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'Jersey' Knockout Victim:

I Got Sucker Punched

1/20/2010 8:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who Ronnie knocked out cold in last week's episode of "Jersey Shore" claims he got sucker punched in the back of the head -- and now the guy says he wants a rematch with his new nemesis.

Stephen Izzo tells TMZ he was trying to fight MTV security after they broke up his group's expletive-filled tussle with the "Jersey" cast -- when Ronnie came out of nowhere and delivered a haymaker to the back of his head. Izzo says the cuts on his face were caused by his sudden headfirst fall into the unforgiving brick ground below.

Izzo now wants a rematch with Ronnie ... and this time he wants it to be a fair fight.

BTW: Ronnie was arrested after the knockout, and Izzo says he's gonna show up for Ronnie's court appearance in a couple of weeks.


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You can clearly hear in the scene before Ronnie runs back him yelling come back here so this sucker punch behind the head is bull.

1739 days ago


Face down, a$$ up, thats the way they like to thump.

1739 days ago


I agree with the person who has comment #1 it was not a sucker punch and that douche bag asked for it. Oh and BTW Ronnie would kill you in a rematch

1739 days ago


Where is the mugshot photo for Ronnie Ortiz?

1739 days ago


Word, it's not like he was "creeping", up on him. He was calling him back, I hope MTV release the punch on T.V. or when it hit's DVD.

1739 days ago


did mtv do a violence psa thing after the episode? or is violence only against the law when it happens to women?

1739 days ago


TMZ is so manipulative.. u think this kid said he was fighting sercurity as well as condesending the unforgiving pavement.... This dude was assualted and Ronnie is going to pay for his uncontrolled roid rage temper... How Rude Tmz, for sticking up for that slime ball Ronnie..... The Jersey shore cast is rude, arrogant, trashy and their 15 minutes of fame is up... Even Sleazide doesn't want them back.....

1739 days ago


I also agree with comment #1, its obvious he asked for it and called out to Ronnie.Thats y u should watch what u ask for. lol Ronnie would smother this dude in a rematch.No Competition!

1739 days ago


The cast of jersery shore are kick azz guys i would hang out with them anyday better then the hills. That ronnie guy, even if he on roids you can tell that guy knows how to fight.

1739 days ago


Ronnie wants to be a bartender when he grows up. AWESOME!!!!! Maybe if the cops did their jobs this would not have happened in the first place. There were plenty of times during the show that these characters were kicking private awning, yelling, screaming right past the cops and nothing was done. TMZ if you really want a story then dig up the contract that MTV had with SLEE Side. Seems to me that these characters had special treatment becouse they were on the show. Slee side is all about the money and they must have gotten a big payoff for this disaster. Good job with this one, sleeside really knows how to bring in tourist, id rather vacation in camden

1739 days ago


i kno this kid and he is a trouble maker, deserves what he got

1738 days ago


What a punk. I love clowns like this, who pick fights and then cry to the cops after they get what they were asking for.

Take your KO like a man and try to learn a lesson, ya crybaby!

1738 days ago

kjih-tv media    

If he's from New Jersey, I'm SURE he DESERVED it.

NJ just breeds TRASH. Seriously... a bunch of worthless guttersnipes. They should round up all that evilness and build a sky-high electric fence on steroids and keep those wild animals in their hole to tear each other apart so we don't have to deal w/ them CLUTTERING up the world. No joke. They're baaaaaaad.

But I wish him well. :]

1738 days ago


I agree with T and Brujo. This a-hole was calling Ronnie back and Ronnie when back swinging. That's what you get....BIOTCH! Also, I love MTV's violence policy. They show JWOW cat fighting with some girl at a bar, Ronnie is seen throwing down on the boardwalk, and then cameras are rolling as JWOW nails Mike in the face. But they couldn't show Snookie's K.O.? Senseless....

1738 days ago


What is interesting is that people from the North usually say people from the South are trash - well this shows proves that trash is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Money, fame & being stupid may get people noticed but it doesn't give them class.

1738 days ago
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