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Tiger Woods

Major Clue

in Golf Comeback

3/12/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods has still not announced when he's returning to golf -- but TMZ has learned one upcoming tournament is beginning to make several mysterious arrangements ... arrangements that have Tiger's tracks all over them.

Tiger Woods
It's all connected to the Tavistock Cup -- an exclusive golf tournament scheduled to begin on March 22nd, which pits the Lake Nona Country Club against the Isleworth Country Club ... where Tiger is a member.

The famously private event is known for allowing fans to get up close and personal with the golfers -- but sources close to the tournament tell us management for the Isleworth Country Club, this year's home course, has suddenly decided to cut down on the number of passes given to Lake Nona employees.

We're told several staff members are being told the move is being orchestrated by Tiger's camp in an effort to control who will have access to the golfer when he makes his return.

We'll see if they're right in t-minus 10 days ...

Tiger Woods Hits the Green

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No Avatar

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Funny, I heard he was making his return at the Master's in Augusta.

1652 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HGH detectors at the ready. Tigers cOmming!!

1652 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE Tiger's game,but, do's dude have HERPES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blisters bottom lip.

1652 days ago


wow TMZ this is old news.ESPN was talking about this all day yesterday.

1652 days ago


Isn't it just like Tiger to try and control EVERYTHING? I see the rehab has been working wonders. Elin, smarten up! I hope you haven't had makeup sex with that blistering boy!

1652 days ago


Hell ole Tigger is goin to be so nervious and be hackled so much the only why he will sink a putt is if they put hair around the hole.

1652 days ago



1652 days ago


It would be a shame if female spectators at Tiger's tournaments
called him a 'cheater' or a 'pig' - loudly - just before he takes
every shot, from the tee, or from the rough, wherever.

Of course, the woman would get thrown out, but I bet some of these ladies are cunning enough to work together, and 30-40 of them would each have a ticket, getting thrown out one at a time. All. Day. Long.

But, of course, that would be wrong.

1652 days ago

capt andy    

we will be out in force and risk being arrested so that we can heckle him on live tv..we will be there..unless he pays us not to be
the things we will yell
1.bad tiger bad tiger
2.how are the kids tiger..
3.what that blister on your lip tiger
4.getting any from ellie tiger?
5.when is the video coming out tiger
6.cheeta cheeta cheeta
7.we love you tiger we love you all night long
9.pick me tiger pick me tiger

please vote on the one you like best and we will use it

1652 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

I'm really getting sick of this story. Enough is enough. It's been 4 months and frankly all those stories were proven to be wrong at the end.
Let him come back when he wants to. He's a fabulous golfer and we have a chance to witness one of the greatest sportsman ever.
I think he'll be back at the Masters and concentrate the remaining of the season on the majors. He wants to beat Jack's record . When he'll break and surpass this record he will retire and devote the rest of his life to his family. That's why I believe he will be around for the next four or five years. I'm sure Elin and Tiger have made this deal and frankly this is the best option for him and his family.
So now it's time to back off and leave this family heal in private. They have suffered enough humiliation to last a lifetime.

1652 days ago

Low Down In Windermere    

• Regions Bank filed two lawsuits on 12/23/2008 naming Menaker Investments I as the defendant.
o 2008-CA-0033992-O for default of $3,880,000.00
o 2008-CA-0033999-O for default of $2,510,000.00

• Regions Bank filed the lawsuit on 1/27/2009 naming Giles-Menaker as the defendant.
o 2009-CA-002547-O for default of $1,700,000.00

• Mitch Menaker files for Bankruptcy on 7/29/2009
• Mitch Menaker forms MMDL LLC with Donald Lake (former construction loan contact for Giles-Menaker from Regions Bank) on 6/8/2009
• Mitch Menaker is granted bankruptcy 11/5/2009
• Mitch Menaker and Donald Lake start I Scream Humour Enterprises

Does anyone find it fishy that:

• How does a man default on over $8,000,000 in construction loans from Regions Bank, File for and get approved for bankruptcy, and in the meantime form and develop a new business with the man who was the main contact with Regions Bank for both companies?

• How does Regions Bank allow for the overdraft of a "purchase card" to reach over $140,000 before turning it off (as laid out in lawsuit)?

1652 days ago

capt andy    

why are we seeing all these lame ass ads ..come on tmz..get off your fat behinds and get rid of them..hmm unless your making money off of them

1652 days ago


List of things to do:
1) Pull the wool over the wife's eyes, check.
2) Get back to my first love - golf, check.
3) Get back to my former life, women and more women - can't wait!

1652 days ago


This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how far the PGA will go to ensure that Tiger-bot isn't subjected to some much-deserved ridicule. If banning spectators from the course altogether will make him feel more at ease, that's exactly what they'll do.
Anything to appease their beloved cash cow.

Regarding that bit in his prepared statement about "not getting to play by a different set of rules"...(Ha! Good one, Tiger.)
Saying those words with a straight face was much more amazing than anything he's ever done on a golf course.

1652 days ago



What are you high? Tiger earned every single critisism he is getting. If you're going to putt with all these women, he should take the heat.

1652 days ago
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