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Kate's Lawyer -- Jon's Move Is 'Pathetic'

4/7/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon's attempt to wrestle custody away from his client is "pathetic."

Attorney Mark Momjian tells TMZ Jon's motives are transparent, saying, "He's never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He's out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Momjian finds it ironic that Kate is effectively the only breadwinner, and when she goes to Hollywood to earn a living he turns around and says she's not in Pennsylvania caring for the kids.

Momjian says the legal docs filed by Jon are "incoherent" and so flawed that he fully expects the judge to throw his petition out ... stat.

Momjian says Jon is out for Jon, adding, "Do I think his motivation is the children's best interest. Squarely no."


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No matter how you feel about Kate Jon continues to show his true
colors. He shows no real love or a genuine smile with his kids.
He is just a bitter little man..let's face it he was a happy guy
when he had a girl friend but he can't keep those either. Once
they find out he is only out for Jon they are gone. So sad he
children will one day see what a looser he is and question his
motives. I can see why Kate behaved like she did...poke along
Jon never getting the whole picture of what it takes to run that
house and the kids. I'm sure the camera crew really saw some ugly
stuff. Very sad

1657 days ago


Kate you did not just say you are the only MOM that dances for money?! Seriously, please think before you speak. You make it sound like your life is just so hard right now when it really is not. No one should be bashing you for the opportunities that you are afforded to make a living for your children, but don't try to get some form of pity party "oh woes me im making thousands of $$$ a week on DWTS" are you kidding me?? There are moms out in strip clubs every night dancing for dollars to feed their kids and pay rent.

You have many opportunities to earn a living, and again, no one should be angry at you for issue has just become the fact that you are one of a priveleged few in this world to be offered those opportunities and you still whine about how hard you have it. Stop have way more respect for you if you logged in and said "for those that support me thank you and for those that do not, I really don't are just envious and I will hold my head up high and keep doing and enjoying the opportunities that continue to come my way" because most of them are

1657 days ago


I used to think Kate was a bitch. Now, I realize why. He is the biggest Douchebag EVER!!!! He can't even take care of himself let alone the troop of kids! He is a bottom feeder, PERIOD!

1657 days ago




1657 days ago


Single mom of 4 and yeah I work my ass off. One of the children is special needs which is why the hubby ran :). Child supports rare so I MUST work. Kate I support you but honey we ALL work hard.

If working 2 days a week quailifies as an absentee mother, the rest of us single parents and 2 income homes are screwed. Women proved they could mother and work during world war 2.....and jon would have women everywhere forced back to that. If this crap works womens rights will have flown out the window. Kate would have to work much more hours and make much less money nursing. you cant raise 8 kids on nurses wages. And what of other hollywood mothers? Angelina is she an absentee mom when she does movies? Lots of mothers in Hollywood. Do you people want to see all the actresses get their kids taken away?

Dear Jon: Your a little boy. Get a job and be a man. Honestly do you think your flip flop love life would bring stability to your children? Move a new mom in every week? WTF is wrong with you? You cheat on your wife. Destroy your home. Ruin your kids source of you want to stop her from working without the kids too? If you want kate at home let her have Kate plus 8 back...if you dont want that filmed...then STFU about her working without them. You make me sick. As a working parent I want you to know those of us with jobs think your full of bs. Millions of us work and raise kids. Your line of thinking would send single parents male and female straight to welfare...and THATS no life for kids. Its what will end up happening to yours if you dont let her work. jon, your the biggest douche bag i have ever witnessed. Real men get jobs and help support their kids.

if i hear of any womens rights groups protesting your douchery and potential to destroy our right to work i will be the first to join whatever groups doing it.

1657 days ago


OK,she gets $20,000/month in support and says it only covers the grocery bill? WTF does she buy for groceries?

Also, you can tell she's the one that wrecked her marriage. Her own dance partner walked out on her during practice and only came back in once he cooled off (and I'm sure a little coaxing from the producers). She was so whiny and crabby with him. I felt so sorry for him and she looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown.

Oh, I gotta ask - how much of that support money is paying for those extensions?

1657 days ago


Not as PATHETIC as her dancing... geezzzz stop voting for this woman she is awful.

1657 days ago


Want to talk about pathetic? This chick is the poster child for pathetic!!! If someone doesn't do what she wants, she begins to cry and say something like, "I'm just a mom and everything I do, I do for my children!" or "Everyone quits on me!" She treats people like dirt then uses her children as an excuse for her bad behavior without ever taking responsibility for her bad behavior!!!! "I'm just taking care of my children." "I'm a single mom." She PLANNED those children, just like octomom did, to get on TV and try to make a career for HERSELF, not her family or her and a husband, HERSELF!!! She needs to be black balled in EVERY community....I'd say for her to go back to nursing but I'm sure they won't take her....a nurse needs a soft, nurturing, loving side and this chick doesn't know the meaning of the words!!!!! I hope Jon DOES get custody and SHE has to pay child support....SHE IS FOUL AND DISGUISTING!!!!!!!!!!

1657 days ago


The ONLY pathetic move Jon ever made was when he married that media whore wife of his. I'll bet that's the biggest regret he has. She's nothing more than a celebrity wannabe.

1657 days ago


How stupid is this whole situation anyways, jon needs to get a job and leave her alon while she trues to regroup from all the childish behavior, its surely getting rediculous

1657 days ago


Same old, same old Jon! What a dip.

1657 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

If you think Kate Gosseling posts on this site, you are idiots.

Kate has a great attorney. I predict Jon's attempt to go after Kate, at this time, will backfire on him big-time. Judges don't like it when people abuse their time. Seen it before...

1657 days ago


Dear Universe please look out for these kids their parents are dual douches

1657 days ago


will everyone still be saying kate is a "great mom" when LETTERS TO MY CHILDREN book is released. Huffington Post has lines from it and it is awful. she tells her childrens' most intimate fears and sells them out for $$$. Dear Colin, Oh im sorry u have abandonmant issues. Dear aiden, sorry i took daddy away. weird......
actually by raeding it you can tell jon is speaking the truth when he says Kate left him, he begged to stay together and get therapy. he DIDNt cheat. she left him in OCtrober. he was caught with Deanna in March. that whole last season I knew something was up because kate kept making us excuses for not filming with jon. jon was not a deadbeat on the show. he ws there, plugged into his kids. he was a SAHD while kate was traveling for book signings. he was THERE. now the kids have their more hand on parent gone. he has to request time to see the kids and kate can say no. read the new petition. sad. he screwed up after the divorce and she screwed up during the marrige.
i know its easy to take sides but we dont know the whole story. both jon and kate have used their children as pawns and sold their childhood for a profit. the will BOTH answer to that someday.
as for people saying "they need to be on tv to support their kids" uumm what would they have done if TLC never gave them a show? keep begging for donations? sounds like poor planning. these people are not to be admired. kate is NOT an example of single parenting. i wish people would stop projecting their own experiences of divores on to this couple and see things for what they really are. 2 parents screwing up their kids

1657 days ago


Poor Kate + 8... Jon is such a loser !

1657 days ago
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