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Cops Say Chikezie Used Hot Credit Card

2/26/2010 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chikezie EzeChikezie Eze was arrested after trying to buy men's cologne on a stolen credit card ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... the former "American Idol" was busted at Neiman Marcus last night and booked on felony identity theft.

Chikezie told us earlier today he used a Neiman's credit card with his name on it to purchase two bottles of cologne, but we've now learned the store flagged the plastic as a "stolen credit card."

Chikezie is out on $50,000 bail ... the approximate price of two bottles of cologne at Neiman's.

UPDATE: A rep for Neiman Marcus tells TMZ, "We're cooperating with local authorities."


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I want to know where he got the bail money? Honestly I live near him, and I have seen him playing local shows around town, with very LOW attendence. Maybe because MOST people wouldnt be caught dead in the areas forementioned, or would be dead if caught in said locations. Anywho Im just saying.........

1699 days ago


Guess I was the only one that didn't know Chicezee was gay.

1699 days ago


Allow me to be the first to say... WHO THE HELL???

1699 days ago


He's reverted back to his TSA days. Rob'n & Stealin'!!!!!!

1699 days ago


Whoa! Sounds like he's achieved the fastest bad credit rating in recorded history.

1698 days ago

skimps macgee    

>>16. TMZ get real...$50,000 for two bottles of cologne??

Posted at 1:40PM on Feb 26th 2010 by rick

hyperbole /haɪp'ɜːʳbəli/ listen

* noun: exaggeration, hyperbola, overstatement

If someone uses hyperbole, they say or write things that make something sound much more impressive than it really is

They teach this in high school....

1697 days ago


There is absolutely no new information that would warrant an additional subject heading. TMZ must be getting desperate to pad their posts! SMH

1700 days ago

dr cyclops    

why is lawrence taylor getting arrested isnt he still playing football??and he looks fat too

1700 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Guess the singing career isn't taking off too well.....

1700 days ago


DUH. This is what these people do. like yeah!

1700 days ago

Reality Check    

Is this really as story - the guy stunk up Idol and apparently he was trying to cover his stink with some over priced cologne from Needless Mark-Up. You can buy a small bottle of Tim McGraw after-shave at Wal-Mart for about 6 dollars.

1700 days ago

London not England    

HA -.....The SAME thing happened to ME in 1984, only it was for a Luis Vuitton Bag at that SAME NEIMAN MARCUS store in Beverly Hills.....

The Beverly Hills Jail is a clean one though......

1700 days ago


So, he's saying just because his name is on the card, it has to be legit? Im sure TMZ will keep up posted..Like we care about him!

1700 days ago


i have no sympathy for this heaping pile o crap... good luck finding your eventual job match at McD's now, Chakeeezee .. felonious theft means you can't even rent an apartment in most cities.. and for what? a couple bottles of hundred dollar perfume.. CHAKEEZER's a GENIUS in a BOTTLE

1700 days ago


Sorry TMZ there is no cologne for 50 thou in nemain marcus sorry to tell ya have any of you ever been to that store ????? give me a breck!

1700 days ago
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