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Muscle Relaxer Found on Arrested WWE Star

2/2/2010 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Jericho's jail buddy and fellow WWE star Greg "Hurricane" Helms had a single muscle relaxer -- as in one pill -- on him when he was arrested last week for public intoxication ... this according to the police report.

According to the report, "a search of Helm's purse revealed one white round pill" which cops say was a Soma -- the generic version of the muscle relaxer Carisoprodol and a "schedule four narcotic."

Soma is no stranger to wrestling controversy. Dr. Phil Astin was recently jailed for 10 years after he was busted for prescribing Soma -- among other drugs -- in large quantities to wrestlers Chris Benoit and Michael Durham before they died.

In the report, it says Helms told cops he had a prescription for the pill but was not able to show proof of it at the time. Cops did not press charges against Helms over the single Soma pill.

WWE has yet to get back to us.

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seriously one pill one freaking pill, im sure most people on the streets have more than that in their bags, pockets ect.... the sport might be fake but 75% of the injuries are real, they are traveling 300 days or more a year, one muscle relaxer is no freaking big deal hell i have more than that in my medicine cabinet. Oh and it must be an extremely slow news week for tmz to be reporting on shane helms, and all you people grouping him in the same catagory as chris benoit, and what has happened with other wrestlers, and all that is going on with jeff hardy shame on all of you, its not like shane is some roided out wrestler he is just an average guy who happens to put his body through he*l for his fans/

1694 days ago


ACTUALLY...Soma is the BRAND. Carisoprodol is the generic. Fact check TMZ!

1693 days ago


I was at Coach's wedding and Greg was there...while he was in a halo from his broken neck. I couldnt even imagine having that on me... If the guy needs a muscle relaxer....I certainly wouldn't blame him!

1693 days ago


Although if he has a problem with them, he needs help before he ends up like 40% of other wrestlers; with a problem.

I believe he has those pills for when he broke his neck or he had to get his neck operated on...but again it's still pretty bad to have those and not have proff


1693 days ago



1693 days ago


This is certainly not the worst thing he could have on him.

1693 days ago


I doesn't supprise me he had a purse. It's a know fact most wrestlers are gay drug addicts. There was a study out a little while back that suggested wrestling fans have homosexualy tendencies as well. I guess watching men tumble around in tights does it for some people. Each to their own I guess.

1693 days ago


As a medical professional, I know that although Soma (carisoprodol) is abused, it is NOT considered to be a controlled substance (class II - IV) or a narcotic by federal law. (Individual states may rule certain drugs with abuse potential as a controlled substance in their state, so it could be considered to be a controlled substance in certain states.) However, it is a prescription item, so if he had Soma (carisoprodol) in his possession and he did not have a prescription for it, then that is against the law.

1693 days ago


Would you people get over it! It was one muscle relaxant and he does have a prescription for it. I agree with many,they were not doing anything any different than 75% of Americans do, they WERE NOT driving which is better than most famous people who will drive drunk and kill people and most importantly THERE WERE NO ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!!!!! Give it a damn rest folks!

1693 days ago


Why is this still news?

1693 days ago


Hmmm, let's take a look at the facts here, shall we?
He portrays a cartoonish gay-like character, (Hurricane).; he carries a purse, or tranny pack if you prefer; he has been near the bottom rung of the "meat" matches for several years, (translates to Loser).
Takes lousy care of his somewhat scrawny body, by living in bars, strip clubs and convenience stores while on the road. He punches women, and butt-punches men and boys.

I could go on, but let's see where we are with the facts at this point, shall we?

Next stop for this turd is either prison, (ooowee, they'll love his carefree ways there), or wrestling the Mexican circuit.

It's not called Professional Sports Entertainment for nothing you redneck bunch of make believe tough guys.

1693 days ago


WowMr. Butkus,
No wonder the little 'mo is a drugged out boozer. He has zero to look forward to with his miserable, loser life.

1693 days ago


Maeotis, #40,
He is ruining his own career deary.
How you gonna ruin mine? Steal my tin cup?

I smell what you're cookin', and it smells like poop in your pants.

1693 days ago


Give it a rest it was one muscle relaxer and for goodness sake he is a wrestle and for him not having proof, what was he suppose to have the whole pill bottle? Then you all would have a field day with that and make into more than what it is like you did with the Jeff Hardy thing, at least he was in a cab and not driving drunk.

1690 days ago


You need to keep up with the Jeff Hardy story before running your mouth. If you have not heard the drugs they found were sent by the police so they could raid his house, and the others were prescription drugs (He had 6 disk in his back that were messed up and restless leg syndrome) the only thing they REALLY found was a TRACE of cocaine and don't know how long that had been there or if it was his.

1690 days ago
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