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Heidi Montag Version 3.0 -- Batteries Not Included

1/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While propped up in L.A. on Monday, robotic "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off the aftermath of willingly undergoing ten horrifying plastic surgery procedures in one day.


This is the second time the delusional 23-year-old has gone under the knife, having already had a nose job and a breast augmentation in 2007.



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She just aged herself like 15 years. Not good

1739 days ago


LMAO, I LOVE IT, lol, she is soaking Hollywood for all its worth and I think she deserves a medal ;) All of you who say shes this and that, F all of you. For one, she looks way better than she did prior to the cosmetic surgeries so stop being such nasty mean haters. Hollywood sucks people in and spits them out not even chewed up. I am GLAD she is earing some decent money doing whatever it is that she's dong, good job HEIDI! I cant stand Hollywood and I hope she drains them dry.

yayy. OH and the girl knows how to keep herself in the spotlight..gotta give her some credit folks.

1739 days ago


She looks like a young Faith Hill.

1739 days ago


She can't smile. Since the surgery, there hasn't been ONE photo of her smiling. Ick! What inner turmoil does one have to be fighting to do this to their self? At least Dolly Parton is cute and spunky! Funny story: A couple of days after seeing the People mag cover (and hearing me pontificate about how obnoxious this whole thing is), my 4yo son picked up a Barbie and said, "Is this the girl who became plastic?" Really, not a good thing!

1739 days ago


Poor Heidi! for sure this was Spencer's idea! now she looks like a 100 years old lady, i don't think she is felling pretty now- she can't even smile! after being a young pretty girl!

1739 days ago


Hey, #195 Wonderbred. What the hell is the matter with you? What do you think this is? Saudi Arabia? Lock up your daughters, keep the women in the house and you think that will create a better society? You should move there and be in your element. You won't have to worry about seeing any female body parts at all. No worry about plastic surgeries and you can enjoy the nice, natural moustaches sported by both sexes. If I was your mother, I would give you such a slap up the head right this minute.

1739 days ago

kris sellers    

i agree with the people that say quit giving her press she is a nobody. She sucks as a musician and i would not call her an actress for being on the hills, i have to admit i watch the stupid show but being a realist i know the show is fake. As far as Heidi she is mental and so is spencer i would have to say they did this for publicity and what a way to get it. So sad!! i think all people should ban them from press and make them grow up and get a real life. Who payed for surgery, mtv? or spencers family to keep them in the press. Women would kill to look like her before the surgery and to have her boobs pumped up one more time they are already DDD's how much bigger can you go. Even a normal woman like my self that is a 38d i would kill to have a breast reduction, they are heavy and kill my back couldnt even imagine DDD's this girl needs to wake up and get a life.

1739 days ago


Big mistake !!!!!!! Here was was given the gift of beauty from God and she ruins it. Plastic surgery does not look real. She looks like a dead person.

1739 days ago


Just saw her on Showbiz tonight. She sounds like a person under the influence of something. Her mother must be worried about her, she is not acting normal.

Anything for the love of money.

1738 days ago



1738 days ago


she looks like a plastic blow-up doll!!

1738 days ago


I think she looks better than before. She and her husband are fame whores. She needed to get better looking cuz her face was as long as my foot. Now he just needs to get a face and personality transplant and all will be well.

1738 days ago


She went from looking like a 23 year old to a 45 year old trying to look like a 23 year old. Scary. WTF is she thinking?

1738 days ago


You can't even recognize her now. She is way too young to be doing all this already. Her husband is a douche for not making sure she knew how beautiful she was before. I think they are both idiots and make a great pair. What will she do when she is 50???? Have 10 more surgeries?

1738 days ago

jess ;)    

well i think shes beautiful now and was before it is sad the only reason she did that to her self was because the things people wrote about her for example the Aholes at Tmz called her a butter face and some people can only take that kind of thing for so long so i think before people write mean things they should think about the people they could be hurting even celebs have feelings so be nice some bloggers are so mean you just come off looking jealous so just do some yoga have some coffee and chill

1738 days ago
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