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Courtney Love - 'Domestic Violence' Mentioned

12/23/2009 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New allegations in the Courtney Love/Frances Bean case -- lawyers have asked to seal documents relating "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence."

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TMZ has obtained documents filed by lawyers for the guardianship that was established on Frances Bean Cobain's behalf. As we first reported, a judge stripped Love of legal control over her daughter on December 11.

Now we have new docs filed by the guardianship asking to seal all court documents that relate "to a minor and allegations of domestic violence." The papers do not get specific, but they do refer to sealing Frances Bean's medical records. The docs also say, "In this proceeding, every document reveals details of Frances's (sic) relationship with her mother."

As we already reported the judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Love from having contact with her daughter. According to the new docs, the TRO "...restrains Courtney Love Cobain, from certain behavior and from coming within a certain distance of Frances and her guardians."


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Frances would sound too awkward as "Frances's", that is why "Frances'" is correct. It's the same with names like Moses and Jesus.

Dude, you are like, mistaken.

Don't you see the correlation in the ways the names are spelt? You aren't supposed to write "Moses's" or "Jesus's" and you aint supposed to write "Frances's" either.

1762 days ago


she had her husband murdered,i'm sure she feels like killing bean once every hour of every given day.can't wait for this slime ball woman to die.we lost alot of music when kurt left this earth.

1762 days ago


RE: "Frances's" is CORRECT! The media often uses the incorrect but simpler "Frances'" as the possessive, but however common, is incorrect and just plain illiterate. Adding the "sic" after it was not only incorrect, it is obnoxious.

The "sic" after "Frances's" annoyed me too, but the reality is that BOTH are correct. Frances' is the more common -- and equally correct -- usage. It can go either way. That being said, TMZ's editors may need a little grammar brush-up ...

1762 days ago


You see, it's not correct in this case because of the way Frances sounds when you add an extra s on the end it sounds funny...Frances's sounds like Franceses and that's too many ssssss in the last syllable. What you do is shorten it to Frances'. It sounds better. It's supposed to be Frances', not Frances's because Frances has two s sounds in the last syllable, not one. I hope this clarifies things for you.
It's supposed to sound like "Frances' relationship with her mother", not "Frances's relationship with her mother." Say them both outloud to yourself and you will hear which sounds better and is therefore correct :)

1762 days ago


" I'm sick of society being against women who beat other women. Women understand why women beat other women, it's not like when a man does it. Women know that women deserve it, and that is the justification. It's not a crime to beat your daughter in this case. It's just women taking care of business girl-style. I wish society would stop being so misogynistic about this story."

Dude, you're boring

and late... Everyone with a brain knows dosmestic violence is not just a male thing

Now pipe down, you're unfunny... and WE GET IT

1762 days ago


Hang in there C.

1762 days ago


Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Courtney has been out of control for years.

1761 days ago


If there was abuse,then yes, Courtney Love'a daughter,Frances should be placed with other relatives. Courtney herself has lots of issues and needs to get herself together.
And yes,women abuse women,women abuse men,women abuse children.You hear about that everyday. Humans abuse humans. It's all despicable!

1654 days ago


Thanks for saying that #13 and #14. I seriously believe that punctuation, grammar and spelling are becoming "old school". It worries me that it just doesn't seem to be too important anymore to so many people.

1653 days ago
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