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Scotty Lago's

Olympic Conspiracy Theory

2/27/2010 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scotty Lago thinks the woman who got down on her knees in Vancouver and simulated kissing his crotch -- the infamous photo that got him kicked out of Vancouver -- was a set-up, because she tried to do basically the same thing to Michael Phelps.

Scotty Lago
The bronze medal-winning snowboarder was super chatty on his way into "Jimmy Kimmel Live," claiming the chick who kissed his medal and then went South had also approached Michael Phelps and tried dragging him into a make-out session.

As for the Olympic Committee making him leave Vancouver before the closing ceremony -- Scotty says he's pissed.

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First off...This was JUST posted right now so why does it was 12:30AM and why isn't it on the top??? TMZ always does this.
If he got kicked out then the Canadian underage ice hockey players who were drinking on the ice shouldn't be there for the closing ceremony either. He's a young kid who was out on the public street..but he shouldn't have brought his medal out with him.

1696 days ago


Sorry now it says 12:55AM..TMZ is about 9 hours off..It was just put up now.

1696 days ago


So what if it was posed. He fell for it, the dumb ass.

1696 days ago


Should have followed Michaels example....

1696 days ago

Michelle 2    

Sure, he made a mistake, but the USOC shouldn't have asked him to leave and then have him say it was his idea. End the uptightness!!

1696 days ago


he was an embarrassment to the USA athletes because of this- so you notice that they didn't speak out to defend him in an effort to keep him there after this got out

1696 days ago


I'd be mad, too, if I were him!! Those stupid a$$ Canadian Womens Hockey team did worse and the Olympic Comm. is like, "Whatever. Be more discreet!" Screw them!!

1696 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

"Me love you long time"...yeah right. Setup my a$$. One of the lessons here kids is taking responsibility for your own actions. Apparently dip stick snowboarders are as stupid and self-centered as run of the mill celebrities.

1696 days ago


Shut up and go home, stupid snowboard jerk. "Oh, a little Asian chick forced me to hang my shiny bronze medal over my weewee", is that your story? "Then she made me stand there with a stupid grin on my face while she sucked and kissed the medal which just happened to be hanging over my crotch." Oh, you doper idiot, just STFU. You have embarrassed America enough, just go home and stick your head in the snow.

1696 days ago


Snowboarding does not belong in the Olympics. These troglodyte boarders do not belong at the Olympic venues. This lowlife doper showed what he thought of the Olympics and America when he chose to hang that medal over his crotch for the world to see and for cheap chicks to kiss and suck. Now he cries that he was set up, wah wah wah. What a moron.

1696 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

"...the Canadian underage ice hockey players" - Lisa

"Those stupid a$$ Canadian Womens Hockey team did worse" - YourMomma

There was only one underage ice hockey player, Marie-Philip Poulin, who turns 19 next month. She also happened to score the 2 goals against the US to win gold. So stop your whining. Suck it up.
It's the custom to celebrate with alcohol after winning a championship in hockey culture. In the Stanley Cup, they drink champagne out of the trophy. However they don't drink to get wasted.

Unfortunately, letting a teenage girl nibble your medal while you place it at your crotch has no precedent in sport, thus the reason the dude got sent home. It was simply the act of one self-indulgent, spoiled athlete.

1696 days ago


Had Scott Lago had the pride and good sense to wear his medal around his neck, then the world would have seen pictures of a woman kissing his medal in a sweet, decent fashion and there would have been no problem. Because he chose to hang his medal over his crotch, where his little brain resides....there was a problem. Apparently the little brain does all the hard thinking for Scotty, and that is sad. He was not "set up", he was just caught in his arrogant and boorish actions.

1696 days ago


If you look at the picture, it wasn't hanging from his crotch. She had it in her mouth with her head over his crotch.

1696 days ago


completely wrong story. The girl in the picture was not involved with the Phelps kissing deal. Not all asians look the same. Also no one tried to make out with Phelps either. Also drinking some alcohol on the ice after a victory game and allowing a girl to simulate oral sex on you are completely different.

1696 days ago


To clarify. the reporter in question is not the same report that attempted to kiss Micheal Phelps. If you look into t=who this reporter is her hair is twice as long, like she said, not all asians look alike. We just have a crying snowboarder who wants to blame someone else other than himself.

TMZ, needs to check this out properly, cause the reporter herself just commented on this on canadian television CTV.

1696 days ago
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