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Ben Roethlisberger Photographed With Accuser

3/8/2010 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger had his arm around his accuser before the alleged assault ... and she had a big grin as she wrapped her arms around him. No doubt Ben's lawyer -- rightly or wrongly -- will make hay of this.

We now know the accuser's identity -- we will not post the picture in this story. A photo of the two taken at Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Georgia shortly before the alleged incident shows a cozy scene -- at least at that moment in time.

Of course, a photo never tells the whole story, and the mood could have darkened in an instant. Police sources tell TMZ the woman claims Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her in the women's bathroom.

And, other women in the bar also posed for photos with Roethlisberger before the alleged incident.

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Dirt Burger    

Ben, seems to have a problem, maybe spending some time in a jail cell with no one asking him to take pictures will help him.

1691 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

oh no I smell Gloria Allred !

dont any of these women ever have a job ?

gold diggin ho's

1691 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Why doesn't Ben pick on someone his own size! Like Oscar winner Monique!

1691 days ago


You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, TMZ! This c-word can go out there and make whatever accusations she wants, and you will post it. This is ruining Big-Ben's life, but she can stay completely anonymous and you won't even post her picture.

When Mike Nifong railroaded those Duke Lacrosse players, the media did the same thing, and the lying whore who made those clearly false allegations is still basically anonymous.

If criminal defendants are truly "innocent until proven guilty" then it is unfair to try their cases in the media without reveling important, and relevant information about the accusers.

1691 days ago


I don't care if he was dancing with her...if she at any point said no to his big-dumb-ass....it's ASSAULT. I am so sick of these pro athletes thinking that just because of who they are, all women are just going to drop to their knees for them...granted, the types of clubs he frequents, probably doesn't attract the highest-quality women, but NO IS NO...he's obviously a tool that needs to get his ass kicked :)

1691 days ago


Date rape does happen, don't make light of it. Maybe "Big Ben" doesn't know the meaning of the word, NO. One would think by now, a seasoned athletic that chooses to go bar-hopping and enjoys the attention of star struck college age kids, would learn to control himself. Why does Ben put himself in these situations if he cannot control himself? He obviously has no respect for young, too young to drink young women.
With a previous lawsuit pending, what's Big Ben's problem?

1691 days ago

hot snot    

i suppose this is going to drag on and on and on too? You should post her picture. You should also post the pic of how angry she was when he chose to spend the rest of the evening with another girl. She is just a jaded girl who got forgotten at "da club" and now she is crying rape. Boo hoo.

1691 days ago


whether they were flirting or friendly throughout the night it doesn't matter. if she said 'no' or was too intoxicated to consent at any point it's rape, period.

1691 days ago

hot snot    

I love how almost everyone is already assuming he is guilty. LOL, you are all a bunch of idiots. Jealous jealous idiots. Steelers suck, but that doesn't mean the guy is a rapist.

1691 days ago


The AP, meanwhile, spoke with multiple college students about Roethlisberger's behavior at the Capital City nightclub:

Amber Hanley, a 21-year-old college student, said she and a few friends were also in the VIP area with Roethlisberger. She said she asked the quarterback to take a photo with her friend, whose boyfriend was a fan, but he seemed disappointed that's all she wanted. Hanley said she rolled her eyes, and Roethlisberger called her an expletive and walked away. Later, Roethlisberger was aggressively hitting on another girl, Hanley said.

Yeah, quite the gentleman.

1691 days ago


ESPN is reporting that the club is under constant surveillance and the owner keeps the videos for 6 days. Thus, there may be video of them entering the ladies room.

If so, how they enter will be very telling as to whose story is legit.

1691 days ago


Come on - what is "aggresively hitting on" ???? thats a bunch of crap. These people are trying to make flirtting sound bad. Innocent until proven guilty - this is America. Lets get all the facts before we judge.

1691 days ago


Well Well Well finally a WHITE THUG! Where are all you bias racist folks harping about another black Thug? only 10 comments? When Kobe was accused it was over 300 comments the first day the story broke. this has been going on for days. Yet I dont see Thug and animal and all kind of racist chants calling this man names. TMZ showing your true racist colors I see. hmmm.. wonder how long befor you stop covering this story altogether huh? Dont feel so good when its a White NFL player charged with rape. I thought only Black NFL stars did that..Oh My Golly! I am just shocked to tears!

1691 days ago


I'm with Brad, how they went in will show something but how they come OUT of the bathroom will tell more.

1691 days ago

chicken head    

she wanted it!! and asked for it-

1691 days ago
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