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Tim Tebow -- Eye on the Prize, Not the Ladies

12/8/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only piece of ass Florida Gators superstar Tim Tebow is looking to pull in NYC this weekend is 13 inches tall, weighs 25 lbs and made entirely of bronze ... and no, not Snooki from "Jersey Shore."

Tim Tebow: Click to watch
Tebow -- a very outspoken virginity-possessing super-Christian -- is in NYC for the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and on his way out of the airport, we asked the dumbest question one could ask Tim Tebow -- "So you got all your ladies in check?"

Tebow responded, "No, no ladies for me right now." Duh.

Tebow did drop a bible verse on us on the way out, but the real question: Does this guy have a prayer of winning the Heisman this weekend?

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What a wonderful guy...His parents did a wonderful job. If only we had more young men like him. Glad he's not spreading his sperm around Florida....Oh HI TIGER!

1782 days ago


People always hate the best ... They wish they had the last 4 years we did ... Jealousy is a disease .. Get well soon!

1782 days ago


Tebow -- a very outspoken virginity-possessing super-Christian.
Is that a BAD THING??????????
Or does the TMZ staff merely want to have THEIR way with him. What is it yet......lusting after him???? NOW that IS a bad thing!

What is the deal TMZ? Are you on another of your "biblically correct" phases AGAIN?????????????????????????

1782 days ago


ladies and gentlemen...the next tiger woods!

1782 days ago


I stopped believing in fantasy characters like Santa, the Easter Bunny, and God as a child. But if he thinks he needs to be a virgin to impress a non-existent being, more power to him I guess. I hope the Tooth Fairy gives him a quarter if he loses a tooth on the football field!

1782 days ago


You're a class act, Tebow...stay true to your faith!! God bless you!!

1782 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Yeah, dude, God really cares about your football game. Keep praying to win while children starve. Football is so much more important.

*note the sarcasm*

1782 days ago


Some people don't think reacting to biological urges when they occur is a bad thing. I was one of those guys. I was also extremely wrong - just wish I figured it out 15-20 years earlier.

I'm glad to see a young man sticking to his guns on this one and hope my kids follow that route. Of course, guys like Tebow make for bad TMZ fodder so far so wouldn't expect much more than the snarky comments in this article.

(btw, am not a Gator fan or even a Tebow fan in particular)

1782 days ago


God Bless you Tebow!@!

1782 days ago

michael kennedy    

to equate the Heisman to a "piece of ass" is crass at best. Waaaay over the top TMZ.

1782 days ago


He is a great human being. That said, at the time of my vote 38% of the people either don't watch football or they are from Jacksonville.

1782 days ago


I heart Tebow and his stand for what is right. Fooey to you, TMZ for mocking him.

1782 days ago

lil l    

love tebow! he's such a little hottie, plus he's got a great head on his shoulders. GO GATORS! we got your back down her in gainesville, good luck with the heisman!

1782 days ago


Tim is the real deal, such a classy man and has his priorities straight. Strong Christian man and family.

1782 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

7. Yeah, dude, God really cares about your football game. Keep praying to win while children starve. Football is so much more important.

*note the sarcasm*

Posted at 10:41AM on Dec 8th 2009 by Bethany Sweet

This may take the prize as the all-time STUPIDEST, most INANE comment I have EVER read on TMZ or ANY entertainment Web site.

"Keep praying to win while children starve" ??? What the HECK is THAT supposed to mean?

"Football is so much more important" ??? Are you REALLY THAT STUPID?

Listen up, friend, although I doubt anyone who would write those things could possibly comprehend what I am about to say.

The man is a COLLEGE STUDENT. So WHAT if he plays football? Some college kids play chess. Some play the flute. Some are involved in clubs and government. This guy plays football.

What ON EARTH do you find wrong with that?

And - WHO are YOU that you know the CONTENT of this man's prayers? You mock him because you say he "prays to win." Really? HOW could you POSSIBLY have a CLUE what he prays about? Does he pray to YOU?

If not, then YOU HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT HE PRAYS ABOUT so maybe you should keep your sarcasm to yourself and turn your attention toward improving your own reading comprehension.

Finally, you have a problem that while he plays football, children are starving. REALLY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE STARVING CHILDREN TODAY, FRIEND?

This man devotes a great deal of his time to charity and also has "adopted" several children through Christian Children's Ministry that provides food and shelter to those STARVING CHILDREN.

So, he IS helping those poor kids. ARE YOU?

You are nothing more than a sad, pathetic, jealous and unhappy person who is miserable with yourself. That's fine. Live in your misery. But don't think FOR A SECOND that every other human on earth lives the pathetic life you live.

And next time you decide to go on a Web site and trash somebody, try to have some sense before you open your mouth.

Better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

1782 days ago
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