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Paul Anka's Merry Little 911 Christmas

12/25/2009 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka had a bunch of people over on Christmas Eve -- cops, according to law enforcement sources.

We've learned Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies responded on Wednesday and Thursday. In both cases, Anka called 911. Anka tells TMZ his beef on Wednesday was that Anna Anka copped an attitude when he came over to visit their son and his step-daughter -- Paul has been living in a hotel since he filed for divorce earlier this month. Paul called 911 after Anna refused to let him play with their son.

As for Christmas Eve, at around 2 PM, Anka went to see his kids again. Anka says when he arrived Anna took the kids upstairs into a room and locked the door. He says Anna then went ballistic when she realized Paul brought a security dude over to get video from a security cam showing what happened the day before.

Paul left, came back at around 5 PM, and claims Anna refused to serve him dinner and began telling relatives in Swedish not to speak with him. And, Anka says, she put black tape over the security camera. So he called 911 ... again.

Law enforcement sources tell us they responded both times, and no one had been harmed and no one was arrested.

Last year, Anna was arrested for felony battery after Paul claimed she struck him with a piece of ice. That case was dropped.

Regrets, he has a few.


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living in a hotel since the beginning of the month??? .. so this is where the royalties from "This is it" is ending up

1762 days ago

Larry Fine    

Isn't Paul Anka a shrimp and 80 years old? Any woman he goes out with could beat him up

1762 days ago


911 is for emergency use only. not for arguing married couples.
seems to me, paul has his hands full with this loose canon. she needs to be in a hotel and paul needs to be in his home. the attorneys have it backward.

1762 days ago


So, he expected to be served dinner by this witch at 5pm???

Is he nuts?

What ex-hubby would ever eat a dinner prepared by a hostile old biddy ex-wife?

He could have received deadly food poisoning - on purpose!

Stark Raving Stupid, I'd say.

1762 days ago

Fred Farkel    


You are catching on pal.

These crazy broads are not just hooked up in the entertainment industry... THEY ARE EVERYWHERE AND IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE.

The days are GONE when you marry a wonderful woman, invest a lifetime of sacrifice and devotion, only to have her go plum crazy on you... run off with a gay theater gang, a Hell's Angel, or simply go completely ASEXUAL on you.

Those 3 choices.

The new standard in women.

Although I was in show business for many years, I am long ago retired and now have 3 damn good quality girlfriends (pursuing a total of 5 girlfriends) so I may enjoy the good times with women and then kick them to the curb the exact instant when the craziness starts.

The bonus here shuffler???

When these broads realize that they do not own you... they behave better and far more civilized - for a much longer period of time. Make sure they understand that they are TOAST when their estrogen levels decline. Yeah yeah... you may miss an opportunity here and there but trust us old guys who have been around. When these crazy broads go nuts??? Just say:

May I have the next person in line, please.

1762 days ago

This the video of the year!!

1762 days ago


Anyone with commonsense can see through these women; except for testosterone rich males. They, this type of woman, seem to miss the whole concept of marriage and family; they have replaced it with $$$$igns. If you are married (and she knows) and a woman wants you - look out! She has no moral base and will make your life miserable. That's the way it is; you can't change it. Paul should have stuck with diane.

1762 days ago


Hey Paul - MARRIED COUPLES have Christmas dinner together. DIVORCED PEOPLE go their own damn separate ways.

Like so many divorced people, he's got the fantasy that he can just drop in for holidays and family time when he feels like it, and then go back to the single life when he's done, and that will be just fine.

It's not fine. It's a terrible way to treat other human beings, like your spouse/ex-spouse and kids. They are not just commodities for your amusement when you feel like having a little family time and you have no right to treat them that way.

Jon Gosselin acts the same way. He wanted both family life AND single life while he was married, and he's trying to do the same thing now that he's divorced. It's a total fantasy and it's completely stupid and destructive and it never, ever works.

Pick one, people. Be married or be single. You can't have it both ways. It ALWAYS ends badly because it's NOT okay to use other people like this.

1762 days ago

A victim of high testosteron level    

The funny thing is -in Sweden Anna Anka tried to build herself an image of a super popular TV personality during this last fall just by making a chain of provocative statements. Because Swedes are generally afraid of conflicts and never dare to be 'unpleasant' she hit the tune; probably by manifesting their collective shadow. She says the dumbest things.....and ....well, god helps us! Ahem. She's a big nuisance and she thrives on creating trouble-waves.

1762 days ago


9. Anna is NOT swedish! She was born in Poland by polish parents. A polish woman living in Sweden then adopted her. This makes her polish.

Posted at 11:14AM on Dec 25th 2009 by Charlotte

Well either way the swedish and polish people are CRAZY!!

1762 days ago


Sounds like he wanted to do things "His Way." If he has visitation rights and it was his turn to be with kids .. fine. If not, then he is not complying with custody rules. And what is this he turns up and she doesn't feed him dinner? Where does it say that she has to feed him?

1762 days ago


Paul Anka is a drama queen. He could have stayed at the hotel but chose to make a case for his upcoming divorce and then leak it to the press. Why not ruin Christmas for everyone just to make a point? He keeps calling the police for stupid sh^t because he wants to make his ex-wife look bad in court later. Neither one of them care about their kids, only their own overblown egos.

This woman was the perfect match for him. She's a nasty vile b^tch and he's an egomaniac a'hole. The police have better things to do than to stand ringside while two immature rich jerkoffs duke it out. If the police threw one of their stupid azzes in jail, that would end the numerous 911 calls.

1762 days ago


What guy shows up at his wife's and kid's house looking for Christmas dinner after he's filed for divorce? Talk about mixed messages. Either you want to work it out and keep your family together or you don't. If you want to see your kids on holidays, work out a plan with the ex in advance so she isn't around during your visit.

The poor kids don't understand what's going on. What part of divorce and separate lives does he NOT understand?

1762 days ago

South Beach    

Sounds like Paul and his drama queen wife are perfect for each other. Neither seem to care about the feelings of the kids and only about making each other as pissed off as possible. Both losers.

1762 days ago

José Luis Belmar    

I met Paul many years ago in New York. Some four years ago,after reminding him who I was,he was kind enough to fix me and my wife nice front seats to see his performance at the Mirage in Las Vegas and he even send me, through Rosie, his secretary, his latest album and an autographed picture to my Swedish wife. Now here comes the point to this stupid story with the Polish bitch Anna, who is using Anka's surname to get all the money she can get from the Swedish media. Every time she opens her big fat mouth is to talk bad about everybody. All to get free publicity. She talks like a hustler,acts like one and almost dresses like one. When she talks, you can clearly hear the expressions of a poorly educated person with a tune of voice reminding of the vulgarity of non-educated persons, regardless of her nationality. Her Swedish language is one of the worse in the country, only used by those of really low class extraction.

Please Mr. Anka: Send this bitch to hell once and for all and go back to the women who gave you five incredible daughters.We all make mistakes in life, but Mr. Anka, you just committed a huge one.She will cost you lots of money, the money she has been after since she understood she could catch you, but Mr. Anka, you will keep on making huge ammounts of money, but you will not keep on producing many, many more years to live happily.

Best regards from my wife Gunilla and I

José Luis Belmar

1762 days ago
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