Barron Hilton -- The Ultimate DUI Reward

1/13/2010 8:20 AM PST
Barron Hilton has shown he's not to be trusted behind the wheel of a car -- but that didn't stop his dad from buying him a $60,000 ride as a reward for getting his license back after a DUI bust in 2008.

Barron Hilton

Hilton got his driver's license back Tuesday ... it was yanked after he pled no contest in 2008 to DUI in Malibu, where he allegedly hit a gas station employee with his car.

The 20-year-old went to the DMV and had to re-take his road test. We're told he was sober and he passed. His reward from pops -- a black 2010 Mercedes E550 Coupe.

It may seem like Barron is spoiled, until you realize ... his 15-year-old brother Conrad gets to drive dad's $200,000 Bentley. It's all relative.