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Tiger Woods -- Mother-In-Law's 911

12/8/2009 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' mother-in-law is the woman who was taken to the hospital after the 911 call.

Tiger Woods -- Mother-In-Law's 911

Officials from Health Central Hospital confirm Barbro Holmberg, Elin Nordegren's mom, was rushed to the hospital from Tiger Woods' home early this morning after complaining of stomach pains.

She is still in the hospital and listed in stable condition.

UPDATE: According to a rep for the hospital, Barbro is suffering from stomach pains ... but they're not sure what's causing her discomfort. We do know Barbro is in stable condition ... she's undergoing tests right now.

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I think Tiger should have a reality show,this is the best soap opera ever! I'm just working on a name,All My Bitches? As Tiger's Stomach Churns? One Woody to Live? General Woods Hospital Ward?
Where can we go with this?

1725 days ago


The real Tiger Woods is not the Tiger Woods that we were led to believe. It was all a media extravaganza. He was a made up person. Not real. A hoax. The real Tiger Woods is the same person he has always been. It is all an illusion. Truth is this. There has never been much depth to Tiger Woods. A great great golfer? Absolutely. But that is about it. If you think about it, he never really said anything to the contrary. The media did, but Tiger has actually never said much of anything unless he was being paid to say something. Actually until recently, the only time the general public saw or heard from Tiger Woods was in the business scripted scenerio,or on the golf course. On the golf course, he was stoic unless he lost it and threw temper tantrums.

What has happened in the last few days has revealed the real Tiger Woods. He hasn't gone off track or made a mistake out of character. He has always been this way. We shouldn't be disappointed or critical. It was us guilty of stupidity in believing in the fairy tale, just like many believed the Obama fairy tale created by the handlers and the media.

Stop looking for heroes in the media. Stop believing anything that has financial motive at the root. Stop looking to others to save your azzes. Seek a higher plane and run like heck from the arrogant, the slick, the media created hoax. Otherwise, you will always be disappointed and 2 sandwiches short of a picnic. High profile people never have your interest at heart, so don't give them your heart!

1725 days ago


She is probably finding out Tiger attempted suicide. Elin demonstrated how she tried to pump his stomach to get the pills out.

1725 days ago


The reality show could be called "Keeping up with Tiger's Woodies!"

Well, golf ratings will be an all time high the first game he plays.

If he takes a 2 year break and comes back to golf people wont even care about all this then.

1725 days ago


Ok, I admit it, I'm now an official Tiger hater now!

This did not need to go this far. If he would have came out and made a statement about all he did, the TRUTH, in person, confessed and announced the other woman first, the accident and hospital stay, let us see his face, we all would have been shocked but, would have let this go much sooner.

The fact, that he's not talking and all these women are!

Now he probably tried to poison Elin only, to have her mother eat whatever was poisoned, OMG!

Tiger, I know you won't be reading this but, if ya would have came out before the media comes out with YOUR news and business, then I think, we might have been able, in time, to forgive.

I ain't forgiving this fool. Not at this point. How many lives has he wrecked?

Just sit back and let all these skanks talk FOR YOU and ABOUT YOU and say nothing?!!? Really?!?!

Also, the more he doesn't talk, the media outlets are getting to the bottom of things making him look like an even bigger FOOL!

Tiger, you fool! Schedule a press conference, tell the whole truth and nothing but, and I bet the media will no longer have any news on you and this could quietly go away. But, NOOO....you're too big for that. I guess, this means retirement, if not, it should be!

Elin's mom, feel better and TAKE ACTION!

1725 days ago


For Elin or any one of her family to be in the same house as Tiger, after the news of his multi-sleeze relationships comes out, must be an outrageous stress producer and Elin needs to move out completely ASAP. Out! Move on and enjoy life again! What the hell could possibly go good by staying in that house with THE CHEETAH? NOTHING! Go set up Christmas decorations on the trees in Sweden and realize time goes on.

1725 days ago


For all you saying it's not Elin's mom because of hair color...

if you look at the picture and think about the time the ambulance went to the house, 2:35am or so, it was nighttime and it looks daytime. I'm thinking, flood lights and all which could cause the lighting to make her hair color appear different, lighter....duh....

Think it out people!

1725 days ago


Stop attacking Tiger. Elin is no victim. She's a power narcissist and married Tiger for his money. Money is power. She'll likely stay married to Tiger for that reason. Tiger is a love narcissist but he doesn't know it. He's driven by the need to be loved and should've married for love. And he should've married a woman that is also a love narcissist like him. That way, they're both driven by the same thing and they can trust each other. Just my two cents.

1725 days ago


Elin put the rat poison out too early - should have waited for mom to leave. Rookie mistake ! She will get better at this as the marriages add up.

1725 days ago


Speaking of "completely made up person", has anyone seen that Sarah Palin has her face on a book? The Republican Party old guard hired some ghost writers to concoct a personality, and they've continued on to concoct a history and worldview for that character, the one who doesn't read anything, who shoots wolves from helicopters, who builds bridges exactly where they aren't worthwhile and who considers 1000 miles of open ocean to be Russia in her backyard and something to validate her as an international political negotiations expert. The father of her daughters new child left her daughter and is proud to be in a gay mens skin magazine. NOW WOULD YOU BUY GOLF CLUBS FROM SARAH PALIN?

1725 days ago


Elin, you have fans. You were naive, and had no idea what you were getting yourself into with these athlete-hos.

Dump the garbage. He doesn't deserve you, and you were merely a trophy to his sorry arse.

1725 days ago


CNBC is announcing that Gatorade will be ending their endorsement of Tiger Woods. The downfall begins. Very sad!

1725 days ago

european dance    

Elins mum Barbro Holmberg is really blond these days, have a photo of her at the wedding of Elins twin sister this summer in Sweden, http://bild.hotgossip.se/
Hope Barbro is ok now. And Elin too, sad story.

1725 days ago

doc murry    

this is all dr murrys fault,,tiger hired him to look after elfie and too make sure she doesnt collect any money but he made an honest mistake and gave the mom the propasol instead of elfie..run efie run..and take the rug rats with you..your life is in danger..so acually thios is all michael jacksons fault because the mother thought her daughter had married wacko jacko //not tiger and was coming to console her daughter..hey their swedes ,,they do things differently than the rest of us..i need another bong hit ..niceeeee

1725 days ago

doc murry    

Wolf Blitzer hyas just announced NIKE will not renue tigers endorsment deal at the end of 2015.What a blow to tiger.I wonder how he will handle this..

1725 days ago
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