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Maria Shriver

Caught Red Handed!

12/19/2009 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver's luck ... and parking meter ... have run out.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife -- a known scofflaw -- has dodged ticket after ticket on the west side of Los Angeles ... talking on her cell phone while driving, parking in a red zone, parking at an expired meter while buying a muffin and driving without a seat belt.

But on Friday -- in the thick of Brentwood's shopping district -- time ran out for Maria. The meter was empty, and now, thanks to a vigilant parking officer, California's coffers will be a little more plentiful.

But if you think it's lesson learned ... Maria grabbed the ticket, got behind the wheel of her SUV, and rolled through a stop sign.

That's just how she rolls.


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Have people not figured out yet that people like them , Gore, Obama, Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Oprah, etc.... only want you to obey & cut back & do without, all while they just keep doing as they please & living like they want to.

1767 days ago


Celebrities Above the Law.

Apparently, Maria Shriver feels these laws are for the little people, not for the big important people like her.

1767 days ago


I ignored the first few things she did to break the law, however the bitches extreme arrogance has now gotten on my every nerve!!! She is an arrogant bitch who knows she will get away with murder because of who her dumbass husband is! She is showing her complete ignorance, as well as disregard for the law! I had respect for her, and now I have NONE!!!

1767 days ago


Typical Kennedy.

1767 days ago


Maria just keep paying the fines until she makes a HUGE MISTAKE.Maria love the media attention doing the minor things to gain attention..Arnold must be to busy to notice Maria.. OMY!"GIRL QUIT ACTING OUT"....

1767 days ago


Hey GOV, better get youy wifie a bicycle.

1767 days ago

Sarah Mason    

If they started collecting from Shriver alone they could put a dent in the States debt. She clearly has a total disregard for
the law

1767 days ago


Rules, laws and taxes are only for the little people. Politicians, the rich and famous and the bankers exempt.

1767 days ago


What a disrespectful biatch! Disrespectful to the law abiding citizens of California. I guess being the governor's wife means she doesn't have to follow the law like the rest of us pions.

1767 days ago


If nothing else with all the fines she is paying she is helping California's sick economy.

1767 days ago

Mike Hunt    

As sickening as Maria Schriver is, she doesn't come close to that subhuman piece of feces with the camera. I hope a camera is present when somebody plants that fruitloop in a dumpster one day...

1767 days ago


It's probably worth it to her to pay the tickets in exchange for avoiding the paparazzi.

1767 days ago


Typical......these elitist who are politicians or "celebs" always think they are above the law, because the law LETS THEM.

1767 days ago



1767 days ago


Brentwood, California, contracts with the City of Los Angeles for police services (LAPD). Lockheed Martin IMS Corp. was the Parking Violations Bureau. Lockheed is a privately owned aircraft manufacturer based in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay area. That same company used to have a parking violations collection contract with the city of Los Angeles, (a for-profit contract), but, they changed their name to something else when they got into trouble.

Basically they are in the debt collection industry like the three monsters that ruin your credit profile when your creditors report you for falling behind in your car payments, home payments, medical services payments, or get evicted from your apartment. It is purported that the same parking violations bureau has mafia connections. If Maria does not pay parking/traffic violation tickets – should not be a surprise to you after you read this. The following information is available to the public online.

"In California, we have a statutory scheme that covers "Parking Violations." It's Vehicle Code sections 40200-40230. That scheme provides that "issuing agencies" such as the city or county, issues the parking ticket. In Los Angeles, the City has employees working in uniform as "Parking Enforcement Officers" who ticket the cars. They are not the police, nor do they have police powers. They rise no further than, say for example, a City janitor. The statute also provides that the "issuing agency" may also operate as the "processing agency" or they may contract with an outside private vendor as "processing agency." Los Angeles has elected to contract with Lockheed Martin IMS Corporation, who was the highest bidder by far of three companies, the other two being "unknowns." Lockheed's bid was considerably higher than the next highest bidder. We now understand why L.A. went with Lockheed.

I am convinced that Lockheed was instrumental in persuading the California Legislature to design and enact the Vehicle Code statute applicable to parking tickets in which Lockheed would derive a financial interest. I am also convinced that Lockheed and L.A. City Officials got together and schemed this entire program, together with the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The City issues the tickets, and from there the entire process is taken over by Lockheed. Lockheed functions as the "Parking Violations Bureau" of the City of Los Angeles, using the City's official name and seal while being a private business for profit for the benefit of their stockholders. Lockheed operates the payment offices scattered around the City (the City seal is on their door so anyone coming there thinks it's a City office), and handles all mailings of notices, letters, and collections (again with the City's name on the envelopes and forms). Lockheed is, under the contract, the "processing agent" allowed in the Vehicle Code. The process is not a police, court, or criminal process. It is strictly administrative, as if you have signed a contract or agreement of some kind with the City or Lockheed. The people aren't informed that Lockheed is involved with the parking operation. I became involved when one day I received in the mail a "Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation" imposing an automatic and immediate "penalty" of $55.00, and demanded payment. No pre-penalty hearing was offered whatsoever. The ticket, upon issuance, became an immediate lien on my vehicle. I was not present at the location when the ticket was issued. I had heard on TV by an investigative reporter reporting on the Parking Violations Bureau and how tickets are processed, that the agency is run by Lockheed. The reporter even gave the location where Lockheed operates this Bureau, which is 606 S. Olive, 23rd floor, Los Angeles, CA 90014. I checked it out and found that the City had indeed contracted with Lockheed and I obtained a copy of the actual contract through the City Clerk's Office. Lockheed therein agrees to handle all legal matters regarding their operation and agrees to hold the City harmless of all liability. They pay all legal fees and handle legal representation by the lawfirm representing Lockheed IMS Corporation in Los Angeles. (Their law firm is Iverson, Yoakum, Papiano & Hatch, located at 624 S. Grand Ave., 27th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017.) I have also learned that Lockheed does this for many cities across the country, not just L.A. In Los Angeles alone, the parking violations brings in about a hundred million dollars plus annually which is split with the City.

After receiving that notice which said that I had so many days in which to "request a hearing" I responded within that time and inquired how I became subject to their administrative procedures. What contract did I sign, and may I have a copy of it? The response I received (from Lockheed) was that my penalty was now $119.00. Further I was informed that I could not renew the registration of my vehicle as

1767 days ago
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