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Dr. Phil -- I Don't Wanna Be on the Internet!!

3/9/2010 2:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. PhilDr. Phil McGraw doesn't want to see the deposition in his interior design lawsuit ending up on the Internet -- and he's filed court papers to make sure that never happens.

The good doctor is involved in a he-said/she-said lawsuit with a decorating duo that claims Phil and his wife Robin screwed them over. The McGraws countersued, saying they were overcharged for work.

According to court docs filed last week, McGraw wants to make sure his videotaped deposition is sealed because he thinks "the plaintiffs believe that the threat of the release of the discovery to the tabloids will give them leverage in the case."

Both sides are due back in court next month.


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Penis Hilton    

Snake oil saleman alert. This fool is not even a real doctor.

1687 days ago


This guy is a total joke.

1687 days ago


Is he still on TV??

1687 days ago


Pay your bill, you're a millionaire!

1687 days ago


This guy is a real piece of work. He thinks he is the exception to the everything. He puts himself in the news by his own actions, when its to his advantage. But when it`s not, he thinks he can go and bend the rules, because he had his 15 minutes of fame. Ahh hahaha! Jamope!

1687 days ago


Well I think its ridiculous people here are immediately hating on Phil. Hes a celebrity I don't think he would sue over nothing, he knows it can possibly damage his reputation. I bet celebrities let things slide all the time because they dont want press coverage. Anyway, haven't you ever had things done that were promised a certain price but ended being almost double, or triple the price what was promised? Maybe those people saw their chance to overcharge because Phil is a celebrity and has money.

1687 days ago

Tim McMahon    

This guy is a piece of sh*t douche, not an honest bone in his body.

1687 days ago


Hey Phil we don't *wanna* see you on the internet or on the tv or in person

1687 days ago


what's to hide dr. phil? if they legitimately over-charged you why would you be afraid for us to see you deposed? you're on tv every day.

1687 days ago


This guy's always in trouble.
Thanks for your infinite wisdom, Oprah. Dr. Fool, Rachel EVOOmg Ray, Dr. Odd doing belly dances and

1687 days ago


You expose everyone else on national television "Dr." Phil. What's that problem? The truth always sets your victims free, now it's time for you and your wife to be set free. I think it's time for a one on one w/ the real Dr. Drew...will you go NOW?

1687 days ago


Potato Headed WindBag!

1687 days ago


Why is it that all these movie stars, well I wouldn't exactly call him a movie star, never pay their bills. I guess they think that because they are a well known person they should get everything for free. Personally I think he's a big joke. Hope the guy suing him wins.

1686 days ago


About time this "quack" gave up the ghost. He's a bald-headed bullying bull****ter. Beyond me why he considers himself a "Doctor" he is NOT an MD he has a Phd. That's a huge difference. Ask any real Doctor.
His first wife said he was a bully, l believe her.

1291 days ago


TMZ!! Stop calling this quack a DOCTOR! Google! Checks facts!

1291 days ago

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