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Don't Bank on Chikezie Eze

4/2/2010 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Chikezie Eze owes Bank of America more than $17,000 ... which in Neiman Marcus terms is 28 bottles of cologne.

You'll recall Mr. Eze was charged last Friday with attempting to buy 2 bottles of really, really expensive cologne at Neiman's using fraudulent credit cards. Neiman's, which charges more than $1,200 for the two bottles of cologne has not been charged with highway robbery -- so far.

In the B of A civil lawsuit, the bank claims Eze overdrew funds from his account and owes $17,433.63.


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Another wanna-be star. He can learn how to sing in jail.

1665 days ago


How does one rack up $17,000 in overdraft fees? Every bank I've heard of will cover overdrafts to a certain extent, but that limit is a couple hundred or so. NOT $17,000+. He may not be a saint of financial genius, but something certainly does not ring accurate about overdrafts for that amount.

1665 days ago


Like you said yourself thats PEANUTS. Nothing to ban the guy from music for that for certain! 17,000 is equal to 28 bottles of cologne, we can agree. Or a pre-owned sub-compact car. Or equivalent to 4 weeks pay for someone making $205k per year. Thats $472 per month for 36 months. If he pays $7000 and gets that number to $10000 thats $416 for 24 months. Compare that to the starved mooches in the banking industry asking Obama for handouts!! A drop in the bucket. Inflation alone will pay that off (Trickle Down Economy)! Look at Mr Moynihan's salary (CEO) of $544,000 per month. Now compare $17000. Its laughable. If he won idol he could have carried 17k in his pocket. Plus im sure the publicity alone will allow him to make 6 figures, a dream of many starved americans.

1665 days ago


Learn to sing in jail? Over 17,000 LOL thats a used honda accord. I bet people reading this have lost their car before. What about houses. What about a $650,000 mortgage thats been forclosed. There are plenty of WAYYYY Bigger losers (maybe not literally in size) out there messing up our economy! Pay your car notes and house notes america! let the bird feed go for the birds

1665 days ago


cha kiz who?

1664 days ago


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1664 days ago


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1664 days ago


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1664 days ago


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1664 days ago


A bunch of people should get together, go to teh dollar store, buy some of that cheap $1 cologne they sell there and ship it to him as a love offering.

1664 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

You can take the man out of Nigeria, but you can't take Nigeria out of the man. Is he one of those princes I receive mail about regularly??

1663 days ago

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