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Elin Nordegren -- I Dream of Genie

12/19/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've solved the mystery over the utility trucks that showed up at Tiger Wood's house earlier this week. Seems Elin Nordegren was fixin' some damaged garage door panels. Any theories?

Remember, Tiger pulled out of the driveway a few weeks back before ricocheting into a bush, a fire hydrant and a tree.

And as long as we're talking ... we found out why that truck showed up at the house: They were there to install kitchen appliances

Let's hope Tiger Woods kept the receipts.

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Who cares?

1772 days ago


we have assumed so much to be true---we have assumed elin beat up tiger, we have assume he slept with all these women--thank God for the word "alleged" or tiger could have sued the pants off most of them

i say "i bet he didn't sleep with most of the women mentioned"--luckily for jessica simpson not looking for 15 minute of fame---people would have assumed he slept with her too..

somethings we know, but a lot we don't--fortunately or unfortunately, the man that could tell us has decided not to share his private life. well, i suppose his entitled to something.

each time i read in here someone say mistress number 9--i just roll my eyes like wow--how stupid are you, you just believe anything some fame attention whore says---wow

until tiger talks--am not buying this nonsence that he's paying off women--the man lives in a 2.4 million dollar home and he's worth 1 billion--that should tell you everything

he's not paying anybody 3 million dollars--i just don't buy it.

but i guess it makes for a great story to people in here...

1772 days ago


I agree with the number one...

1772 days ago


"rickosheying?" really?

1772 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

"rickosheying"?!?!?? Are you freakin' kidding me? Do any of you speak English or did you flunk out of illegal immigrant school? Or perhaps your dumb 80's parents bought you "Huked on Fonix". Grrr.
The word is "ricochet" and "ricocheting". Try to write intelligently, as least.

1772 days ago


If even half of what has been said is true he is truly an arrogant slime. If all of what has been said is true, good-bye sponsors. No one will as much as name a miniature golf course after him. http://newsy1.wordpress.com

1772 days ago


Please use a dictionary. That's the book with all those words in it.

1772 days ago


not sure but u spelled richoceting wrong............fyi

1772 days ago


"rickosheying"- now I have seen everything. How much do you guys get paid?

1772 days ago

so wrong    

uh theory, you TMZ - harvey levin are nothing but sleaze bag losers. chasing down this family with your manic non-factual stories.

theory is, it's no one's business and we wonder how you people sleep at night. let's look into your sleaze bag lives and see what we can come up with!

go stalk someone else. this family has enough to deal with.

that's all you sleaze bag people do, without a blink of an eye, try to ruin anyone you can for a buck in your pocket.


1772 days ago


seriously? who cant spell ricochet?

1772 days ago


So they were there to install appliances or fix a garage door or both? What Tiger was so afraid for his life that he drove through the garage door? Maybe he should have locked himself in the closest room and called a friend. Or he could have locked himself in the car and waited for the garage door to open. He couldn't have been that afraid of her. That's unlikely.

1772 days ago

Alan Scher    

"rickosheying"? Don't you people have proofreaders? Or spell checkers?

1772 days ago


hmmmmm...I was a bit confused too as to whether the truck was there to fix the garage or install appliances. Who really cares though? I'm just commenting on this because the "article" was very confusing. I wish the best to Elin and Tiger although not as a couple per se.

1772 days ago


I want someone to inform Mr. O'Bama that it is in BAD taste to flaunt his wonderful Christmas to the country he has put so far in debt we will never get out. It must be nice that he and his family is having such a terrific x-mas while most of the country is just wanting a meal or a job.

1772 days ago
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