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ESPN Host Suspended Over 'Hurtful' Comments

2/23/2010 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN has officially suspended "Pardon the Interruption" host Tony Kornheiser for 2 weeks -- after TK made "hurtful and personal comments" about a female SportsCenter anchor.

The drama began last week on Kornheiser's radio show -- when he commented on an outfit Hannah Storm wore during a recent SC broadcast, saying her "Catholic school plaid skirt" was "way too short for somebody" her age. He also claimed her tight shirt looked like a "sausage casing."

Yesterday, Kornheiser did not appear on PTI -- and now an ESPN executive VP of content John Skipper is finally offering an explanation: "Tony Kornheiser's comments about Hannah Storm were entirely inappropriate."

Skipper added, "Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences. Tony has been suspended from PTI for two weeks."

Kornheiser has already issued an apology on his radio show.

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He said mean vicious things and her shoes fell off.

1670 days ago

Lauren Williams    

wooooooooooooow.....really?! She DID look like crap! If he told a male worker (not gay) he looked terrible would this be an issue? NOPE! Women fight for equality but the instant they get their feelings hurt, outrage and claims of "harassment" come pouring in! There is real harassment out there, but its so hard to take a complaint seriously. So lame... grow a backbone and make fun right back. Look how goofy looking he is!

1670 days ago


What the hell is going on at ESPN? Recent incidences makes the network look like a an episode of Mad Men. Sounds and looks like a good old boy country club...a throw back to another forgetful era in behavior and what corp turns a blind side to.

1670 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

I saw the picture.
I'd do her.

1670 days ago


Just another ESPN misogynist.

1670 days ago


Man that Woman Hanna Storm is god awful ugly and too dame old to be wearing clothes that are better on a 20 something girl. I throw up a little in my mouth whenever I see her in one of her Halloween Costumes on sports show and why don't these woman sportscaster do a little bit of homework and get into the passion of the game instead of just reading scripts (BORING) because you can tell it's written by men by the lingo that they are reading. She's freaking horrible and kudos to Tony for saying what was on lots of peoples minds. And really Tony probably took a bullet for lots of executives at ESPN who were thinking that exact same thing about her clothes if the truth be told.

1670 days ago


Perhaps he likes her and she has not paid attention to his advances and he wants to get even. The idiot! Hannah is thin, physically fit and looks great in that skirt & boots. I'm sure management has either approved or told her what to wear. Now Tony K. ought to look in the mirror, he's no prize. He's got bags under his eyes, has frizzled hair & is balding. He's no GQ model. He must be jealous that she looks great for any age and he looks worn.

1670 days ago


This particular outfit was exceptionally horrid! It wouldn't look good on ANYBODY and it should never, ever have been worn. In addition, it is evident that this woman has absolutely zero fashion sense and should consider perhaps getting a stylist to spare SportsCenter viewers and her co-workers from this kind of visual assault in the future. Quite frankly, it seems that all of her attire is a major distraction - and not in a positive, enjoyable way.

1670 days ago

um, no thanks    

This is why some women should not work in sports, they can't handle the man aspect, the silly side of the male personality that never changes and lives in most every one of us.
Men in the same jobs rip on each others clothes most every weekend.
Ever watch Jimmy and Howie and Bradshaw?
In fact some of them seem to dress for and enjoy the comments like Deon and Irvin looking like pimps.
I remember one of Howies suits being compared to a mobsters, it was funny in a silly juvenile way.
If you wear something that is out of the norm, which she clearly did, everyone should be able to roll with it.

You can bet your rear end some of the people in the control room running the show thought it was funny.
It's the nature of the money making beast of sports coverage.
She's a big girl.
She could have tied her shirt at the bottom and been in a Britney Spears video if she were 25 years younger and she knows it.

1670 days ago


Hey, "gutsygirl". It sounds more like you're a misandrist.

1670 days ago


Was it the truth? If so, someone should tell her. And, shame on her friends if they didn't.

1670 days ago


Tony gets smacked for being honest. Hannah Storm's clothes are ALWAYS inappropriate on SportsCenter. Stacey London should take her shopping.

1670 days ago


He's bald, ugly, heavy New York accent, and apparently is a combative prick. I see how he has a career in television.

1670 days ago

Dirt Burger    

It's time to put Tony and loud mouth Chris Berman and all these ESPN losers who think they have to come up witha funny, clever phrase every 5 seconds out to pasture. Their time has come and gone! Tony sucked even more than Dennis Miller on MNF

1670 days ago

Dirt Burger    

By the looks of Hannah's extensive plastic surgey and wardrobe that should be on a teenager instead of a 40 year old woman, it looks like Hannah is coping with age about as well as Madonna! Face it Hannah, you are not 25 anymore, deal with it.

1670 days ago
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