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Courtney Love - 'Domestic Violence' Mentioned

12/23/2009 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New allegations in the Courtney Love/Frances Bean case -- lawyers have asked to seal documents relating "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence."

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TMZ has obtained documents filed by lawyers for the guardianship that was established on Frances Bean Cobain's behalf. As we first reported, a judge stripped Love of legal control over her daughter on December 11.

Now we have new docs filed by the guardianship asking to seal all court documents that relate "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence." The papers do not get specific, but they do refer to sealing Frances Bean's medical records. The docs also say, "In this proceeding, every document reveals details of Frances's (sic) relationship with her mother."

As we already reported the judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Love from having contact with her daughter. According to the new docs, the TRO "...restrains Courtney Love Cobain, from certain behavior and from coming within a certain distance of Frances and her guardians."


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WAIT! doesn't everyone know that women are made from sugar and spice and everything nice? this story can't be true - because she's a woman.

1773 days ago


it's true. women do no wrong. since her daughter is not yet a woman, then courtney is innocent of all charges against her.

1773 days ago


I've heard this too - women do not commit domestic violence, only men do. Men are dogs, and they all need to be locked up. Poor Courtney is a victim of society. She's a woman - how dare they make these accusations.

1773 days ago


Yes, this story doesn't add up. Courtney is a woman. She should not have to face such lies, probably invented by a male attorney. FREE COURTNEY! (She really didn't kill Kurt - that's just a sick rumor made up by missongonistas)

1773 days ago


She looks like her Dad.

1773 days ago


This whole story was made up by musaginasts. Poor Courtney is a victim of things. She would never hit anyone because she's rich and she's a lady. I can't beleeve TMS would put this on line.

1773 days ago


Very sad. She's going to lose her daughter forever! The lady needs help!

1773 days ago


she was probably just trying to beat the kurt out of the little temptress. who could blame her?

1773 days ago


Look. Courtney is a good mother. She just doesn't want her daughter to end up like her father: a legend. So Courtney was just trying to beat some sense into her. She should be more like her mother - a top end gold digger, not someone with talent or character. I think TMZ should just let them be. LEAVE COURTNEY ALONE!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!

1773 days ago


This is not good. It makes me think twice about the book written that claims that Courtney killed Kurt. I don't know either way. I forgot the name of the book.
There really should be no domestic violence between a mother and a daughter. Either someone needs serious help or someone is evil.
I'm glad Francis got away from it and that she has nice relatives to help her. From what I've seen about her, she's a very nice girl.
I hope Francis has some kind of monetary inheritance, but I don't know if her parents provided any.

1773 days ago


I'm sick of society being against women who beat other women. Women understand why women beat other women, it's not like when a man does it. Women know that women deserve it, and that is the justification. It's not a crime to beat your daughter in this case. It's just women taking care of business girl-style. I wish society would stop being so misogynistic about this story.

1773 days ago


Good point #12. Female on female abuse is not 'abuse'. Women HATE each other, and a little beating now and again is healthy, as long as the blow are not to the face or other visible areas. Men don't understand this. They think - oooooh reverse domestic violence!!! oh gosh - call the police, oooh!

Just STOP already. Leave the ladies alone.

1773 days ago


"Frances's" is CORRECT! The media often uses the incorrect but simpler "Frances'" as the possessive, but however common, is incorrect and just plain illiterate. Adding the "sic" after it was not only incorrect, it is obnoxious.

1773 days ago


Post #14 is half right....while "Frances's" is correct, "Francis'" is as well. Where a noun ending in "s" is made possessive, the writer has the option of adding an apostrophe and an s, or simply the apostrophe, to do so.

-Word Nerd Lawyer

1773 days ago



1773 days ago
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