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Wizards to Arenas: We Can Flush Your Contract

1/12/2010 2:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert ArenasThe Washington Wizards have told locker room pistolero Gilbert Arenas they believe he is in violation of his contract and they have the right to void the $111 million deal ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told a team official was trading text messages with Arenas after the locker room incident. Sources tell TMZ ... in one of the messages, the official told Arenas the team felt Agent Zero violated the clause in his contract prohibiting him from engaging in conduct detrimental to the team or the NBA ... and they could have the contract voided as a result.

Most NBA contracts contain morality clauses -- but it's difficult to void an NBA contract on those grounds. The Indiana Pacers didn't void Ron Artest's contract after "The Malice at the Palace" in 2004.

Nevertheless, there are strong indications the Wizards want out of the Arenas deal. As one law enforcement source put it, the team has been overly cooperative in the police investigation that targets Arenas.

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Cynthia J.    

In the first place, NO ONE, and I mean no one, should be paid $111. million for just playing Ball. And this fool just couldn't keep his nose clean. And now his gangsta, thug lifestyle is about to end. How stupid is Arenas? Losing all that money because he wanted to play prison/thug and carry a gun into the Locker room. What an idiot.

1745 days ago


what a bunch of dumbasses here. And the baller too. WHO is STUPID enough to jeopardize $111m contract and WHY would you need a gun in the locker room?? Hope he 'impressed' everyone there, sure did cost him alot.

LOSER. He is a thug minded idiot, and so are the fans that have turned this "sport" into big money when we have homeless & starving. To anyone that wants to turn this into a racial thing, you're stupid too. Anyone can screw up, anyone can be raised like trash & act like it. And there is no 'double standard' nowadays, WAKE UP, everyone is responsible for their own actions. white has no priveledges above anyone else anymore. SO QUIT THE BLAME.

1745 days ago


Hey Simone... Nice stats you f@#cking retard, 23 average age of the black male? 5% good 95% crack slingers????? Me thinks you`re the one smokin crack you idiot. All you ever seem to ever comment on is racist drivel, so do us all a favour and go back to you WHITE PRIDE websites and prattle on there. All you do is expose racists as the stupid f#@ks they are.

1745 days ago


I think he shoukd contact the Chuckel Head Kids Charles the Mellon Head Barkely and Mikie Jordan. The Mellon Head aka Barkely gives advice to all the famous people in sports. Hey Arenas give the Mellon Head a call and he will tell you what to do.

1745 days ago


I agree with WHAMO above ^^

This person is such an obvious racist he probably won't even drink coke because it's black. Only sprite ! Seriously Simone move to the midwest where you can farm and raise cattle by day and attend your KKK meetings at night. Be with the rest of your ignorant clan.

Wizards should trade this schmuck for Tracy McGrady. I'm from DC and he has been a bigger bust than Dan Snyder.

1745 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I suppose his new contract will be all zeros.

1745 days ago


Why is this Arenas guy so retarded as to throw away $111,000,000?
Man, oh man.

1745 days ago


This fake Simone that wrote the hating comment wasn't me. This person only do this to make people hate me. I would never think or say things like that. I don't hate black people and I don't judge them. Everydoby should be equal in this world.

What I really hate is racial discrimination!!!!! Sorry, guys, for that!!! Unfortunately, there are a lot of losers around here that use the name of others to spread their hate. They do this because they are cowards!!!!!

1745 days ago

gene yuss    

artest didn't have a gun and pull it on a teammate .. arenas brought a gun to work and lost 111,000,000 dollars. he may not be a thug but he's dumb as a rock .

1745 days ago

Really Doe    

Its clear that "thug" is code for ni@@er". How did you guys settle on this word? Did you all have a meeting?
Thugs are hired men who enforce the issue that were hired to enforce.(The old pay up or I'll break your legs stereotype)

Your definition of a thug is simply a black guys who gets in trouble with the law. Or simply aggressive.

The term for a white guy in any situation similar is "troubled :-(". Then he gets "the awww something must have gone wrong in his life" treatment.

Angry white people are hilarious. The funny thing is Gilbert is known to be a relatively frugal guy. He has long money, so he'll never have less than you.
He can also go to Europe and play for millions. It wont be nearly as much but it will be for more than all you haters make combined. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thats if he can avoid prison.
The funny thing is when you guys want a black guy to go down you really want him to go down.
You wont be happy until TMZ reports that he is broke in jail and will be working at McDonalds when he gets out.
Then you can continue with your "look how this thug messed up his life".
All so you wont ever have to look at how lame your life is. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

1745 days ago

blanket jackson    

besides....at least he's not a filthy jew

1744 days ago



1745 days ago


Who Cares?Am I first?

1745 days ago


no Mark, I'm first. LOL.

1745 days ago


'Great news for Wizards' fans - they can get rid of an over-the-hill player and get back some dough to finally try to get someone with some impact.

'Problem is, the same people that gave that ridiculous $111 million contract to Arenas are still running the team... So good luck with that!

1745 days ago
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