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Erin Andrews -- 'Very Nervous' to See Peeper

3/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sentencing hearing for Erin Andrews' convicted stalker is today -- and last night, the ESPN reporter was "very nervous" about seeing him in court.

Erin Andrews: Click to watch
Erin scoffed at Michael David Barrett's plea for Peeping Tom probation, saying, "I wouldn't let him get out of jail."

As we previously reported, prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence Barrett to 27 months behind bars.


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Sorry Erin but we see what you wear to sporting events on a regular basis and now you'll be wearing next to nothing on Dancing With The Stars. ABC and ESPN burried the story and pictures of you when it came out so please stop trying to milk it now. I hope Kate Gosselin starts a fist fight with you.

1685 days ago

capt andy    

I would love to be in a 3 sum with her,octo mom and kate in it.That would be a money maker.She really isnt all that,I have had much much better.............but then I am a star football player and can do as I please.As long as they dont mind being smacked around a little.

1685 days ago


LAWRENCE! What she wears in public doesn't seem to break any laws. Peeping through holes in wall is breaking the law. See the difference? My seven yr old knows, why don't you?

1685 days ago


Now wait a in prison? OMG Erin, do you think you are that important. This sentence sounds very fair to me. He peeped on you...he didn't rape you, didn't kill you, didn't even kidnap you! Those are crimes deserving life...not videotaping you nude. Get overyourself!!!

1685 days ago


To all you idiots on here saying this made her career, or this or that. If you are a red-blooded American and love sports then you have known who this hottie is for YEARS. She has mentioned in the past, LONG before this pervert entered her life, that she would love to do Dancing with the Stars. She's been a focal point in college sports reporting forever. Don't comment about things you clearly know nothing about.

1685 days ago


She needs to picture him in his underwear and then she won't be nervous. I learned that on the Brady Bunch.

1685 days ago


This whole story is tragic. Who are these people again?

1685 days ago

Hess Cukin    

Yeah Erin he should spend the rest of his life in prison for peeping on a trannie,Erin looks beat Id give her a 2.639 on a scale of 1 to 10.

1685 days ago


who is she?

1685 days ago


This guy's only punishment should be having to attend classes on video production. Erin "Watch me profit by playing the victim" Andrews should keep her mouth shut.

1685 days ago


I wonder if she shaved that big hairy bush yet.

1685 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Erin??? You take my breath away. You are amazingly gorgeous!! Thank you!!

But try and forgive that jacka$$ anyway. The hate ain't worth it.

1685 days ago


Is is just me that it bothers that she seems to be using this peeping Tom ordeal to get more fame? It certainly got her dancing w the stars because before the peeping Tom incident no one knew who she was. she seems to be using this bad thing to gain fame. I feel bad for her and what happened to her but she is using it to gain fame & so how can she say it traumatized her?

1685 days ago


He should be in jail because of the crappy video he shot. Focus, framing, lighting and possibly narration would have helped.

1685 days ago


What a vindictive,angry, spiteful, slightly evil person this one is...the dude has been caught, lost his livelihood, his reputation, his relationship with his family, will in fact do prison time--and yet here you go for the juglar as if he even "touched" you...

Give it a rest Andrews--you and your management team milking this thing from a Victims Rights focus to a "get me in show business" theme...

Shame on you....recall, you came up with ESPN---where its a given all female interns do what it takes with the higher ups to move acting all naive and all, when you have been right in the middle of that abuse by working for an abusive Employer.

1685 days ago
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