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Kobe Lawyer May Join Charlie Sheen Defense

3/24/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Hal Haddon, a partner in the law firm that defended Kobe Bryant, has been approached by Charlie Sheen's reps to possibly take over Charlie's Aspen criminal case.

Haddon's Denver-based firm, Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, has handled a number of high-profile cases. Pamela Mackey, a partner in Haddon's firm, pummeled prosecutors in Kobe's sexual assault case until they threw in the towel and the judge dismissed the charges in 2004.

We've learned Haddon has told Charlie's team he would take the case and we're told he will "probably" get it, although not everyone on Charlie's team thinks it's the way to go -- partly because of the association with the Kobe case.

Haddon is a Colorado powerhouse who is not afraid to go to trial -- something that could actually prompt a plea bargain.

As we first reported, Charlie's current lawyers have begun negotiations with prosecutors. As we told you, the prosecutor agrees Charlie should not go to jail. The hangup is that the defense wants to plead to a misdemeanor but prosecutors want a felony plea.


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Why not? All the chicks run to Gloria Alred to represent them? Anyways, we all know he will walk, because he is CBS's golden goose. And, both Sheen and wife are crackheads and both guilty of abusing each other. Its a joke and a waste of money.

1613 days ago

excretive producer    

The defense rests.

1614 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Great choice, Pam certainly did kick ass defending a guilty Kobe, he should do the same for Chucklenuts.
Let this be a lesson to guys - ALL of your life's problems will involve women. This is why God invented prostitutes.

1614 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Comments down again.

1614 days ago


Roxy Roxy Snowboard

1614 days ago


Why can't we just vote on his innocence or guilt? If he'd promise to make that fiance storyline disappear, I'd vote not guilty.

1614 days ago


Any word on Neil Fifer filling in on the show if Charlie is unable to fulfill that obligation?

1614 days ago


Why do so many blacks do the same thing with their mouth that Kobe is doing? Pay attention. They really do. Weird.
Is it "cultural?"

1614 days ago


Charges should have been dropped once it became clear that BOTH parties were at fault, and BOTH were seeking private and expensive counseling. I also easily understand why a person, ANY person, would not want any FELONY conviction on their record.

1614 days ago


1614 days ago


Yeah, but this time the victim is not some scared college girl and this isn't Charlie's first boo-boo... Kobe didn't have a violent criminal history like Charlie, huge difference.

1614 days ago


This case should be dropped. Charlie and his wife have no desire to proceed so what is the point? Should either of them really end up with a felony conviction simply over an event which neither of them wants to deal with anymore?

There is no proof Charlie hurt his wife, nor she hurt him. Yet this baseless criminal action is hurting both of these good people.

I admire Charlie very much. His talent is obvious, anyone with his talent would not bother to do things to hurt others. Yet, we, the public, are so quick to condemn. Why is that? Charlie sheen and his wife are public people and yet they pay the price for that. Fair? No way!

Ok, haters, drimp the overtunes on this space now. I know you will. However, I will continue to give the example which shows more than less than what happened in the past. Thanks for your reading.

1613 days ago


How much money has Charlie spent on this spousal abuse thing? Is it in the millions? Only a rich person could hire lawyers and publicists to make you look innocent. If it were me I would have served my time and that would be it. Charlie Sheen take responsibility for your actions and put your wallet away! What a loser! Anyone that needs to have a sober coach is way too entitled!!

1613 days ago


these idiots that think just because the guy is on tv he must be innocent,,, amaze me..he doesnt want a felony charge because when it happens again,,and believe me it will happen again he will go to jail..if it is a misdemeanor he will get off free again,,the guy is a mental case and has to be lame is that..but you have these morons on here that thinks just because he can act he cant be a bad guy...once again if you have the cash can beat the system........

1613 days ago


"The hangup is that the defense wants to plead to a misdemeanor but prosecutors want a felony plea."

How stupid can you get. I know the prosecutor thinks the first case was his "free one"...but just think what both sides are going to pay for this'd be way better off looking at the big picture, give him his misdemeanor plea and get that total dollar amount in the form of a fine from CS which could then be sent as a donation to battered women shelters.

And BTW, yes i think he has been guilty in all of the cases, but I also think the women blew the facts out of proportion and probably the current gold-digger provoked it...I'm not saying she deserved or asked for the DEGREE of response she got...but she certainly is not innocent in this.

Bottom line? The money in the form of a donation would do far more good than the "wood" the prosecutor would get from getting a felony plea. It is not like a pattern of "misdemeanor" pleas for domestic violence won't carry the same weight as a "felony" plea should this ever happen again.

1613 days ago
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