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Jon Gosselin:

I Voted for Kate

4/7/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Jon Gosselin voted for Kate on "Dancing with the Stars" this week, but there may have been a serious ulterior motive.

Jon's lawyer, former U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he'll file legal papers -- probably in about two hours -- asking a judge to change the custody arrangement and award Jon primary physical custody of the 8 little ones.

List says Kate Gosselin has been farming out her parental responsibilities to an army of nannies in order to make it big in Hollywood. As List puts it, "You can't be a coast-to-coast primary parent."

List says Jon is ticked that Kate threw him out of the family guest house and replaced him with 3 nannies. He wants back as the Kato Kaelin of PA. The difference between Kate and OJ -- the only thing she's murdering is the Paso Doble.

As for "DWTS," List says he and Jon both cast their vote for Kate. In what we think is a related matter, List says he'll also ask the judge for child support since Jon wants primary custody while Kate is raking in the dough in H-Wood.


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john johnson    

hummm, thats funny, i didn't vote for her!

1659 days ago


There are millions of working mothers out there. Kate is doing the best she can, while he is doing nothing. If she went back to being a nurse, she would have to work tons of hours to try to make ends meet. DWTS is not going to last forever. Modification usually requires a permanent, unanticipated change. What's permanent about DWTS? This guy, and his attorney, should be picketed by every working mom out there. This is like when Marcia Clark was sued for custody during the OJ trial. Jon Gosselin has been mooching off everyone since he screwed up the TLC deal, and he should have to get his own job, not mooch off his ex-wife who is providing for the kids!

1659 days ago


Kato Kaelin of PA OMG tff!!! and so fitting!!! This would be total
BS since when can't a mom work? Are the other mothers on DWS neglecting their children and maybe lose them for being on the show?
What a tool, if he had a gf she could put him on that tool academy show!!! LMAO

1659 days ago

Kristin M.    

He's calling her an absentee mother. How about him being an absentee father? He wasn't around the kids a lot when he was cheating on Kate with all those younger girls. She has to make money to put food on the table, and if that means making a fool of yourself trying to dance (I will say I voted for her), then go ahead and make that money. She's a working parent and she does take care of her kids. What about mother's who go off to war in Iraq? What about business women that have to travel across the country to work for their family? Jon is a douchebag who will give any excuse to try to get some money out of her because she's dead broke!

1659 days ago


Granted, she's better than him, but you can't parent if you're not there! Your boss would not consider you doing your job if you weren't there to do it - why is parenting any different?

1659 days ago


Its so sad how these 2 have turned out. SO ridiculous, I feel so bad for their children who have to have 2 parents that let so called "Fame" go to their head so much it destroyed the most important thing.

1659 days ago


How ridiculous.. He didn't seem to worried about his kids when he was out whoring around and shopping for his fancy NY apartment.. I am sure there were alot of nice places to live closer to his kids than NY.. He is just mad that she has made something more of herself by taking the high road than he ever will.

1659 days ago


Exclusive: Dream Vacation for Tina Fey is "skating across Holland" (New York)Starting at Flevoland and working her way west to the Channel -- on ice skates! -- is "Date Night" actress Tina Fey's idea of the dream vacation. But she better bundle up! Winter temperatures in Flevoland can dip to a negative 20 centrigrade in January and February, Holland's peak skating months.

1659 days ago


Oh, please! Kate is a working single parent - Jon is a non-working _______ (insert what ya want here) Kate still the better role model for the children.

1659 days ago


Rush Limbaugh: "God Made Ironing Boards for Women" (NEW YORK) Raising a storm of criticism one month in advance of Mother's Day, controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh told a gathering of Procter & Gamble executives

1659 days ago


I hope he wins. As someone who used to live near them, Kate Gosselin is the kind of mother that SHOULD be away from her children. They are better off with the dad and he has plenty of flaws.

I am sure Kate and Steve are all prepared to leave on her next book tour so why hire all these sub-standard nannies when Dad wants to be there. The kids adore him.

1659 days ago


Jon is a jerk and is a bad enfluence on his children. Many single mothers work 8 hours per day or longer and do an excellent job being mother. This guy is the one that screwed up his own life with fame going to his head.

1659 days ago


OMG!! Jon has no mercy for this boring ass woman, after she humiliates her ass in front of millions of people, he wants to sue her a$$. Get a life Jon!!

1659 days ago


Paul McCartney: "I Think of Hugh Hefner When I Am Experiencing Dispair" (LONDON) Singer-songwriter Paul McCartney thinks of American playboy Hugh Hefner whenever he is "feeling a bit old" or "experiencing despair," according to a story in today's Mirror. According to the story, McCartney's role model

1659 days ago


Jon has officially lost his mind. DWTS is a VERY temporary job for Kate. At least it's some income for the family. How much money is he earning? Honestly, it appears that his lawyer is just as crazy as he is. Isn't he supposed to explain the facts to Jon and give him good advice? He needs a new attorney.

Kate has shamelessly displayed herself on tv to support their family. She should get some credit for that. And I don't even like Kate at all. Jon is really a loser!

1659 days ago
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