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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

12/10/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #1 -- Rachel Uchitel -- has flipped out after learning how many women now claim to have had unprotected sex with Tiger, and she is telling friends she will get screened for sexually transmitted diseases, stat. In short, she's doing the right thing.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Takes Precautions

Friends say Rachel is particularly upset that Tiger allegedly slept with two porn stars.

Probably a good precaution.

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Does Tiger have AIDS?

1780 days ago



1780 days ago


I'm Simone and I am suffering from identity theft which is causing an identity crisis for me :(

1780 days ago


Can you imagine Tiger playing in next year's US Open if Rachel reports her test is positive for anything? His sponsors will be a condom company and a STD treatment kit company. Each person in the gallery gets a condom with Tiger's face on it. Have you tried the new Nike Cheetah-fit ultra thin condoms? A real hit in Orlando!

1780 days ago


I thought the bitch never had sex.

1780 days ago


If Tiger has AIDS or any sexual disease and knows about it that's criminal negligence and he has to be charged appropriately. Therefore since this is quickly becoming a criminal matter and he fled the country on his yacht. President Obama will have to ask the CIA to bring in the SEALS/Delta Force to immediately capture detain and have Tiger brought to a medical facility for STD testing.......innocent peoples lives are at stake here=just sayin!

Damn and just a few months ago wasn't Obama playing 18 holes in the Vineyard with tig?

this is getting weird now TIGER MUST BE STOPPED!

1780 days ago

Mary Worth    

No man or woman scares me as much as Sarah Palin. Unless it's her rabid followers, including the in-the-dark media!

1780 days ago



BEOYTCH THINKS SHE'S THE WIFE ... honey you were just another $5.00 HOE!

1780 days ago


Give me a break...This woman should be nicknamed "Door-Knob" because just about everybody has taken a turn...She has made no qualms about chasing "celeb's", and she's developed quite a reputation doing it...How many "celeb's" has she been linked to, including Ryan Seacrest?...

Even a herpe would run away from a skank like this...
Herpes are smarter than Tigers...LMAO!!!

1780 days ago

Mary Worth    

It still takes two to tango. Double standard. Tiger's getting all the heat! And the "betrayed" adulteress is getting her fifteen minutes come hell or high water!

1780 days ago


Some of these women are lying. How can anyone believe a whore? Just because every low budget porn star and slut groupie claims to have had sex with him, doesn't make it true.

At this rate, he would not have had time to play golf or take a piss. I'm not supporting Tiger, but some of these b^tches are lying. The media is just milking this story to death.

1780 days ago


This woman is a true idiot. Did she think Tiger was "only" unfaithful to his wife with her? I mean, come on, lady! The other woman has no right to be angry if she gets an STD from a married man she is skanking aroud with. She's just reaping what she sowed.

1780 days ago


All you confused people railing on Rachel, just take a look; she's doing the right thing by going to get tested. What do we hear from Tiger? Nothing. He's nowhere. He abandoned Elin and won't face her or the media to at least help minimize the damage and stress other people go through (reports indicate he's more interested in chasing Rachel these days). No, that's not within his sick twisted skull to contemplate doing. If Oprah still wants an interview with Tiger, she'd better review the ethics of that against what's going on with this developing story and rethink any communication with anyone with the behavior pattern of one Tiger Woods.

1780 days ago


Tiger had sex with o rly and A Person too.

1780 days ago


Ok, now are just going to forget that this women just said to herself, hey this is the married Tiger Woods, and I will just have unprotected adultery with him... Are you so bias in america that the rich black guy is so awful to us now... He got famous for being a golfer not for being a monogamist (check my spelling)... So in tune I ask you to put the same blame on these promiscuous hoes as you do the pimp that tricked them into having sex... Cause I heard first of all you dont hate the pimp, hate the game... HOLLA!

1780 days ago
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