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Charlie Sheen -- Plea Bargain Hang-Up

3/15/2010 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen The prosecution in Charlie Sheen's Aspen case is not looking for jail time, but wants Charlie to either cop a plea to a felony or stand trial ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, Charlie is more than willing to plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor with no jail time. And we're told Charlie wants the case dismissed outright at the end of the probationary period.

So the hang-up in cutting a deal is not jail time -- it's whether Charlie pleads to a misdemeanor or a felony. Charlie's position -- prosecutors in Aspen routinely accept misdemeanor pleas for these cases.

But we're told the Aspen D.A. believes Charlie has already gotten one free bite of the apple, because in 1997 he pled no contest to misdemeanor battery in a domestic violence case involving then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

We're told the Aspen D.A. feels -- given Charlie's prior -- a felony is appropriate.


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capt andy    

oh and i am and with your wife

1682 days ago

capt andy    

cuz he is white he gets to make deals while me and my bros spit on the ground and we get hardtime in county out people...the end is coming

1682 days ago

capt andy    

charlie isnt stupid,,he knows if he gets a felony rap that the next time ..and believe me.... there will be a next time "he will do time" doubt about it..its a game they is just a word that sounds good to the judge and makes everyone happy....once a drunk...always a drunk.

1682 days ago


Hope in the future, the headlines will not read "CHARLIE SHEEN MURDERS WIFE"! Put him away while you have the chance. He has had enough chances.

1682 days ago


I don't condone any kind of domestic violence but to me it sounds like both of them were drunk and she was mad and thought she'd get back at him so she called the police not realizing what the outcome would be. Then she tries to back down on her story because she then realizes that this could cut off her money ticket. They evidently both have a drinking and drug problem and need to get help but I think the DA in Aspen is being a hard @ss on this because he's a movie star. Most likely in any other case they would take a plea bargin just to get it over with..but then maybe the DA in Aspen don't have that much work to do so they have time to mess around with this case where as other DA's office will take a plea bargin on anything just to close out a case. But whatever the outcome I think they both were at fault and they both need rehab even though both of them have probably been numerous times and will be back numerous times after all this is over with.

1682 days ago

Who me    

This is bull, he shouldn't even be charged. Women want to have Charlie's hands on them, even if it is a punch. His wife knew who she was marrying, and did it with open arms.

Time for a new broad Charlie

1682 days ago


He's done this before. Why don't you white people who post here, post the same type of crap about him, that you did about Chris Brown?

1682 days ago


Dont want him to go to jail!!!

1682 days ago


He's being targeted cause he's a 9/11 Truther. Feds don't like questions, esp from high profile celebs. Wake up people.

1682 days ago


must be an election year in Aspen. These type of cases are routinely handled by assistant District Attorney's, not the DA him/herself.

1682 days ago


next to sean penn this guy is the biggest loser in lala land. he had gotten a free ride so many times. he is an ugly a**. he deserves jail time. how many women is he gonna get to abuse? what a terrible person.

1682 days ago

Who me    

Women love him, children adore him, he is, the most in interesting man in the world.

1682 days ago


Oh Charlie.

1682 days ago


The DA is right. This is not a first offense. This guy has routinely lost control and intimidated, threatened, and "battered" women. Plea to the felony douche-bag! No one believes that you're actually soryy except for your idiot wife.

1682 days ago


This DA is just that a dumb a$$! She was legally drunk not Charlie. This idiot just wants to make a name for him self. Go to trial Charlie. Let them put the "victim" on the stand and explain her level of intoxication on Christmas morning while her two babies were in the home. Let her explain why we should believe her drunk over Charlie not drunk.

1682 days ago
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