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Red Alert for Tiger Woods Mea Culpa

2/18/2010 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The golf course where Tiger Woods is expected to make a statement Friday is putting together a serious battle plan to keep spies, poachers and other no-goodniks away from the event.


TMZ has learned the staff at the TPC Sawgrass golf course in Florida has a 4:30 AM call time on Friday so they can get an early start on transforming the links into the safest place on Earth.

Sources connected to the event tell us the staff has been instructed to move all golf carts from underneath the clubhouse by 5:30 AM to clear a landing pad for Tiger's convoy.

We're told officials believe Tiger will arrive in a fleet of black SUVs sometime before 11 AM when he is scheduled to speak. Tiger's crew will drive underneath the clubhouse presumably so he can move about freely without worrying about interlopers seeing or hearing anything Tiger doesn't want people to see or hear.

We're told local police officers will be on site during the event -- some of the cops will be in plain clothes.

It seems Tiger plans on having complete control of the situation -- as we previously reported, he's not even taking questions.

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your writing capabilities are nill, and your lust for Woodie shine thru.
Thusly, we can only deduce that you are a flaming, ignornant homosexual, Woodman, T-bagger.
Let us pray for your salvation troll.

1717 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

The timing of this "public sit down' on his terms, is just way too
orchestrated and forced. It is "coincidentally" (*wink - wink*) timed with his return to golf.

This happened at Thanksgiving, it is now past Valentines...does he
really think we believe he is "cured"...dude really, a "tiger"
doesn't change his stripes.

Good Luck Elin, you should leave him instead of showing your kids
(especially your daughter), that it is ok to stay with someone who
humiliates you and makes you look foolish and desperate.

1717 days ago


If my ho-mongering, womanizing client was going to be making a worldwide, public apology, I think I'd choose somewhere other than a place called "The Players Club". How fitting.

1717 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Cheatah should be seeing a psych for his uber-control issues. Few people will ever see him again the way he sees himself. Who cares if he can hit a little ball with a stick. More importantly he's a lowlife with no integrity, ethics, or morals who engineered his own fake image of being a good guy. Yuck. What a slime.

You gotta laugh at the sign "Sawgrass Player's Club". If anyone's a playa, it's you-know-who....

1717 days ago


Exactly what is it that has everyone in a panic?

Is he going to apologize for what he did? I don't need an apology!

Is he going to explain what he did and why? I don't need an explanation!

It's a husband and wife matter that should be kept between them.

I hope he only talks about golf and leaves his private problems out of the "conference". Smearing egg on the face of the media. That would be sooo friggin funny.

1717 days ago

danger baby    

This is insane. He's just a skank you cheated with skanks. The world has gone mad.

1717 days ago


Go Tiger!

Tell the media you are resolving some personal matters and nothing more other than when you are resuming the PGA tour.

You owe your family many apologies and to the public NONE.

Also work incognito to expose others who are taking pleasure in your misery and have taken advantage of the situation to make themselves look good. Start with Parnevik and Watson. Do/did they have jumpoffs while married.

1717 days ago


This is so absurd. He is the greatest golfer today, maybe the greatest, if not the greatest, in history. It's hard to tell, because the game and the tour and the equipment have changed so much.
But, all this security and press and craziness just so he can say he's sorry he cheated on his wife repeatedly. This is SO wrong.
Tiger.....play in a tournament when and if you want to play, and otherwise live your life however you want and don't feel compelled to give press conferences. Don't you have enough money already to IGNORE that the sponsors want ?

1717 days ago


OMG!! nobody cares!!! except his poor pathetic wife! lets hope his host of whores doesnt't ruin her shopping trips! the only person he owes an apology to is Elin. This silly little public event that apparently is more secured and planned than when the President of the US appears, only serves to make him look like a bigger clown than he already does. No questions? no problem..we'll wait for the slew of books that are bound to start hitting the stands any day now! go to Europe..stay 10 years..or not..nobody cares!

1717 days ago


The security for this is ridiculous. Tiger is showing his E-G-O. He is not Obama or even George W. Bush. They don't need to lock down that place like that. He could have just done the conference from his house. Goodness.

1717 days ago


How can the masses follow like lambs to slaughter at the feet of Tiger Woods?

His gold ability, (golf ability) needs fans AND Media!!!

One without the other and Tiger (Sleaze, Low-Life) Woods is just a guy on the Downhill Side of the Phony Facade that banked his love of golf and whores.

1717 days ago


players club? o the irony...

1717 days ago


Could the Tiger Woods legal team please stop posting idiotic pro-Tiger comments! All those comments about "oh, it's none of our business" or "who are we to judge" or "nobody cares" or anything that finds satisfaction in Tiger apologizing in a canned and radiantly phony speaking event on Friday, when he still won't take questions and Nike will be handing him his script............those comments are not fooling anyone! Tiger's behavior speaks for itself, before, during and after him getting caught at it. Tiger Woods is a degenerate. Tiger isn't fooling the public, the golf fans, the PGA, the courses, the sponsors or the hundreds of thousands in all the golf-related businesses.

1717 days ago


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1717 days ago

Liv N. Withabeatdown    


Tiger Woods Moves Press Conference To Playboy Mansion
by Ed E. Druckman
Tiger meets bunnies in LA

(Hollywood-CA) Tiger Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, confirmed today that Tiger Woods' press conference, to be held Friday, would be at the Playboy Mansion. This latest move has both gossip columnists and sports writers scratching their collective heads.

The conference, which marks the golfer's first public statement in three months since his sex scandal, was originally to be held at The Professional Golfers Association's headquarters at Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

The change of venue, however, will not change the format. The event will not be a news conference. Questions will be limited, with a select group of reporters present while others will watch from a nearby conference center on a televised feed. "Everything will be the same, said Steinberg, "except for the Playboy girls. Still, it will be tasteful. They will be wearing formal attire, black business suits body painted on."

When asked why the venue was changed, Steinberg was direct. "What better way to prove Tiger has overcome his sexual addiction than by surrounding him with these women? I know there are some who will scoff at that saying, 'That's not a temptation. He slept with most of them anyway.' True, but because an addict used his drug of choice once, will he not use it again?"

While Steinberg would not reveal the exact content of Woods' five-minute statement, the agent did say it would not dodge the tough issues. "The question on everyone's mind will be answered. I won't tell you how. But, spoiler alert, Tiger was not drunk when he crashed his SUV. Kids drink responsibly."

Steinberg also stressed that though the famous golfer has made a grave error in judgment a perspective must be maintained. "Tiger knows he let down his wife, his family and his fans. Yes, he slept with women. But if you consider the entire population of women in the world compared with those Tiger slept with, it's zero. This man has slept with no women, and he's being accused of being unfaithful."

Both Woods and Steinberg may have their hands full, however. The online magazine Gawker.com claims to have obtained a copy of the five-minute statement from former adult dancer Taff E. Luchess, who was Woods' Playboy mansion coordinator.

Luchess said that Woods asked her to review the statement. According to Luchess, Woods had no cash with him at the time and wanted to compensate Luchess for her work. The two then had sex. Luchess claims, "He told me that it's not sex, because it's for an exchange of services, a business transaction."

Steinberg was asked about this. "I'm not even going to dignify it with a response. The statement stands on its own. And for those who doubt it, Tiger can produce the receipt."

1717 days ago
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