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O'Neal Sues -- You Hacktus My Shaqtus

1/15/2010 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille O'Neal has some unfinished business in Arizona where some dude in the desert is trying to stake claim to the legendary "Shaqtus" ... a mystical plant indigenous to Florida, Arizona, Southern California and Ohio.

A legal war is raging over the nickname Shaq earned during his days playing for the Phoenix Suns -- The Shaqtus.

According to a lawsuit filed in Las Vegas, Shaq claims a random businessman beat him to the punch in registering for the Shaqtus trademark -- and it's causing a serious problem for Shaq's business.

In the lawsuit, filed by a company run by Shaq, the basketball star claims the businessman tried to shut down Shaq's hilarious ESPN commercial, in which he goes to the desert, finds the Shaqtus, and refuses to let anyone else touch it.

ESPN blew the guy off -- but now Shaq is looking to take back full control of the Shaqtus trademark.

But according to the suit, the businessman isn't going down without a fight -- arguing that Shaq consented to his use of the Shaqtus because Shaq once took a photo with a guy and autographed a shirt for him.

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1708 days ago


Slow news day, guys?

1708 days ago


Shaq. Kobe. Tiger. God Bless America.

1708 days ago


Allow me to be the first to say: "Yawn."

1708 days ago


I think britney spears whispered my name in her sleep, so I'm officially married to her, and I should be getting a K'fed settlement...

1708 days ago


LMAO, so an autograph gives him the right to the name? No wonder James Cameron didn't sign for that dude. Next thing ya know, he's being sued for half the profits off Avatar because he signed an Avatar poster.

1708 days ago


really no 1?, really???... ughhh!!! thanks for da graphic description

1708 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

bias much, writer?

if 'some dude in the desert' owns the right to the name, case closed.
Why should Shaq have any right to a name he doesn't own the rights to?

"Shaq claims a random businessman beat him to the punch in registering for the Shaqtus trademark..."

sorry, but isnt this the competition we expect in a free market?
If the 'dude in the desert' owns the rights, he should get a say in how its used. Capitalism at its best -

1708 days ago


no, it's mine!

1708 days ago


...it's a cactus...

1708 days ago


Shaq owns Shaq not Shaqatus. Case closed.

Now go back to shagging bimbos and fighting for your divorce to be heard in the more favorable FL courts Shaq - yawn.

1708 days ago

R.U. Serious    

Once your get trademark on a word it should also include every word even close to that word. Well it's time to go shaqoff

1708 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Sounds more like this guy was ingesting peyote, not Shaqtus

1707 days ago

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