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Kate Gosselin's Lean

Jon's Mean

4/6/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon Gosselin and his attorney are "mean-spirited" and "reckless" by suggesting she's become an absentee mom by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate Gosselin's Lean, Jon's Mean
Mark Momjian is reacting to TMZ's story, that Jon and his lawyer, Anthony F. List, will file legal papers asking for primary physical custody of the couple's 8 kids as well as child support.

Momjian says Jon's move is, "downright offensive and outrageous," adding, "Kate has been the primary parent of these kids since they day they were born." Momjian says "DWTS" is not interfering with her ability to parent, and that "she is devoted to her children."

And this parting shot from Momjian: "I can't believe anyone would take their claim serious, but consider what we're dealing with."


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Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

After DWTS is over Kate will be going on talk shows promoting her new book and going to book signings. Funny her attorney don't mention that, huh?

1661 days ago


i'd rather see kate raising these kids than that big, lazy, good for nothing a$$. at least she's able to take care of them financially while he's running around chasing 'new' meat!

1661 days ago


Kate does not have 2, or even four kids. SHE HAS EIGHT, six that are 5ish and two that are 9ish. STABILITY is what these kids NEED. 1) I watched their show from beginning TO A POINT. But, Kate's MEAN spiritedness, low self-esteem (why "I" think she picked on Jon so much, and NOW WE KNOW WHY :)
2) She and TLC/Discovery have made it so JON cannot go out and do any publicity stuff. WHY are they letting Kate go out and make money elsewhere?????
SO, I say, she wants to be the breadwinner, then let Jon take care of the kids.

1661 days ago


What a loser.. at least she is working and supporting those kids instead of sitting on her ass collecting welfare.. Jon needs to get a life.. his only interest in those kids is getting money off Kate.

1661 days ago


No worries. After last nights performance she may be the next one axed.

1661 days ago


I agree with Kate's lawyer. She's out working. Not seeking men to live off of or doing drugs. Jon is unemployed by his own mouth's antics. He has no place to live. He lives off of rich girlfriends' parents in their mansions. He stands around talking to paps while smoking. The timing here is impeccable. He's jealous and desperate. His atty, a US atty, has no background in family law either. Poor Kate, she's trying to provide for her children and he's trying to screw it for her. I really don't like this man!

1661 days ago


Jon Gosselin is the biggest douche bag of all time. They ought to hand out trophies for this he would win hands down. YUK he is the ugliest guy around and I hope all women avoid this guy like he is a walking case of herpes Nasty nasty nasty!! Kate the smartest thing you ever did was dumping this douche bag. He is a lousy human being and a lousy father not to mention a deadbeat Dad too.

1661 days ago


WOW.. Funny for her to be saying someone else is mean. Take a look in the mirror lady. YOUR the meanest bitch on the planet. YOU have NO right being gone for so many days in a row. I hope Jon with his new powerhouse atty makes her PAY.. Karma is a real mother.

1661 days ago


No one ever asked Mel Gibson where his kids were when he was making movies, cheating on his wife. What, would people rather she just go on welfare? I say, good for her for having a job and keeping it together.

1661 days ago


Jon cannot provide for or take care of these kids. The notion is utterly absurd. I hope they pull all his past girlfriends out of the woodwork and depose them. That will make him retreat in a nano second.

1661 days ago


Two famewhores having a pissing contest, oh yeah!! It is nice to only have to skim the text as these two idiots could make my ears bleed if I actually had to listen to this bulls@it.

1661 days ago


Sorry to say. I'm wearing my virtual "Team Jon" T-shirt. She has 8 kids not 2. All of the talk shows and appearances she's making isn't good parenting at all.

1661 days ago


Jon is the biggest lazy a**h*l* I have ever seen. I can't believe he is trying to say he would be the better parent. He just wants to get out of paying child support. Its own fault no one wants to hire him, he is douch. I am happy for Kate she is great home trying to raise 8 children on her own, good for her to be out earning money to support her family. Jon just wants her to pay him child support so he can sit on his ass and do nothing, like he has been doing for like last year almost.

1661 days ago


All this clown ever has in his life, is pathetic lawyers, and 20 yr. old females telling us his pee pee size. Please make them all go away.

1661 days ago


All these Jon fans.. how do you suggest she supports these kids if she doesnt work? You are stupid. She is doing the right thing by working and taking care of the kids.

1661 days ago
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