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Jayson Williams Can Score in Prison

2/25/2010 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Jayson Williams was taken to the clink this week after being sentenced to 5 years behind bars -- but there's an upside: The place has a b-ball hoop he can use to get in with the cool kids.

Jayson Williams

Jayson was shipped off to Hunterdon County Correctional Facility in New Jersey on Monday -- but we're told it's only a temporary home for Williams until he's transferred to more permanent quarters.

Williams has to serve at least 18 months behind bars before he's eligible for parole -- so hopefully the next place has a hoops court too.

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1664 days ago


Some people have everything handed to them on a GOLD platter; fame, looks, unbelievable wealth, fancy cars, luxurious homes, beautiful women and amazing talent! Yet, they purposely throw it all away in exchange for a piss stained concrete & steel prison cell.


1664 days ago


This story is disgusting. He murdered a man and gets a slap on the wrist. I've read his violent history which includes the cold-blooded shooting of his dog. The man is a psychopath that belongs behind bars for the rest of his life. A murderer and a racist. His last comment to the limo driver as he talked down to him and berated him, "go get your shoeshine box, boy." A man, while a man lay dying on the floor, blood sprayed everywhere, said, "I just ruined my life," and proceeded with friends to dispose of the evidence. According to witnesses, afterwards he jumped into his swimming pool to remove gunshot residue. This man is truly a monster.

1664 days ago


Jayson used to live in a 30,000-square-foot mansion. Now he rots in a cramped prison cell sleeping on a cheap wrought-iron cot.

He used to enjoy gourmet meals cooked by well-trained chefs. Now he eats cheap hots dogs for lunch and watered down oatmeal for breakfast. Dinner is greasy fish sticks and runny mashed potatoes.

He had millions of adoring fans. Now, his only fans are inmates who can't wait to bump and grind his body cavities.

He used to travel the world first class. Now his travel itineary includes; messhall, prison yard, shower stalls and back to his cell.

He should become pen pals with OJ and Rae Carruth.

1664 days ago


Yes Yes Yes....

1664 days ago


Well in NJ, you can only spend up to 12 months in the county if you're a State prisoner waiting to be transfered. It goes like this: from Hunterdon County, he SHOULD go to CRAF (Central Receiption yada yada) and then from CRAF they will assign him to a prison - hopefully they'll send his a$$ to Bayside in Millville and he'll get a taste of what prison is really like! More than likely though, he'll be kept in the county lock-up and then he'll get his release because well, he's "famous". It's all b.s. because there are plenty of men and women in the Jersey penal system who committed crimes similar to his and who have a hell of a lot more time to do than him. He should get a 5 with an 85%, why didn't he? Most criminals in NJ have to do their time with an 85% these days, not flat time with parole like it seems Mr. W is going to get to have. Pure and utter b.s.! He should be doing at least 15 with an 85% imho.

1664 days ago


Jayson should be transfered to either the TAMS in Colorado or sent to Stateville in Illionis. He shouldn't be sent to some conutry club. He should do all 5 years not 18 months. He needs a realit check.

1664 days ago


county for guys in hunterdon isn't that bad he's a crybaby, i've had friends in there. lol it's in my backyard basically me and jayson are neighbors now!! He should try being a girl in county I've heard that's no good.

1664 days ago


That cell is bigger than my first apartment in NYC.

1664 days ago


my sister worked at this country club in nj and he used to hit on her all the time. she never went out with him, but this is all around where i live...

1664 days ago

Sal Cantarvo    

What color is this guy again, I forgot, seriously, can some one please let me know? Thanks in advance.


1663 days ago

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