnt much better,,who really is surpirzed he is unable to function as a nornal human being,,he was a spoiled little brat growing up,,never had any childhood and always got what ever he wanted..he needs to reitre from golf right now and devote himself to years of intense therapy and make a public apology to his fans and send each one a check for 10,000..only then can we begin to forgive him for what he has done to his fans..

1749 days ago


What a classy man.Of course i will buy anything he sponsors-im a brainless twit.

1749 days ago


First, I'd like to say that a person does not "have to be perfect" to be faithful to someone.

Second, one should NEVER sign a prenup with someone that doesn't have a clause in it that states that "in the event of proof that the wealthier half of the couple has been unfaithful that the prenup will become null and void."

Third, people are saying "Tiger will survive this, his sponsors will keep him and he is still the number one golfer, blah, blah, blah." But honestly, he will never have the respect that he used to enjoy and his legacy is tarnished forever. IF he loves his wife, he is very likely to lose her and will be a part time dad whose children will grow up knowing about this horrible scandal. He just better hope that he didn't pass on some kind of VD to her. Money IS NOT EVERYTHING. And I have a feeling that this is going to get a lot worse when photos or videos come out.

1749 days ago


I hope someone is reading this in Sweden! I hope that person tells Erin!!

1749 days ago


Another tramp coming out of the woodwork looking for cash. Stop giving these people credence and for goodness sake, STOP rewarding them with money!

1749 days ago


#112. Very interesting analysis. Thanks.

1749 days ago

john charlton    


Totally and completely different from Charles and Diana. Not better or worse. But definitely different.

Charles was married with a woman to bear an heir while he genuinely longed for and loved another (as in one) woman.

Tiger's dynamic appears to be quite different. The profile that is emerging appears to be of someone who is deeply insecure. Profile of his wife appears to be someone who is quite secure and compfortable with herself from a stable and balanced background. And importantly, she's probably one of the only people out there, man or woman who did not unconditionally idolize and worship him. Probably an attractive quality at first. But given his emotional underdevelopment, the sheen of that probably wore off pretty quickly.

His portfolio of adolescent tricks to charm simple women very likely did not work with her. And this probably drove him crazy. One can imagine him thinking, "I am (or soon will be) a billionaire. I'm young. Attractive (subjective of course). Healthy. Talented. A Superstar. I have women falling all over me right and left. And the one women who I've given the honour of selecting won't worship me."

What better way to get back at her and then to rack up as many dalliances with the trashiest, cheap, and easy as possible. Completely rub her face in it, figuratively. Superficially one could argue that some of the women are similar in type to his wife. However, scratch just a little below the surface into who these people are and it's clear that they are all the anti-Elin in a fundamental way.

If it was genuine love as in the case of Charles, one would expect him to have been with just one other woman. Not the number he's been with, which to read quotes from sources at clubs in Las Vegas and elsewhere, looks like it could number in the 10's or possibly 100's.

1749 days ago


Hey, AMEX, how much are those THREE or so words he utters on your ad worth now??!! I got three words, "Drop that a88hole." And the same to every other big time name he shammed by portraying himself to be something he isn't. Private life none of our business? I agree, but when you whore yourself out like he did and pretend to be this loving family man and the business people sucked his a88 and kissed his toes because of it, then it becomes our business because they are selling his image to us.

1749 days ago


Somewhere right now, Jon Gosselin is thanking his lucky stars that the focus is finally on some other loser.

1749 days ago
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