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Mike Tyson - Free at Last, Officially

12/31/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike TysonMike Tyson will not be prosecuted for allegedly punching a photog at LAX, TMZ has learned.

The L.A. City Attorney officially rejected the case today, citing "insufficient evidence."

Tyson's lawyer, the ever-effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, "The City Attorney's office made the right decision given the harassing conduct of the paparazzo."

Tyson was arrested last month for battery after a bloody confrontation with a paparazzo outside the United terminal at LAX. Tyson claimed the photog was harassing him, his wife and child.

The photog was taken to the hospital and stitched up.

The City Attorney also declined to file charges against the photog.


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Eric Anderson    

One) When you ask your Father as a son whether or not you could move in with him and his wife in Tucson, father responds, If you attemt to move in here, I will hire a hitman!"
Two) If Tyson is at all similar reflecting life's tragedies then he too has one left nut (male-vascectomy) missing and a broken neck bone from acting haphazardly after boxing schedules!
Three) Does the "Hit Man" Hearns still wear cross country running shorts while waiting outside of Johnny Walker's gym for a breath for fresh air?
Four) Has the Heavywieght champ from Russia gone wrong in Las Vegas of the name Valuev ( the seven foot giant)! Has he finally came to grips with the certain fact his european wife in Las Vegas
had been accused of cheating on him and intermittantly stole his x's Camry and the Subaru owner whom lived above her at the Tammany Hall Apartments across the street from the UNLV campus on the east side!? Does he have friends from Mexico that resemble the Royal English? Is he admitting of messing with others innards or involved in a auto thief ring based in Mexico?

1755 days ago


These paps are animals. They don't just take pics, they get too close & shout insults. If they know they can get popped at any time maybe they'll stay away & use long lenses. Anyone who goes after Mike Tyson gets what they deserve

1755 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Your talking Iron Mike Tyson here. If he really wanted to hurt that puke, he could have knocked his head into another room. Mike just gave him a little poke to let him know he didn't want the pest flying around him and his family. What ever happened to the early days when a celeb could tell the photogs "Not now Please" and they would leave them alone?

1755 days ago

Kendall Weddington    

I just read a terrific article about Mike Tyson in the archive section at: The article was very well written.

1755 days ago


How can we keep travelers safe from terrorists when we can't keep paps out of the airports?

1755 days ago


It's gonna be interesting to see what happens when the new Paparazzi laws take affect tomorrow...
No pic's if the celeb's are on "Private Property"...

1755 days ago


Fantastic news in my opinion, obviously others think the same at an 82% vote for Mike Tyson.
In the future, Mike neesds to arrange for security upon his arrival and departure at airports. Ordinarily Mike is very cordial with the Paparazzi. How would you feel after a ten hour flight with your mother-n-law, wife and crying baby? Mike should not have hit the photographer but he was exhausted, had to use the restroom and was out of character. Hopefully in the future he will make arrangements for security to keep the Paparazzi a good 100 yards away, for his sake and for their sake. After all Paparazzi, use a zoom lense, you will get the same photo!!!

1754 days ago


He just lost his beautiful baby daughter to a freak accident. You would think the paps would show a little respect. Mike could have put the guy out of his misery. I'm glad the judge threw it out of court.

1753 days ago
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