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Tiger Woods

Has a Date

at the Chapel

12/7/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods childhood friend -- the dude who gave Tiger cover with one of the alleged mistresses -- is getting hitched next week ... and we've learned Tiger is best man.

Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, is tying the knot next weekend in South Carolina. We're told Bryon picked Tiger as best man, which makes sense. Aside from their friendship, Bryon booked and paid for a trip so alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel could secretly rendezvous with Tiger last month in Australia.

Tiger has been in hiding since the day after Thanksgiving, but if he emerges anytime soon -- it could be for his best friend's wedding.

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1781 days ago


Ouch!!!!!! Thanks, TMZ!!!!!! I wouldn't sleep well tonight without this information!!!!!


1781 days ago


Tiger Woods Rupert from Houston asks: "Do you enjoy playing so far away from home?" It's very difficult to leave Elin and the children, and I'm sure it's only going to get tougher...

That was on his facebook page. It's from November 20th. Kinda funny...

1781 days ago


Somehow...I have a feeling tiger ain't gonna make it and his buddy will have to get a best-man stand in.

1781 days ago


(snap your fingers)

Show 'em your a Tiger....

Show 'em what you can do.....

The taste of Tigers salty balls.....Theyre Grrrrrrrrrrrreeeaat!!

Brings out the Tiger in you and YOU! plus Jamie, Rachel, Kahilia, Girl#4 and...uh...oh am I missing someone....oh and of course his wife Elin?!?

1781 days ago


His fiance is a moron. Obviously he has no respect for marriage vows or he wouldn't have conspired to bring Tiger's mistress to Australia, she he could cheat on his wife.

1781 days ago


"Hi honey its Tiger ( women screaming in the background)..huh, can ya speak up..oh that scream, thats nothing..we're just having a little bachelor party with a dozen or so skanks I picked up at Hooters..". CLICK!! ""???????

1781 days ago


That's one mighty fine character reference for a wedding! If Bryan Bell's fiance shows up for the wedding, she's completely lacking self-respect.

1781 days ago


Play the pays to have a diverse short game!

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1781 days ago



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1781 days ago


To the future Mrs. Bell: RUN, don't walk to the nearest state. The nearest exist not being far enough.. If your future husband's actions haven't demonstrated his values, you can't say you weren't warned.

But have a gander here, before agreeing to wed.

1781 days ago

Now I know what "Woods" mean.

1781 days ago


I hope this guy's soon-to-be wife is taking notes because maybe she will be the next victim of infidelity. You are the company you keep. Just saying! She better have eyes like the Hills. Good luck girl. I will keep you in my prayers!!!!

1781 days ago

who dat    

Has his bride to be figured out what a loser this guy is. He helped a married man deceive his wife. The guy is a geek. Getting any woman to agree to marry him at all is amazing. Get some pictures of his bridezilla. I can't wait.

1781 days ago


Who's going to be the pastor at the ceremony, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Jones, Jim Bakker (criminal of Tammy Fay fame) or David Koresh? Sounds like a real winner of a get together!

1781 days ago
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