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Shaq Sued for Harassment - 'Shut Dat Bitch Up!'

1/13/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Lopez has filed her harassment lawsuit against Shaquille O'Neal in Florida, in which she claims a menacing O'Neal sent a text message to a friend, saying, "dis is da numba shut dat bitch up!"

Shaquille O'Neal and Vanessa Lopez Lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Lopez -- who claims to have been in a five-year relationship with Shaq -- says it went sour after Lopez missed her period and Shaq allegedly reacted by accusing her of sleeping with another guy.

Lopez says she ended the relationship, but then Shaq's large family -- and we're talkin' height -- got involved, making her fear for her safety. Lopez claims Shaq's 6'6" and 6'8" sisters made verbal and physical threats against her.

Lopez claims she was especially fearful of Shaq because "O'Neal is a large, powerful, wealthy man and a professional athlete" who has law enforcement connections and the right to bear arms.

And, Lopez claims, Shaq hacked into her voice mail and text messages, using sophisticated software.

As we first reported, Lopez has had run-ins with three other NBA boyfriends.

Lopez, who is repped by Gloria Allred, is suing for unspecified damages.

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No Avatar


this girl needs NBA-Addicts-Anonymous....

1744 days ago


he made his bed,sleep in it Shaq - teach him to know his place,hope she gets him for a lot of his money like the fellow dumbasses Kobe and Tiger

Here we are ,smart people,functioning well in society and cant get a break to make a good living and these dumbass athletes throw the money away that comes to them by behaving like primates

1744 days ago

Bob Barnett    

As with most Whoria Allred cases, this one will eventually get tossed, and the broad will end up dancing on a pole.

1744 days ago


#2 said it all. what goes around comes around.

1744 days ago


This skank is as believable as a three-dollar-bill. I guess Ms. Allred finds chumming up with sports hos and extorting rich married athletes, (who have a lot to lose), MUCH more profitable than chasing ambulances.

1744 days ago


Stop being a Gild Diggin Hoe...

1744 days ago



1744 days ago


Lesson to all athletes: Chicks like this one and Tiger's mistresses should be a better deterrent than VD to convince you to KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS (at least until wifey comes home).

Herpes or losing 500 million dollars...hmmmm, I could always buy Valtrex, but another half bil isn't just gonna fall from heaven...

1744 days ago


gives new meaning to "hack a shaq"!

this girl knows how to follow the there any nba baller she HASN'T been associated with??

1744 days ago


Her & Gloria belong together.....

1744 days ago

who dat    

All great relationships end when she "missed her period". This woman is an NBA door knob. Everyone has had a turn at her.

1744 days ago


If a woman contacts Gloria Allred and says "Bugs Bunny raped and/or beat me," does Gloria even CHECK these people out?

Don't you first contact Bugs and Bugs' people?

It seems they're on a plane for LAX and in a PRESS conference the very next DAY.

Sucks being famous.


OR a man/purse - this ISN'T gender specific.


1744 days ago


It's no secret Shaq gets side-action. His line is always, "what are you doing around 3am?" when he's at a club. Always wants the girls to come to his hotel room after bar time. His little manager guy, who's older than him, handles his money and sets it up. At least this was the deal back in '97 in Minneapolis.

1744 days ago

papa bear27    

@ #12 - Good point. We all know that an "allegation" is all Gloria Allred wants... her next move is a news conference beacuse she hopes the famous person/celebrity will just cough up the money to keep things quiet. Gloria and her clients are SHADY!! But sadly, this works well for Allred. She's en extortionist!!!

1744 days ago


I think Gloria Allred wants ten percent of whatever male athletes, male stars, male celebrities, male TMZ-stars make - I'm waiting for the day when she goes after Harvey.


1744 days ago
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