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Cops: Big Ben Accuser Was 'Hysterical'

3/8/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault was "hysterical" when she spoke with cops ... this according to a source at the Milledgeville Police Department.

We're told Ben's accuser arrived at the P.D. with three other women. According to a source at the police department, Ben's accuser was extremely emotional and looked like she had been crying for hours.

Ben's agent, Ryan Tollner, said on Friday, "we are skeptical of motive." Our source begged to differ, saying Ben's accuser did not look like a girl who was making it up.

Roethlisberger has not been charged.

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Sounds like Ben has a little problem when it comes to women.

1688 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

I wonder If Ben is caught on tape or witnesses can confirm him providing alcohol to an underage 20 year old? That is question #1 because if yes then he goes to jail for that. Then what was her blood alcohol level? If she was impaired, then she couldn't give consent to sex and Ben gets a prision cell.

1688 days ago


Too bad for white women that Ben isn't a Michael Vick or some other black guy. He wouldn't have gotten past the first one.

1688 days ago


This is another example of athletes using resources to get off with assault. Delay, delay, delay the trial - the longer the wait, the more work for prosecution to keep up with witnesses/people in the club - if there were no witnesses, then nothing ever happened afterall; victimize the victim - call her a whore, find her number and harass her - fear any other future victim to come forward.

I'm sure Ben will come out of this clean and will continue on sexually assaulting broads

1688 days ago

M'ville resident    

I don't know the girl, but my college-attending neighbor does. Said she was nice, but was the type to take advantage of the situation. I asked "Is this her ticket"? She said yes.

Capitol City is one of those places the college administration and the residents would love to see closed down. The place is a dive!

As far as Ben goes, that is just trashy behavior by a trashy person.

1688 days ago


WOW 2 accusations of sexual assault within 2 years. He has a problem. Time to get help .

1688 days ago


One time I had drugs in my pocket. The police were called for something (nothing to do with me) The police approached me with these huge German shepherds to question me about something that had happened.

I thought the dogs would smell the drugs on me so I started to cry hysterically and shake and said I was terrified of dogs because I had been attacked once by one. It was a complete lie in an attempt to get away from these dogs.

It worked the cops walked away with their dogs and told me I could go ahead and leave.

We females can be quite the actresses when we need to be.

1688 days ago

Teresa Davey    

This is totally crazy, evidentially this girl saw $$$$ signs. How can she know the exact weight and exact height of Big Ben? I would say with the economy the way it is that people would do and say anything to get money in any way. Shame on you girl.

1688 days ago

capt andy    

I like how the cops say they would like to talk to big(little)ben,,if it was anybody else they would have already talked to him and if the guy was black he would be in jail.one thing for certain is he is guilty of being stupid...why put yourself in these situation over and over..steeelers need to get rid of him and if he is guilty,,he will have to registar as a sex offender ha ha isnt that funny ....maybe he just likes them young and dumb..

1688 days ago


How do we know he didnt do it? I am so tired of people thinking just because he has money the women are lying! I know alot of wealthy men because of my family! Trust me when I say 90% of them think that they can have what they want when they want it! I am just saying dont rush to judgement that this girl is lying! She could be telling the truth! This drives me nuts! People think oh he is rich he has morals...Please! There is just as many rich pedifiles as poor ones!

1688 days ago

DJ Jeff    

One of the very first things that are done when a report of sexual assault is made is to do a rape kit. They look for physical evidence of forced entry, fluids, hairs, etc.
The reason that Ben hasn't been charged and it's 3 days later is probably because there was no such evidence of any wrongdoing.
His other case in Nevada couldn't make it through criminal court and it's going through civil court because some whacked up floozy who BRAGGED about being with Ben, needs some attention and money.
This is exactly the same case. Ben was around teammates all night. Did anyone see the report? The police said a 20 year old female made a report that a man, who had brown hair and blue eyes, stood 6'8" and weighed 241 pounds sexually assaulted her. Why not 240 or 250? But 241 on the dot? Maybe she works the "guess your weight" booth at 6 flags. Looks like SOMEONE has been reading up on his profile . . .

1688 days ago


I live in Ohio and I spoke with a few of my friends that went to school with Ben. None of them were surprised by the allegations! This is going to get worse ans worse as the stories mount. Another example of why people should NOT look up to atheletes!

1688 days ago


CRYSTAL GREAT TAKE! If you read what I said, we agree 100%.

1688 days ago


At least she didn’t wait two years. But, really, a public bathroom in a crowded bar and somehow it was just him and her in the bathroom? NO witnesses? Seems a little fishy. Especially with the number of women that were obviously crawling all over him - does NOT look like he’d need to attack anyone to get some as plenty of women look like they would have loved to take him home.

1688 days ago


There needs to be stricter guidelines for professional athletes. I am tired of reading about their public behavior, usually involving bars. Whether they like it or not, athletes are role models and if they can't define their own boundaries, the commission should.

I cannot believe the Steelers Organization does not have Ben on a shorter rope. It's simple: no bars, no public drinking, no carousing.

1688 days ago
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