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Arenas Gun Standoff -- Locker Room Video

1/7/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert ArenasThe Xmas Eve gun standoff between Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton may have been caught on tape by surveillance cameras, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the Washington Wizards have told D.C. cops they have locker room surveillance video but are having trouble downloading it. The Geek Squad -- aka computer-savvy detectives -- are going to the Wizards organization today to help.

And get this -- a source connected with the investigation tells TMZ the Wizards have been "over cooperative" with cops -- as the source says, "almost as if they want Arenas to go down."

The source says "there is a better than 50/50 chance the U.S. Attorney will issue a felony arrest warrant against Arenas."

As for what caused the confrontation that allegedly triggered a gun standoff -- law enforcement tells TMZ it was all over a card game known as Bourré.

The NBA suspended Arenas indefinitely yesterday and, as we first reported, Arenas didn't have a license for the guns.

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Any truth to the rumor his attorney will claim this was just his way of "hyping" the local effort by some to change the Wizzards name back to the Bullets?

1687 days ago


Other than general incompetence and lazy reporting, why do you continue to classify this incident as a "gun standoff" and report that it occurred XMAS eve? Both of those things are false. This is just piss poor, irresponsible reporting that lacks credibility.

1687 days ago


the Wizards have been "over cooperative" with cops --

OF COURSE-- this will be the Wizard's way to break the huge contract they have with Arenas.

1687 days ago


Nice to see a sports team cracking down on an illegal activity. This incident is bringing them horrible publicity. I'm surprised the players union isn't objecting in the media!

1687 days ago


Stay classy, gil....

1687 days ago

Boo Hoo    

stupid is as stupid does

1687 days ago


Thank u Wizard mgmt for going out of your way to help authority, the DA and grand jury.

As soon as Gilbert is gone, I will come to see the Wizards play at the Verizon ctr .

Pls Rev sharpton for telling David Stern to go HARD on Assrenas

1687 days ago


As for the Charlie Sheen comparisons... has Sheen admitted to holding the knife to his wife's neck yet? If not, at this point, it's an accusation, even though he has a past. Gilbert Arenas has admitted having the guns, bringing them to the locker room, etc... so it's a bit different, at least for now. Plus, Gilbert has David Stern to deal with.

1687 days ago


Can you guys at least update the story about what actually happened between the two. People are constantly getting their facts wrong because they're reading the reports that have since been debunked.

There was no gun standoff...Crittenton said he was going to shoot Arenas in his surgically repaired knee after their card game dispute (in a relatively joking manner, though he was obviously pissed at the time)...Arenas then laid three guns out on a chair and said pick one a few days later.

Enraged, Crittenton threw one of Arenas' guns across the locker room, said he has his own gun and retrieved, locked, loaded it. He didn't point it at anyone, but he brandished it about and started singing.

Arenas laughed, made a comment, went to the trainer's room.

Arenas isn't a thug. He's an extremely immature goofball who habitually pranks his teammates and walks an extremely fine line in the process. He finally crossed it and he's paying the price now. But he didn't pull a gun out on Crittendon like so many people here are implying.

1687 days ago


Washington DC is not a State....people learn your geography its the District of Columbia. Gilbert Arena's is beyond a DumbA$$! But when you think your the spotlight and better than everyone including your teammates, Karma has a way of putting you in your place.

To UGH: if you had an class you would think before you speak or type. Anyone can be a minority depending on what kind of environment they are in. Example as yourself. You're probably the only minority on here with a backward A$$ thinking. Sounds like you didn't get past the 5th grade.

1686 days ago


Gosh, I wish folks wouldn't make a big deal over the "didn't have a license" thing ... unless you wanna make journalists get a license (perhaps not such a bad idea, in some cases.) You shouldn't need a license to exercise your constitutional rights.
OTOH, there is a no-weapons rule in the locker room ... so he should be terminated.

1686 days ago

Mr. Common Sense    

3. haha, felony charges in the state of Washington are probably going to be pretty brutal. What a moron.

Posted at 1:06PM on Jan 7th 2010 by Sono

Moron? I got news for you. Washington D.C. isn't a state and isn't likely to be anytime soon.

1686 days ago

Mr. Common Sense    

47. Gosh, I wish folks wouldn't make a big deal over the "didn't have a license" thing ... unless you wanna make journalists get a license (perhaps not such a bad idea, in some cases.) You shouldn't need a license to exercise your constitutional rights.

You do NOT have a constitutional right to take a gun to your place of employment. The 2nd amendment does not allow you to conceal, carry or store your guns anywhere you see fit...especially unlicensed ones.

So yes, you NEED a license.

1686 days ago

Roger C    

This guy is royally screwed, and so is the other guy, Crittenton. They'll be out of the league at least 2-3 years, if not more. They may never play in an NBA game again. Why, just to wave around a gun?

1686 days ago


I would like to be these athletes’s adviser, because they're getting paid great money to give horrible advice.

1686 days ago
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