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UNICO: Snooki's an Embarrassment to Humans

12/30/2009 12:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki is an "embarrassment to the human race" -- at least according to one pissed off group of Italian-Americans.

It's the latest insult in a furious back-and-forth between the "Jersey Shore" star and UNICO -- the Italian American organization pressuring sponsors to bail from the MTV show.

Snooki had lashed out at the group during an interview with Steppin' Out magazine, saying "I just have one thing to say to Domino's, Dell, UNICO and all the other haters out there ... F**K YOU! If you don't want to watch, don't watch. Just shut the hell up! I'm serious. F**K YOU!"

Re-enter UNICO, who proclaimed, "She is not an embarrassment to Italian Americans -- she is actually an embarrassment to the entire human race!!!!"

Your move, Snooks.


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Firstly she tans to much, she looks more like a mexican. Secondly do these people not watch themselves on TV and see how trashy they are?

Here they are suppose to be adults and they are acting like a bunch of wild teenagers, heck half the teenagers in America are more mature then they are.

1721 days ago


horty_23 @ #3, you are sooo right. What happened to the so-called music channels? They were supposed to play music videos and pop-music related programs and movies, now they do nothing but perpetuate the worst aspects of reality culture. In the U.S. you have the FCC. Canada has the CRTC. Why haven't these agencies taken broadcast licenses away???

1721 days ago


garbage in garbage out she is a waste of time and space
why dose anyone watch the show it is as dumb the dimwits in it.

1721 days ago


snookie is just a plain whore..shes not italian, but one thing i know she that of a future aids victim! and who would give this bitch the name me a snookie is a lovable stuffed animal....and this ho is stuffed, but not by filling..try any mans pe*is...thats what her snookie is...a free hole for all!

1721 days ago

Kimberly Buckmon - Parent    

@Buster...African Americans do have shows that make them look like idiots. They are Flava-of-Love, For the Love of RayJ, Real Chance at Love to name but a few. I watch Jersey Shore weekly and I think that it is totally hillarious. These kids act no worse than any other young person out there. They want to party and have fun. If anyone, should be embarrassed is their parents. Here's a questions...are you equally offended by the Real World, My Antonio, or RW/RR challenges? Seems to me those shows fall in to the same category. A bunch of wild off-the-hook twenty somethings acting as if they have no home training what so ever!

1721 days ago

Ronald O'Donald    

This show is disgusting, distasteful, and dehumanizing. I'm appalled that MTV would air a show like this. If you haven't been following up on the show, or would like to get some more information about it, there is a pretty good blog at that does an excellent job chronicling the debauchery.

1721 days ago


UNICO, WHY ARE YOU SO MAD?? this ugly midget is NOT ITALIAN, shes from CHILE. she was adopted. dont you people know these things. she isnt even italian so why be mad at her? let her be an embarrassment to herself, she thinks she looks cool acting that way. i dont know why tmz still talks about these tools.

1721 days ago


I'm sorry but it's ridiculous that a large organization would get that bent over a 20yr old. I'm not condoning her behavior but who the hell are they to judge someone like that. Plenty of teens at my daughters school who act MUCH worse .. and I'm sure anyone could find their own towns 'rejects'. It's not like this girl is out there saying be like me, .. she's just being how she is, annoying or not who the hell is this Unico group to demand otherwise. They should pick on someone their own size.. literally.

1721 days ago


I find it funny that when Victoria Gotti show came on A&E awhile back nobody from the UNICO said anything about them being a disgrace to Italian Americans when her sons were the first time I had ever heard of the term Guido! They were every much so the stereotype that The UNICO is pissed off about! I remember an eposide where one of the brothers beat up the younger one cuz he used all his hair gel!!!! Get over yourself UNICO! P.s there are plenty of ppl in the Jersey, New York, Staten island & Philly that look the way the cast looks! You're just pissed cuz MTV shed some light on what ppl actually look like out there!!!!

1721 days ago


HAHA "she's not a human she's an uumpa loompa" ahahaha so true. That bitch got hit in the face too!

1721 days ago

Harry Kunt    

I want her to sit on my face NOW !!!!!

1721 days ago


she is a disgusting human being

1721 days ago


5. If a TV show was making African-Americans look like buffoons, Al Sharpton would be at their offices with a mob of protesters. The country would be outraged. Obama might even speak out against it. Well, because they are Italian-Americans it is fine, right?

Posted at 12:37PM on Dec 30th 2009 by Buster

Yeah, I remember those huge protests and marches on Washington that Sharpton orchestrated after "For the Love of Ray-J", "Flavor of Love", "I Love New York", "Being Bobby Brown", and "Real Chance at Love" debuted... Being Bobby Brown even managed to nearly wreck the career of one of the most prolific singers of the past 30 years. Instead of being outraged, advertisers had NO COMMENT. The tabloids ate it up, and just like Tiger Woods, everyone sat back and enjoyed the ride as Whitney spiraled down in flames.

Now this idiot "Buster" is whining some BS out his azz and, (as usual), throwing the Jesse, Al, or Obama phrase around. Is the modern day bigot THAT lazy??? Is that honestly the only weapon in their arsenal??? The constant mentioning of Jesse, Al, Obama, or the phrase "race card" is beyond worn. It shows a total lack of credibility and legitimacy. Like they say to bad comedians..."GET SOME NEW MATERIAL!!"

1721 days ago


Hey Buster I guess you missed Real Chance of Love, I Love New York and Flavor of Love.. DUH! This might come as a shocker but people in this country are actually allowed to be who they want and act like they want so long as they aren't committing any crimes. But hey, this country is in such good shape we don't need to worry about anything so might as well spend our free time protesting reality shows because a large group of people don't like how a small group of people are acting .. oh wait that is exactly how America likes to do things.

1721 days ago


Snooki is not even Italian American, and there are a lots of other successful, intelligent Italian Americans in the U.S. UNICO needs to calm down. One girl dose not represent an entire group of people. Besides, I don't remember when Italian Americans have been discriminated against.

1721 days ago
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