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Kate's Lawyer -- Jon's Move Is 'Pathetic'

4/7/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon's attempt to wrestle custody away from his client is "pathetic."

Attorney Mark Momjian tells TMZ Jon's motives are transparent, saying, "He's never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He's out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Momjian finds it ironic that Kate is effectively the only breadwinner, and when she goes to Hollywood to earn a living he turns around and says she's not in Pennsylvania caring for the kids.

Momjian says the legal docs filed by Jon are "incoherent" and so flawed that he fully expects the judge to throw his petition out ... stat.

Momjian says Jon is out for Jon, adding, "Do I think his motivation is the children's best interest. Squarely no."


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#22 is right, Obama is treating the people like John is treating Kate. I do see that .

1570 days ago


Kate Gosselin's ability to turn herself into an attention whore and getting "23 million people" to watch her dance (very badly) is no more pathetic than Jon's behavior. Neither of them seem to have the slightest idea of what constitutes normal behavior.

1570 days ago


Who cares is right. Sh is as bad a mother as Octomom. She never seemed happy until she was in the news everyday. I have now stopped watching Dancing with the stars just because of Kate being on it. Whoever decided to put her on it needs their head examined.

1570 days ago


Let me correct this, just for the record,
Kate is pathetic and her lawyer is pathetic.
Also, I would bet that Jon and the kids really really dont want to see her dance again, they must be mortified.

1570 days ago


Thats funny but true Obama is just like Jon Gosselin

1570 days ago

Rooting for Tiger    

No matter what anyone says, he is still the father of those children. He has rights to see his children and take custody of his children. He still a douche but he is still their father, I hope the judge sees through all this smokescreen she is creating.

1570 days ago


Anyone who believes kate gosselin is on here commenting on herself is losing it.

ms/mr pouring sweat u r a lol

1570 days ago


Jon, try being supportive. She is working to be able to support the children. What are you doing? You would have a step up in the image department if you supported her; not filed this. Be glad she is able to go out and do this. You should be ashamed of yourself, knocking the kids' mother.

1570 days ago


get a job jon then get neutered then support your kids

1570 days ago


The unfortunate thing is...neither one of them is out for the best interest of the children. They need to gather all of those kids along with Octomom's 14 and give them to Angelina Jolie.

1570 days ago


What a loser Jon is! Just how does he plan to support the 8 kids if he gets custody? Has he worked at all since he screwed up all his employment opportunities? This man needs to get into some serious counseling and stop being so self-destructive because he's dragging his whole family down. Pretty soon, thanks to him, no one will have a job or any money coming in because the public is getting really fed up with the name Gosselin. Kate is trying her best to earn a living and he is trying his best to screw that up too.

1570 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Jon is scum. He can't provide for his family himself so he goes after his wife who is making money and providing for the family. Be a real man and get a job and provide for your family and stop being a mooch!!! Grow a pair!!! I bet he tells the kids Mom doesn't love them too! Go Kate!!!

1570 days ago


I do not see how Kate is any worse than Angelina Jolie...she has a Nanny for each one of her children so for any of you to judge her based on the fact that she has opportunities and needs assistance with 8 kids because jon the douche would rather bang 20 something year olds because he "missed his 20's" is just silly. And yes Kate, you may work hard but please do not state that there is no mother in America that works as hard as you to support their children. Yours is a privlged life right disrespect so please do not take it as such, but I still have to work 2 jobs to put food on the table for my children, I make all the meals, pack the lunches, pick the kids up from school, run them to their playdates and count only on myself to get us through each week. No one is offering me million dollar book deals or jobs on DWTS. There is no one calling me up to ask me to co host the view or do interviews in people to tell them how hard being a single mom is in a tanked economy. I do not have a million dollar house with crooked houses for my children to escape in..we are in an apartment..and you know what?? I am ok with that because we have each other each and every night. I wish you the best of luck but you need to understand why you will get no empathy from me.

1570 days ago


very pathetic.

1570 days ago


NEITHER of them is a fit parent!!!!!! Those millions of people who are watching Kate on DWTS are laughing their butts off at her expense!!!! And yes, Jon is probably one of them!!!

1570 days ago
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